2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT





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Godfrey gets it! :dipso:


Congraduations You are Free

This is so true… People in blue states are living in some kind of dystopian nightmare, while people in red states are just living their life like normal with no masks, restrictions, etc.


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Very funny article in the San Francisco Chron. Masks no longer required but most people still wearing them. For political reasons. And group think conformity.

Was not surprised that Rainbow Grocery had the highest percentage of sheep wearing masks. Goes with their oh so progressive customers. Always been easily the most unpleasant stand-offish supermarket in SF if you did not look like them or dress like them. With Whole Food a close second. Basically richer sheep.



ISAG Operatives still at large in the MSM

I think the game here is apart from gobbling up Saul Alinsky rules for radicals and some marketing 101 schtick.

I think their roll is very clear, they are there to provide the extremist position delivered via the facade of a respectable scientific face (mask) in the permanent hegelian terrorist campaign. Holohan might also find himself cast in this extremist roll too when it becomes politically expedient.

There are now about 20 operatives in the ISAG group. Often not easily spotted, with usually their professional credentials.

While it would be nice to see ISAG as a group get ZERO airtime, but that would be extreme and censorial and we could not have that no.


Ivor Cummins has done a video on the delta variant.

More transmissible, has risen in predominance in U.K.

Cases have risen.

Hospitalizations… are still pretty steady (low). Kinda… not much difference.



Delta Delayed Terminal

July delay messaging across media headline stories this morning today, ask yourself why?

Testing the limits for future and very soon lockdown come August or thereabouts with this but there is more…

If cases increase political sources expect medical experts to urge delay in reopening

Data for test volumes has stopped at 13th May, 2021 - No single person knows except maybe the regime, the volume, if they want to increase the volume fraudulently to get more bogus positive test results using the external labs, no one can detect it in advance or data lag.

Inject Children Full Speed Ahead!

This is why todays July Delay messaging is like a rash in the headline space.

It is a BIG distraction to capture your attention, it distracts the very weary worn (another ffs moment) from the regimes plans that have never changed, the plan remains the same as before, as announced, the plan to injected children and babies, with experimental genetic injections that have killed children and babies.

Parents and society at large was informed in April, the shots to target your children, your babies were being purchased.

Think it’s ok to let them distract you?

Protect The Perps At All Costs

Here is the man who sealed up the Tuam mother and babies home report for 30 years, our old friend Roderic O’Gorman pictured here with 2 green party buds, one of which is originally from Australia but is banned on re-entering on grounds they present as a molestation risk to minors.

Can you guess which green party member that is?

Tusla have the info now (they got hacked too remember). See how this all works.

Getting the fuller picture who and what is controlling the show?

There was always an endgame. The one in play right now.

TUAM is the model for Ireland and the World.

They do not want you to see who and what other pharmaceutical companies where directly or indirectly involved in how Ireland has been operated in the past, as the freepress.ie people say a “narco state”, because it has to much bearing on the now, those who are still active in the current role out of the TUAM model for Ireland since March 2020.

Participating in the report had been “a wasted effort”, she said, and she had done so in an effort to find out if she was subjected to vaccine trials. She knew of people who had the scars to show that they had been involved in such trials.

“Details are very important to adopted people. These are our stories.”

The clever trick here was to the distract from the States involvement in all these things by placing it as the custodian and arbitrar of future justice while seeking more powers, so much that it now has the legal power and protection past perps could only dream about. They have legitimatised all the crimes of the past and given themselves the power to commit the same agin now and into the future - the dominant church was pinpointed as the useful lighting rod, but you think all this bad stuff went away?

Sorry I’m out of bridges at the moment. Business has been booming.

Now let’s get back to widespread experimenting on children and babies. Fabulous potential surge in economic growth with spikes in demand across all market segments.


Yes, vaccine trials were performed in the mother & baby homes (aka launderies). Chapter 34 of the report is specifically on those trials, systematic, and at least 13 of them.

The chapter is 58 pages long. “These trials all involved either the Wellcome Foundation or Glaxo Laboratories.”

I recall hearing years back that pituitary glands used to be taken post mortem for growth hormone, before it could be made synthetically. Not sure from where, or how/if consent was taken - the practice was historical when I heard of it, and only mentioned as an aside from someone I couldn’t question further.

Who knows what else has happened here…


The Prime Time report identified free mass testing programmes as one of the key factors in Denmark’s reopening success, as rapid antigen testing has become a regular aspect of Danish life, granting access to bars, restaurants, football stadiums and so on.

Public health officials in Ireland have dragged their heels in relation to antigen testing, as Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has consistently stressed the increased accuracy of PCR testing, which is much slower and more expensive.

Prime Time viewers vented their frustration with the reluctance around antigen testing on social media, as one tweet read: ‘It’s like the rest of Europe are using Google Chrome and Ireland are still using Internet Explorer.’

Another critic raged: ‘So essentially because of an unwillingness of the Irish Government to mitigate ANY RISK WHATSOEVER we will remain in a semi-permanent lockdown state.

‘Life has risk. This is no life.’

A third person stated: ‘Denmark much more advanced towards a normal life. What a difference not having Dr Tony Holohan controlling things…’

I think the in joke amoung the chaps is to say Dr. Tony might be ‘losing the dressing rooom’ Ho, ho


Jesus. Is that Claire Byrne who is their by election candidate in Dublin Bay South/ Dublin South East cosying up to Thatchell ?


That has been the working assumption since one laid eyes on said photo.


It’s all about framing to keep the masses off the scent, stick with Europe and keep up the testing meme, don’t look at the US where it’s very very different and some places were more or less normal all the way. No lock downs.

Clinical diagnosis sting only.
Ivermectin for all.

However, that’s so 2020… It’s 2021 and large portion of the population have submit their bodies to genetic engineering, thinking they have protection, thinking they have been saved, but really it’s the sorcerers communion.









It took 15 months to get society to this point and it all boils down to this:

Children Vs Pints.



Let the gloom and doom begin (continue).

Ireland is at a point of “unease and apprehension” in its fight against Covid-19, the chief executive of the health service has said.

Paul Reid said there is “no certainty” when trying to predict what might happen with the coronavirus and its variants.

https://archive.is/Q0Mkz (Delta word count: 3)

Delta for sure.

(Delta word count: 10)

Leo sees DARK Clouds on Horizon

(Delta word count: 9)

Eamo Ryan knew too, he knew all along, he follow orders double good.

Reopening pause

Mr Ryan said the plan was working so he did not think it should be changed.

“We are part of EU and we have agreed that we are best following EU approach. We will listen to Nphet but there is strength in following a common approach,” he said.

“Doing it in uniform makes sense, it makes it predictable and makes it easy to manage, much better to follow the EU approach.”

It comes as a member of Nphet said that two to three weeks of a pause on reopening would make a “substantial difference” in preventing a surge of the Delta variant and another lockdown in Ireland.


It’s just a little (vaccine bonus) pause

(Delta word count: 8)

“We are seeing a lot of sick children and younger people, not older people," he said.

“Half the cases in Northern Ireland are the Delta variant, we expect that to rise to 75 per cent in the next couple of weeks.”

As the Irish Examiner reports, Dr Black said the vaccination programme was holding up well and that there were very few cases in the over-60s and very few hospitalisations.

However, he acknowledged that as GPs they were not certain that the cases they were seeing were of the Delta variant, but they were seeing more symptoms that were consistent with the Delta variant

Injection in the hood, Varaints in the Hood.

Dr Black said that pop up clinics had been established around Derry to address “the gaps” among those aged 40 to 60 who had not been vaccinated. People under 40 who contracted the virus did not become very ill, he said.

(Delta word count: 10)

Not opening so.

(Delta word count; 2)

Last but not least, it’s for the children.
(Delta word count: 14)




Ah but it’ll all be about delta doubleplusgood next…




Funny how the delays are always right on time.

A delay to the return of indoor hospitality is looking increasingly likely, as Government and official sources indicated the full return of pubs and restaurants will be pushed back from the planned date of July 5th.

However, sources told The Irish Times that there are also concerns at senior levels of Government that a delay may lead to further extensions, with the next window for more reopening as late as autumn.

… Any delay would place pressure on the vaccine rollout to continue at its current pace.

Src https://archive.is/r1tz1

A pause, becomes a delay which might end up being an extension… because they have failed ot hit their miserable targets and are in deep do do with their paymasters in central command.


War of the Mutants

Sure who needs a face. :man_shrugging:


Over on political Irish here is as good and honest an acknowledgment of the reality many still fear to grasp and what this thread and topic has exposed since it’s inception.

Permanent lockdown. NO EXIT.


Superspreaders of TRUTH

Thinking about this yesterday, there is another majorly real and hihgly important reason they need to delay indoor dining and boozing.

Folk will start chatting more again.

People will begin to share and compare notes over dinner and a few pints.

The resistance will grow. As the Truth flows.

The reopening of indoor hospitality amid the spread of Delta variant and with much of the population unvaccinated risks superspreader events, according to the HSE’s director of public health for the South East.


You can see RTE outline the problem and plan to do same here:

There was an interesting article this week published by The University Times, the Trinity College Dublin student publication. It noted that young people tend not to tune into Government press conferences.

It’s also unlikely they are watching NPHET briefings, but they are bombarded with social media content, including conspiracy theorists and algorithmic bots. So the challenge is to deliver scientific information to young Irish adults through platforms they already heavily use.


We have them since birth (first phone), we gave them facebook, twitter, instagram and google even sent all their traffic to our platforms over they last 10 years, but it is not working, something is not working, so we will bombard them some more… :icon_rolleyes:


Proof in the pudding.

REPORT: No longer about health. Canada will prevent groups from gathering in order to stop the spread of ‘unauthorized information’.

Video @ Src: https://twitter.com/NewGranada1979/status/1409185402280316929

Audio a bit unclear but it’s “injunction” not injection, but could be either or! :wink:


Yup. Been pointed out in the states for ages that the revolution was planned in bars and taverns.