2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



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Panic stations.

Ask yourselves what’s next?


Yea caught that earlier on in RTE

He said that if a more prolonged delay is necessary, it might make sense to make an exception for fully vaccinated people to gather indoors and this would also encourage people to continue vaccination.

He said the decision was “still very much up in the air” and allowing the vaccinated to follow more relaxed rules could pose problems for unvaccinated staff in business and services.

Mr Varadkar said any date set would still be an indicative date that will then be further reviewed in the week prior to consider the up-to-date situation.

The best way to understand what they are trying to do is abort you.

It’s a bit harder when you’re live and dangerous but if they put you back in a womb long enough yea, until you are ready for your rebirth, otherwise you are a permanent crisis pregnancy while all the reborn are the victims… :whistle:

Since then the link headline has change from

Earlier headline:

‘Total clarity’ on reopening plans tomorrow, says Tánaiste

Updated / Monday, 28 Jun 2021 15:21

Latest Headline:

NPHET recommends delayed reopening of indoor hospitality

Updated / Monday, 28 Jun 2021 22:30


Another enjoyable Twitter comments read; tonight it’s Paul Murphy failing to read the room and getting destroyed…


Is Leo still playing a blinder?

Watch some of these sociopaths try and squirm out of this, like the rats that they are:

“I know it is frustrating,” he said, adding that the Government was moving sooner to allay the concerns for hospitality and tourism businesses in relation to staffing and supplies.

He said that a conversation needs to be had around what an acceptable level of risk for society to live with is, as “the world is full of viruses”, but it is hard to “make the call at the moment”, he said, as it is a dynamic and changing situation, but it is something that must be considered.

Mr Varadkar said that Covid-19 is an endemic virus that will remain with us and will always have new variants and that “we have to factor that into our thinking as well”.

Making a call is what leadership is all about. Something you have failed to do spectacularly since February 2020 when you led your party to their worst election result since 1948.
It has also been well known from the start and highlighted at Downing st. presentations and elsewhere that this infection will be present into the future and would seriously impact only a tiny percentage of the population.

11th May 2020

Stop trying to tee up the nation for a heave against lockdown, and an ‘honest conversation’. We haven’t had an ‘honest conversation’ in 10 years under your governance. You were in the hotseat, you put us into this that fateful day in Washington. This is your legacy.


MARCH, 2021


POLL :point_down::point_down::point_down:



This carry on makes your bog standard Christmas Panto look like an Emmy Award winning multi-part documentary. :popcorn:

Delta delta delta delta delta delta delta delta… scan here. Tx.




Which is an IFR of 0.003%. In other words 100 times less dangerous than the annual flu.

These people need to be rounded up and put on trial for criminal professional malfeasance.


Posted in March



Sinn Féin silent. Labour on the attack. Ivana Bacik will win the Dublin by election - and rightly so. The discrimination is wrong and evil.


You do not want this outcome. It’s a lose lose losers outcome.


Live now


Yeah - Ivana Bacik is all for the Hate Speech bill etc.


Ivana Batshit is heavily pumping the illegal migrant amnesty. If she finally gets elected now it will be a very concerning development for this country.


Yes. But let’s be realistic. FF FF SF and Soc Dem will do nothing to oppose that and are scared stiff of being labelled racist.

The Aontú candidate is the only one with End Lockdowns on some posters I’ve seen. But they’ll get no press.
I expect Batshit and the Soc Dem lesbian to get some positive puff pieces. Has Batshit’s time finally come ? Maybe she was right all along, the problem was Ireland wasn’t ready for her etc


Perhaps. If so be afraid…


I actually made a mistake. I was comparing infection not case rates. IFR’s not CFR’s. The CFR for normal flu is more than 20x the numbers “projected” by the Nphet for the new variant and the CFR for the last pandemic flu (H1N1-09) in 2009 was at least 200X or more.

What this tells us is that absolutely no one in Nphet making decisions has even the most basic medical knowledge. Because the IFRs and CFR’s of infectious diseases is one of those 101 courses in medical schools. Its in all the clinical diagnostic treatment manuals for starters. No person with even the most rudimentary medical training on Nphet would have agreed to making such a projection public as its is so obviously completely fucking stupid from a pubic health medical risk point of view.

These policies are being decided by people with absolutely no medical knowledge. None.

So if the risk of dying from a SARs CoV 2 pneumonia was about the same (or much less for younger people) as from dying in a road accident then the risk of dying from this variant is of the some order as dying from falling of a ladder or down the stairs. Although a bit more than being killed by lighting.

If you are wondering why there have been no successful legal challenges to this dictatorship by the Committee of Public Health blame the judges. As Ryan Air discovered in their legal challenge Irish judges (all political appointees) will go to the most extreme lengths to basically make up law to support the government position. Irish judges see their role as exactly the same as those in the Soviet Union. To support the government come what may. No matter how contrary to the actual law the government is actually acting.