2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Ivor Cummins @FatEmperor Jul 6

Hot off the press. Government met with Vintners Federation (hospitality) today. Minutes attached Summary: A. Government are the puppets of Pharma-controlled #Nphet/#ISAG axis. B. Science has left the building. C. Inalienable human rights are nothing compared to Pharma/WEF desires



Ivor Cummins @FatEmperor

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CENSORED BY YOUTUBE JUST NOW. WHY? Have a look and judge yourself:


UK Businesses Against Vaccine Passports

Irish businesses can register. There are a few in NI and two in the Southern Banker Colony.



It was interesting listening to Matt Cooper just now. The Vintners have folded like Quislings, they want legislation so they’re not liable for any data protection or equality breaches. The Govt Sources were bemoaning “The Woke Crowd” who objected to the Public Services Card 2 years ago “because that would have been perfect for this situation”.

We really live in a servile country.


I didn’t hear it but I’m sure the Regime promised them lovely words of law to keep them happy. They will realise the error of their ways when it is too late for everyone.

What they fail to grasp is they have the public mood behind them. The regime do not. They lost it last Tuesday.

In this unprecedented context, and in the face of all out belligerent tyranny they do not merely represent their vested interests, they actually represent their customers too, who are after all the people of Ireland & Friends.

I guess Regime & Co have forgotten the “we’re in this together” lark when it suits their desires for total control.

It’s interesting to observe, that unless they plan to follow up with a full CCP style regime, meaning they ditch the pretence of Constitutional Republic that they like to masquerade around in, as if any way legitimate mandate of the people - in the medium to long term, what’s the plan eh to keep it all in place hmm, this can in theory all be voted out some day. All of it.

One of these paths is not like the other or maybe better still, like water and oil, so unless they plan to remove the peaceful removal mechanism. The persistently relentless power grab makes no sense unless they know there is a really big follow through… :whistle:



Chinese Communist Party Social credit system Irish Pilot scheme TBA.

Publicans from the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) said they believe they have “no option” but to accept the “deeply problematic” Government proposals for reopening the sector — with the other option being to remain closed for several more months.

“We don’t like this approach and we don’t want it,” said LVA chief executive Donall O’Keeffe.

“We feel it is deeply problematic on a practical level. But when the choice comes down to this proposal or staying closed for several more months, we feel we have no option but to go along with it.

You could spot this from a mile away ya know…

Nov '20

Feb '20


This corrupted bunch of filthy dirt has been fed for 18 months. Now the bill comes. People are at fault too. These 2 mln inoculated will proudly infest the premises scanning their qcode through the gate. Washing their hands with the holy liquid known as hand sanitiser.
The harvest is coming and the last century genocides are to be nothing comparing to the extent the current one.


Giveaway Game

HSE confirms the methods and means of the fraud and how they create bogus cases that they themselves admit are no more than “suspected cases”

Paul Reid @paulreiddublin

Just an early alert re #Delta. Yesterday we had almost 14,000 #COVID19 swab tests done in the community. This is the highest since January 11th. Swabbing is increasing by 30% week on week. Please do come forward for a test if symptomatic. Not everyone is protected yet.



“re: #Delta:roll_eyes:


  • Highest community tests since Jan 11th
  • 30% week on week increase.

Based on the above tweet, could we be back to almost peak winter testing volume levels. They are insane.

As you can see the real data is not available, except for cases (yellow line on the floor), so we have to make an imaginative leap based on the above tweet to get an idea of where the volumes might be at right now, almost dialled to 11 :clock11:

The green dotted line represents the total combined lab test volume (BLUE = Hospital, GREY = External Lab)



Does a positive test followed by a negative test a few weeks later officially mean you recovered from covid and therefore don’t need the vaccine? Is there some merit in shopping around until you get the results you need to avoid the injection?


It’s really quite disturbing how quickly the whole digital certificate thing has just been forced through with no debate whatsoever. Just shows how far down the road to ruin we have come. It’s obvious most people have agreed to be vaccinated so the only question that remains is how will this be enforced and will it succed. Dark days ahead for the world.


Spare a thought for your neighbours in Ireland – the lockdown capital of the free world. While you Brits prepare for Freedom Day, we still are not permitted to eat or drink under a solid roof. As 90,000 fans are set to fill Wembley for the Euros final, no one here has been to a normal gig or event in 16 months. Live music – and even just loud music – is banned.


Brilliant article - Larissa Nolan (who also writes for The Sunday Times) is that rare thing - an Irish journalist who doesn’t follow the media crowd and is apparently doggedly fearless about it too.


Giveaway Game+

Laura Dodsworth @BareReality

On the same day in The Times… The funny thing is, I didn’t envisage Covid passports being pulled out the drawer to so blatantly nudge young people to be vaccinated.


7:53 AM · Jul 10, 2021·Twitter for iPhone


Wot I said (UK Proof)

Ivor Cummings be like: “OMG” but sure like I said, proof is in the pudding… the testing pie that is, baked as the whole think is.


8:51 PM · Jul 9, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

There you have it.

The Ireland and The UK are verifiably INCREASING testing to get the numbers up to pretend suspected cases are real cases (but are actually bogus cases) to justify the end of modern western civil liberties as you knew them to introduce China Communist Party regime living.

There is you Schedule for Ireland too, i.e. at least they report the factual reason for all of this tyranny and coercion.

IN the end you can drawn only one conclusion, actually maybe two.

Ireland never left the clutch of the Crown.


Ireland & the UK is ruled by tightly knit networks of Freemasons.

Take your pick or yell loudly. :icon_beer:


Israel > Ireland

Src: https://twitter.com/David3364176865/status/1413616829772222472

Totally obvious even without the spectator piece, that the Delta play and Vax-Pass play have been perfectly timed to mitigate hitting the demographic resistance levels is specific cohorts and it has worked to bounce many in. Israel ramming it first allowed to tweak and roll out to Ireland and beyond.

These are good people right. They mean you no harm. The lies and deceptions are absolutely for your own good. Trust the hidden hand. It is your friend. :popcorn:


Pop-Up Shop

Leo’s Mates let him play with their model. To get a feel fo it. Now they plan it here but only to get the juice into your arm. So maybe not CCP after but Pop-UP Shop CCP, then CCP later again methinks, but seal is broken and that is a long term bad. That is the black heart of the Operation.



Src: Src: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1413616829772222472.html

Now you know the trick.

Are you still going to fall for the trick?


Consent Phishing In a Barrel

A summary of how this trick might play out here if people believe it and play along:

  • Commander pubs, clubs and dining as massive carrot.
  • Use posture, weight and face of STATE for continued believability
  • All agree it is a problematic unworkable solution
  • All play along as it is only offer/path to reopen.
  • This nudges the most resistant younger cohorts to ignore logic
  • Younger cohort submit to experimental injection
  • Gov Drop unworkable system once injection target is reached.
  • Run media campaign saying it was unworkable and everyone know compliance was a joke.
  • Everyone agrees compliance was a joke, all happy and applaud it’s demise.
  • Collect underpants.

This can be avoided by Ireland ad n the UK once people know, including industry, they can call the gov’s cliff on this now they know their plan.

One extra note;

If this goes ahead as outlined, and is scarped after a short time. It does also have the long term benefit for Governments as it breaks the seal and means it can be reimposed easily at a later date. Despite the consent being phished deceptively and coercively. You all know, that never makes a difference.



Learner Diners 18 and younger may be allowed outside in the “real world” to eat if accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

Indoor dining may be allowed for under 18s with vaccinated adults

Those under the age of 18 may be allowed inside restaurants and bars in the company of someone who is fully vaccinated, under plans being brought to Cabinet.

… Those under the age of 18, who are presently unable to obtain a vaccine, will be allowed into bars and restaurants provided they are accompanied by a vaccinated person. If the proposal is sanctioned by Cabinet it will allow for families to dine indoors during the latter half of the summer.

(link to follow)


Underage drinking is going to get out of control again. Must find out from the new to the parish folk how to look middle aged but plausibly claim to be a 17 year old student at the same time. :wink::beer:


The trick is if you have any children, you claim they are younger siblings, it works I believe… :whistle: