2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Not murdered yet.


Of all the groups the NSADP singled out for oppression and persecution the only one they succeeded in substantially “removing” from society were those deemed medically unfit. Those selected for Gnadentod. If I remember correctly up to 90% of all mental hospital patients in some German states were killed before the revolt by ordinary Germans pretty much stopped the killings. At least in Germany.

So assigning people’s legal rights and status on purely arbitrary medical grounds is something the Nats never did in South Africa, but the NAZI’s most certainly did.

So the swastika actually is a suitable symbol in this situation.


Numbers Don’t Lie, People Do.

Considering all reports of cases are actually “suspected cases”, which are really bogus lab result passed off as “cases”, is a tolerated lie keeping the show on the road, then how do the daily claims and flag waving of genetic massacre numbers stack up, are they really getting close to 70% two shot into the adult population?

Nearly 70 per cent of adults in Ireland have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the Health Service Executive (HSE) chief executive Paul Reid.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, Mr Reid said more than 5.5 million vaccines had been administered in the State, with 83 per cent of adults now partially vaccinated and more than 68 per cent fully vaccinated.


Perhaps someone could crunch the numbers and see if it’s a % of registrations as opposed to a raw population figure, because no one can really know the actually population of Ireland anymore as it now has a significant illegal population, and a non-native sub-section of probably in excess of 20% that bobs up and down, but trending up.

Spare a though for the illegals entrants to the prison island, that do not have a PPS number, maybe they get a one as bonus + a blind-eye of official forgiveness if they agreee to take the black communion. many birds with magic stones. Who knows. Anything is possible as the Reimge rounds up the population into their big-pharma cyber cages.


Someone is lying. Someone.


Seán Clancy appointed next Defence Forces Chief of Staff…

Major General Seán Clancy has been appointed the next Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces and will take up the position after the retirement of Vice Admiral Mark Mellett on 29 September.

…He spent a year serving with a European Union Force in Bosnia as the military advisor to the Force Commander and spent two years as air advisor to the permanent element of SHIRBRIG, the UN standby Brigade.

A statement from the Department of Defence described him as a “driver of change and a champion for innovation”.




4th Quarter Lockdown 2021

It feels like seeing a train coming down the tracks, that most people are oblivious too. But on a bridge & there’s nowhere to jump off to. All countries following the same script. Maybe ignorance is bliss.



Bringing on the boosters…




Numbers Don’ Lie, People Do #2

The lad running the twitter account has switch to total population figures for the calculation.

Couple of tweaks to @IrelandVaccine today! - Switching to % of total population instead of 16+. - Renaming the first % to “at least one dose”, so including the Janssen doses in both %s.

Compare and contrast with all other media driven utterances from articles to heads of the regime.

Now you might ask why switch to total population… well, they’ve shift as low as 12 year olds, and sure the plan is inject 100% of the population.

Cradle to Grave.


Is Leo losing the dressing room again?


Remember remember September September.

A notable buttering up before today with 2 days of Nphet looking like the good guy. One example:

Holohan signals Nphet may recommend further easing of Covid-19 restrictions if vaccination progress continues


The photo. They play with you. Though I think someone over at Broeken News really doesn’t like the Head vegetable. :whistle:


While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1 Thessalonians 5:3


Martin never really stopped being a teacher did he ?

‘You need to stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done’

What an odious creep


Boycotts Work

Discusses the effectiveness and success of the boycott of the apartheid enabling businesses.

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CMC1996 2 minutes ago

Friend of mine died yesterday shortly after getting the double needlecraft. Next person that tells me to wear a mask is getting their fucking jaw broke.


Excellent read:


Coming to a country near you soon. Well, whats left of it.

It will be the clean injection free peeps giving it to the injected narrative who will be doing the aul bucket kicking dances in droves. Prepare. You have been informed.


Their Convid is Different to Your Convid.

Science and Reasons Folks. Science and Reasons.


It’s very simple. They need to keep the food moving. Food shortages is what causes all regimes/civilisaitons to collapse, and on the they have used it to control all. Food has been their quiet leverage. It’s run very tight.

Internet is circuses. The Bread will not need a passport. Yet.

That will be the last straw, dare they pull it.