2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT




Duper needs to hit the books

A quick history lesson for Pfizer Minster for Health.

January 11th, 2021

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Holohan warned against the view that those vaccinated do not need to adhere to public health measures.

“There’s no evidence that we have yet, although we hope that we might get it in time, to show that this vaccine will impact beneficially on preventing transmission.” Dr. Holohan said.

Src: https://archive.md/ew861

Back then the bold Dr. Ryan of WHO fame, said the rise in cases was not due to variants, but increase in social mixing and reduction in physical distancing, the usual people were the cause of the problem.

Original link: https://www.independent.ie/videos/vaccination-doesnt-necessarily-stop-transmission-dr-holohan-39957292.html


A little recap so you get a news story like this slipping into the broken news pipeline:

Vaccinated just as infectious as unvaccinated, according to research

The new study, published in Lancet Infectious Diseases and one of the few to date to use detailed infection data from actual household transmission, suggests the peak viral load for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people who are positive for the coronavirus is broadly similar. © PA Wire/PA Images

29/10/2021 | 07:30 AM

People vaccinated against Covid-19 are equally infectious as the unvaccinated, according to new research.

The new study, published in Lancet Infectious Diseases and one of the few to date to use detailed infection data from actual household transmission, suggests the peak viral load for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people who are positive for the coronavirus is broadly similar.


Then you get Duper reactions and attempt to bury the truth about a few days later but it goes full Streisand:

Independent TD stresses she is not ‘anti-vax’ following Donnelly comments

Verona Murphy TD said she was unable to finish her point in the Dáil on Tuesday due to an interruption by the Minister for Health.


Independent TD Verona Murphy has said she was unable to finish her speech in the Dáil regarding Covid-19 vaccinations as she was interrupted by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

“Let me be very clear - I am not anti-vax,” Ms Murphy clarified, stating that the vaccine data she was using came from a recent Lancet study which had concluded that “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral loads similar to unvaccinated cases”.

Ms Murphy mentioned the data during Tuesday’s Dáil debate on extending the Government’s emergency Covid powers until February 9th, while also accusing members of the Government of using “discriminatory and sinister” language towards unvaccinated people.

Her remarks drew criticism from Mr Donnelly who said: “Deputy that information is false and its really important that members of parliament do not spread anti-vax information like this in the chamber.”

Src: https://archive.md/iHAi4


Fight and you may die ! Run, and you’ll live… at least a while… !

Wexford TD Verona Murphy has insisted she is not anti-vaccine, after the Health Minister yesterday accused her of spreading ‘false information’ about COVID-19 vaccines in the Dáil.

The independent TD says it’s “very dangerous” for the Government to be labelling “reasonable TDs” as anti-vaccine for disagreeing with the Government’s current COVID policy.

During the Dáil debate yesterday, Deputy Murphy criticised the “constant scapegoating of the unvaccinated” - claiming it was “very discriminatory and sinister”.

She suggested “recent studies have shown that a vaccinated person is every bit as likely to transmit this virus as a non-vaccinated person”.

This prompted Minister Stephen Donnelly to state “that information is false”.

He said: “It is really important that Members of Parliament do not spread anti-vaccine information like this in the Chamber.”



Right now the testing volumes for 2021 have far outstripped 2020 volumes by millions and millions of tests with a new record peak:

09/01/21: 29972
11/11/21: 31109

The peaks don’t 'tell the full story of the volume of teh volume, 2021 is teh year of the SUPER_TESTDEMIC

All that yummy extra volume is being generated by the external labs. Hospitals lab volume remain stable and unmoving really. Therefore it is no surprise we see this reported today the anti Irish times. Business has never been better for the bogus test companies that the entire operation hangs on:

HSE hires firm to meet ‘extremely high’ demand for Covid-19 tests

Holohan issues festive alert after more than 50,000 infections recorded in last fortnight

In excess of 24,000 appointments offered in community testing centres on Monday. File photograph: Getty

The recent rise in coronavirus infections has compelled the Health Service Executive to enlist a private company to help meet the surge in demand for tests.

Monday marked the busiest day of the pandemic to date for community testing. And the increase in positive cases in this fourth pandemic wave has put the health service and coronavirus testing teams under severe strain.


Is really a recent rise in “lab test results” or the recent rise in “external lab test results but no hospitals test results or volumes” is the correct statement, during seasonal period of coronaviruses n’stuff, so every sniffle is a potential test result! :dipso:

Weapon Of Choice

If you had 2 million test results in the morning, then you’d have hundreds of thousand of “cases” if only the capacity would allow. We really could. Think of the possibilities!



Vax “Data Are Clear”

Amazingly, vaccination stats are available now from the same official source (data.gov.ie), not sure how long, long a bone of contention, but of course we only get it once they have the nation poisoned, but at least we can now look at this in terms of the timeline and roll out and other magical stats:

  • July “cases” shoot up + hospitalisations begin the ascent, right after shot #2 has a sustained June peak.
  • As soon as the injection show ends, the “cases” start to climb.
  • Overall Quality of timing.
  • Oh and I was wrong, they have broken the record 4 times since the Jan 2021 testing volume peak!
  • Confirms all increased testing and “cases” originate from the external lab/s

Nothing like this happened in 2020. The fake year. The fake WAR.

2021 The Real WAR

The Irish Nation - Mother & Baby Home or Jonestown?

This data confirms injections began in Dec 2020 and IIRC none of that got media attention. We can roll back but I think it was February before they rolled out the media campaign.

Who the fuck was getting their #2 dose the same day, or a few days later?

Experimenting on a few poor souls “in care” who could not resist? Outliers? WTAF? There was the 500 or so who died around this period. No much up take for the second dose as you can see.

VaccinationDate Dose1 Dose2
28 Dec 2020 103 7
29 Dec 2020 65 1
30 Dec 2020 1039 0
31 Dec 2020 1017 1
1 Jan 2021 786 0
2 Jan 2021 1006 0
3 Jan 2021 10 0
4 Jan 2021 1165 1
5 Jan 2021 3486 3
6 Jan 2021 6730 2
7 Jan 2021 11687 1
8 Jan 2021 12644 0
9 Jan 2021 8048 0
10 Jan 2021 4749 0
11 Jan 2021 8307 3
12 Jan 2021 8824 4
13 Jan 2021 9820 2
14 Jan 2021 8026 1
15 Jan 2021 7621 2
16 Jan 2021 5195 1
17 Jan 2021 1091 2
18 Jan 2021 8651 2
19 Jan 2021 8336 13
20 Jan 2021 8397 951
21 Jan 2021 8920 953
22 Jan 2021 6706 961
23 Jan 2021 4137 456
24 Jan 2021 1156 392
25 Jan 2021 1314 1279
26 Jan 2021 967 3489
27 Jan 2021 2123 6688
28 Jan 2021 936 11533
29 Jan 2021 1521 11515
30 Jan 2021 589 7786


Tones does not deny non-pharmacutical interventions will indefinite, like mask and stuff.

Amazing shyte here. Not one hard question. No surprises. Jeeze I haven’t listened to snoozetalk since early 00’s… I see no reason to ever change this default position.

I was merely following up on an angle that Tony did not deny non-pharam measures would be indefinite, he does not appear to deny it.

It’s all marketing. This “interview” more audio, is like listening to back room strategy talk about how to keep pushing the poison regime. Imagine it’s a Project Veritas sting, then it makes sense.


Forgot to mention, Tony “hopes” the the 3rd shot will give more longer lasting immunity.

Which may turn out to be anything from zero to maybe 2 months if even, for the original shots, but when you lose 80% of your immune systems capacity and capability, then you’re at a net loss, you have injection delivered AIDS+, and may end up on a invisible trolly on the floor in A&E.

Looking at the chart above you can clearly see that the hospitalisation with the coivds began not long after the peak of second shots were administered in June.

So yea, a couple fo months of magical thinking and constitutional collapse is about all this is good for. :icon_beer:



GP120? Found on both SARS spike & HIV?


EU poll about locking down the unvaccinated, right now most are in favour :grimacing:


Its an internet poll by a media outlet that was setup by the EBU and a whole bunch of state broadcasters. Including RTE. Now mostly owned by a very odd Egyptian multi-billionaire family. The article in the tweet above was written by a someone who worked for a bunch of anti nuclear groups until getting a punch of jobs in a bunch of media companies like CNN.

So on the object news reputation scale I’d rates them even lower than the BBC. If nothing else the site reminded me of the SVT , the Swedish state broadcaster. Earnest, patronizing, and always wrong. And mind numbingly boring.


The No vote won out in the end



LATEST - Regime Need MORE Weapon!

The TESTDEMIC must continue at all costs!

Testing capacity under strain as Government waits to see if new measures are needed

…The pressure on the testing system was coming from clinical referrals and close contacts, Mr McCallion explained.

“We’re still getting those same day, next day - they are the first priority for testing, it is the swabbing where the pressure is. Laboratories are performing well, our contact tracing is under pressure but performing well, it’s the access point where the challenge exists.”

Availability of tests varied around the country, he said. The current wave of the virus was putting pressure on all parts of the health system, “not just in testing, but in ICU, hospitals, general practices and so on. That’s clearly creating challenges for us at the moment”.

“In the last seven days we’ve done over 200,000 PCR lab tests - to give it in context, in the last six to seven weeks nearly one million people have had PCR tests, when you think of our population those are huge numbers.”

Src: https://archive.md/1bAQS

They don’t want people looking at the antigen test for a couple of reason, I wouldn’t put money as the first, but it will encroach on their Test turf, and bring people dangerously closer to questioning the very reliability of the PCR machine, by having a hands on second opinion, all that hits profits, and more. :icon_beer:


Confirmed. Irish politicians would happily see you starve and proactively endeavour to guarantee it as an outcome.




Yea Waining Compliance is the Menaces big problem now, due to Waining sleepiness because of increasing Wakey Wakefulness breaking out across the world.

Plus. The Menace needs to flood the media to stop Maxwell coverage rising to the tippy top of worldly consciousness.


Pand100 - Shares in Global Government SURGE!

WHO reaches draft consensus on future pandemic treaty

…A global agreement to strengthen pandemic prevention and responses, expected to be ready in May 2024, would cover issues such as sharing of data and genome sequences of emerging viruses, and of any potential vaccines and drugs derived from research.

“This decision, to establish a negotiating body on a future pandemic agreement, may only be the end of the beginning, but the flexibility shown and the breadth of support is a good portent for the vital efforts to come,” Simon Manley, Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, said in a statement.

Src: https://archive.md/EqQSy


10 Years to Flatten The World.

Agenda 2030, some party wha… it’s like Christmas everyday!

Disclose.tv @disclosetv

JUST IN - United Kingdom: #COVID19 will be a “threat to the NHS for at least the next five years” no and “testing and vaccines may be needed for a decade or longer,” the government’s advisers SAGE say.

Src: https://mobile.twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1466840962425147397


Dr. Message

Covid restrictions could last beyond early January, Varadkar warns


Is Dr Message using the much documented technique here, of acknowledging a stale but awkward truth to soften up the people for more of the same old same old.


Is Agent Varadkar info white knighting (think free press whitehat angle)?

Leo Varadkar has branded the introduction of new Covid-19 restrictions last week a “bitter disappointment” and warned they could extend beyond early January.

But he said the country is facing “a serious fourth wave” of the virus, and despite a highly successful vaccination rollout, “the picture of progress is mixed”.

Mr Varadkar raised concerns the new restrictions on hospitality, which he said were a “body blow” for the hospitality industry, could be extended beyond January 9th, the date flagged by Government when they were introduced on Friday.

Speaking in the Seanad on Tuesday, he said: “Despite a successful vaccination programme and what seemed like a gradual normalisation of society, the virus is very much still with us and we are now experiencing a serious fourth wave.

… Mr Varadkar said he was not convinced that the full picture concerning the Omicron variant would be clear by January 9th.

He added: “I think we need to operate on the basis that these restrictions will be in place at least until January 9th.

“And generally in our experience of the pandemic, when restrictions are imposed, they tend to be extended, not reversed sooner than the date designated.

“I think we need to bear that in mind.”

“You should always make decisions mindful of the fact that what might appear to be a temporary measure can be one that lasts for months and even years,” he added.