2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



The guy who wrote it used to write for the Economist after it turned from being a must read magazine to a large collection of self-regarding pseud-intellectual puff pieces. He an ex banker. Enough said.

This gives some idea of how insufferably conceited he is…

This is not the first really stupid article he has written. I looked him up once before after a particular stupid piece in a German newspaper.


FREE Haircut with any Injection! :star:

Did you ever imagine the price for a new-do would be a couple of experimental mRNA injection that might kill you or leave you withlife-long chronic medical complications or conditions?

Welcome to desperate times Provid Regime 2021.

CARROT :carrot: Hairdressers :carrot:

You’ve probably always wondered about the hairdressers thing, it’s fascianting, but so easy to understand, in the regimes drive to recruit the entire nation as test subjects in a devious genetic trial, they’ve kept this one in the back pocket for a time like this - it’s asymmetrical torture, low level, reason their is probably a fabulous underground network of scissors and why a BAD HAIR DAY is a thing. :slight_smile:

Don’t believe it? :joy:

September, September… remember when developers got caught at the top of the market and resorted to giving away free cars and free boats if you bought a house that was guaranteed instant negative equity for life?


Story goes two employees have disciplinary hearings next week that may cost them their jobs in a large Irish firm. The crime was they cut each other’s hair.

Think about this. Really think.



As of Mar 27th, and as predicted here, the LAB volume is surging up nicely with the fake-demand generation by the HSE & GHov mass testing drive to join the Circus - we’re not seeing the SURGE in cases yet but it’s creating a nice solid case level so far, another week, should be interesting.

Mar 27th - Test Volumes:

Hospitals :arrow_down_small: 18%
External Labs :arrow_up_small: +10%


More adverts for the Rona. The deadly killer disease that everyone is so terrified about it needs marketing.

Testing , Testing , 1, 2,3…

Science, Reasons


Again as predicted here 5 days ago:

This list can be used to prepare and update your mental firmware, to help filter out various upcoming cybernetic attacks on your mind, by allow you to filter out targeted, coercive messaging, isolating group-think messaging and argument and blockout or negate the regimes fuelled and funded daily media hysteria - all of which is designed trick you into getting in line to be experimented on and studied - since, after all one of the greatest challenges in all of this is, let us never forget communications and getting ahead of the “ anti-vaxxers ” and their sneaky campaigns.

A concerted widening of the media assault campaign, changing the messaging calibrated to move wider pre-determined-groups to fulfil the 2020 Plan to have 80% of people by September 2021 injection with the experimental mRNA, or else the game would be up.

Remember remember THE SMOKING BAN was the model.

They only have one playbook.


You are always told. They are telling you we are going to FEAR and TERRIFY you into submission. This is your heads up. No resistant is taken as passive consent to continue to TERRIFY you using your imagination against you.

Remember remember THE SMOKING BAN was the model.

There is only one playbook.


Another SURGE in Easing?

There will be a reluctance to recommend anything other than the bare minimum in terms of the easing of restrictions, despite a recognition that people are extremely frustrated with the current lockdown.

Easy Simon. Stay Safe. Tough times. No Bilderberg last year.
Probably not the same on China-ZOOM.
Still you got your 2021 in Cali to look forward too.
Hope you enjoy some well earned R&R.


So a bit more insight into the push to test as many healthy people because that is a great us of resources compared to leaving hospital beds empty all last year.

HSE expects to open more walk-in centres around the country based on local public health knowledge.

The walk-in centres, which opened in four venues around Dublin and in Tullamore, Co Offaly last week, had carried out tests on over 7,500 with an average positivity rate of 3 per cent, with Tullamore and Grangegorman at 2 per cent, she said.

Src: https://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/hse-expecting-to-open-more-walk-in-covid-test-centres-1103171.html

This is great cover, they’re out front and centre, testing healthy people, it’s so transparent. Oh yes.

Dublin x 4

Look at this shyte:

Another step being planned by the HSE is a phone line specifically for self-referral for asymptomatic people.

You’re all asymptomatic people. Magic word. Lavel Target.

They’ll shift that end of year if they hit their injections targets and label the remaining minority, who refuse to believe the lies and unwittingly become test subjects and risk their lives as:


Mock/ridicule/dehumanise intended mark before the kill - so the mob, the beautiful mob can go in with dignity dose after dignity dose.

Right back to the main point, they’ve added 7,500 tests, where there was a need or no?

No need really is there. The cases were going down and the deaths are lower in March than they are reporting. Real improvement as you would expect with seasonal illness.

Cooking the books with pesudo-medical-theatrics.

Oh science-denier, don’t forget science-denier, there is one in every family, one on every forum, lurking around every corner - don’t let them into your bubble!

Get ready to blaspheme or not.
The choice is yours (but it’s not).


1 Carrot Per Week :carrot:

Hilarious, they’re afraid.

They need you to be afraid. They are in a bind, a dilemma, a real dilemma.

If they let you out to quick too soon, you become too hard to put back in the box. They can’r really let you out. Their target are not met. They will be in trouble. It will all be your fault. You will start talking. You will feel bold as punch.

They need you to feel their power drenched breath steaming on the back of you neck, as you quiver like a terrified rabbit in your little covid-cage.

They know you’re at a point of maximum fatigue. They know. They have you exactly where you are suppose to be. They have the data. The see the numbers. It’s all to play for.

Every headline and pained over utterance, has been designed to tease this out for as long as possible, to string you along, to create maximum anxiety sustained over days, weeks, months and years.

Big day tomorrow.

Will they blow it? Will the bottle it?

Will they fuk!… it’s all or nothing.

They are so close to sealing the deal, their side of the margin you don’t know about - yet still so far away. If you only knew… ah, but think of all the WORKING FROM HOME that awaits you if you just hold firm. Think of all the empty roads you paid for or voted to join Europe to pay for. Think of all the miles TD’s will still clock up on those empty roads, while you work from home FOREVER! and your children go to covid-classrooms.

FOREVER :droplet:

FOREVER :droplet:

FORVEVER! :droplet:


Tomorrow really is going to a fascinating day.

The Provid regime have been out and about, up every tree in Dublin and beyond, testing all the low handing fruit i.e. healthy people.

Right now, it does not look to be moving the cases numbers up but, on the other than it is holding the line around 500/600 case per day or thereabouts.

Perhaps the changes instigated by the WHO jan 13th published Jan. 20th, which sent out a global instruction to attenuate the process, i.e. stop over-cycling the specimens to get lots of sneaky false positives (see the Christmas csurge?), even Fauci admitted PCR over cycling made the whole thing as good as useless.

Not seeing the recent media/nphet talking heads them of rising cases, mmm. :thinking:

Perhaps it’s going to appear next week, and we’ll all be told off - - - but is this why they now want to play it week by week?

Perhpas the methods and means are not working like they expected, the magic no longer working?



Sure I told yis, but ye didn’t listen.


I’m going to be optimistic and predict that the whole sorry shitshow will collapse at some point this summer, barring some “unexpected” spectacle they might have lined up. Even if something did “happen”, it’s likely to backfire as more and more civilians wake up to the false reality. In fact, it could well be the other way around, with some innocuous irrelevant event finally stirring the mob into action. The tens of thousands of various public servants who know exactly what’s happening can’t be kept separate and silenced for ever either…
Public opinion is only moving from believer to dissenter by the thousand every day, with literally zero traffic going the other way.


Was I right or was I right?

Ah ha ha everyday is a bank bailout night of the guarantee day - they gotta sell yesterday’s shit sandwich like the polished turd it is today.

Will they fuck - confirmed :heavy_check_mark:

Now to the truth with a messages from the controller-bankrollers.

Ministers were also told by public health officials that the State has not vaccinated enough people to take risks when it comes to easing lockdown.

The Mysterons have spoken.

"You were told what to do, now do it!"


Yep there is no hiding it.

Everyone has been bounced and locked into a pay-as-you-go version of reality, the cost at the moment is paid in absolute terms of loss of freedoms and life. Virtual prisoner held in captivity.

Selling one bank guarantee one night September 2008 was doable, selling a bank guarantee everyday of the week, every hour, every minute where you’re tapped direct for the cost. Hmmm… who thought this was a cool plan? :thinking:

Clampers be clampin'

If as is indicated the public representative walk out and condone this, then I think it will be the final straw for a lot more of that undecided traffic.

It’s all handbags no-balls at present.


:sweat_smile: Whoops sorry about that headline Ministers. :icon_redface:

Original (de’ truth)

  • Lifting lockdown too early would cause Covid wave lasting until summer, Ministers told

Current (spin cycle - soft)

  • Reopening Ireland: Ministers to discuss easing lockdown after warning over risks



I agree. Very few people seem to be buying into this anymore and the guidelines are being ignored by large numbers, maybe the majority…even the Guards as far as I can determine. It seems that that they’ll enforce them against people who actively or consciously oppose the regulations in a targeted manner but will ignore the vast majority who are going through the motions while ignoring them as soon as no one from officialdom is around. That’s the type of behaviour that preceded the fall of communism in the old eastern bloc. Hopefully COVIDism is going the same way.


The headline of this bad boy keeps changing on re-breakingnews :rofl:

Some updates to the text but #AllStringingAllongTogether. :droplet:

Reopening Ireland: Ministers consider allowing in-county travel from April 12th

Aint’ it funny how the open-border extremists would be lost without all their imaginary lines to keep you in check despite their espoused and absolute hatred for borders.

Deep rich thick mass of dense irony.


Absolutely. The underground economy grows and grows, traffic levels are bustling and you can see house work being done all over the place for weeks, this is the natural seasonality of life, the nature of things, living, moving forward in your life, process, the bread and butter of life that the Regime can not tolerate but it can not acknowledge it, it can not acknowledge the lack of compliance in it’s figures, it’s a Potemkin exercise of governance by dramatic theatre.

Plus, there is a super-duper large contingent of eastern europeans, long time here so they also know before, in the building sectors for example, they seem least pulsed as they’re out busy working in a lot of cases and since they inhabit that sector in large numbers combined with the fact they’ve seen this shit before or their parents told them all about it as did their grandparents, you have to understand that’s at least half the reason they are here as quick as possible. many may be considering returning on same basis.