2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Narrative shift now with links to communism being brought to attention?

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How confused will people be?

Not confused at all. Many will still labour under the permanent mind control complex assembled around them never able to realise the truth of the WAR waged against them. Many will have perished. Many will be dealing with serious medical complications they will hardly have much capacity to deal with anything else. The nation will continue to be weakened from the inside out. Until eventually by 2030 Ireland as you knew it will be totally gone and erased from history. Planted population will be increased with great gusto. The social et al re-engineered into the model for the world will not-stop unless it is stopped.

Unless something incredible beyond your imagination occurs in that time and spin reality another way.

Which is always possible.


From 4 days ago - How is the provid regime going to spin it?

The interesting thing is the syncing of the 19th, why the 19th?

The provid regime had already picked 19th July for international trave tourism returning, and continued to reassure in messaging that was still on track, while messaging the very opposite on the indoor run up and exposé.

Breifly thinking about it, you would assume the plan was to use the 19th as a big tourism inflow carrot :carrot: to leverage the industry to accept draconian compliance with insane police state tyranny by managing an international covid pass system, “you papers pleasz”, or els your business will never see the light of day again.

July 19th.

A lot could happen between then and now.

Also many are cynical enough at this stage to realise they could snap all this back come September/October.



Ok I’m a bit slow catching up but I see my assumption is confirmed here in this news report:


Cleary there still remains no legitimate government but an occupational regime backed by international means hellbent on destroying everything for a new mould.


Deception Spike

The latest surge in fear mongering is deeply concerning say international experts. The invisible enemy is still deeply entrenched in the media and elsewhere after careful analysis.

There are growing fears in Government that the Covid-19 Delta variant could be responsible for more than 1,000 cases a day by July 19th, the date on which international travel is due to resume and the hospitality industry hopes to reopen indoors.

One of the tell tale signs betraying the invisible enemy actions, is a reckless and pathologic need to make dangerous predictions that cause people to falsely believe they will die any minute now and make very bad choices, usually ending negative, often fatal results.

… Ministers are expected to be briefed at Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting on updated modelling from the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) which suggests that a surge of Delta variant infections is likely to be under way within 10 days to two weeks.

However, officials do not expect these cases to lead to a corresponding rise in hospital admissions as vaccination provides strong protection against falling seriously ill with Covid-19.

Src: https://archive.is/zWTA5

Experts are warning people who predict with grave certainty, that such sources could be involved in some form of elaborate and carefully orchestrated conspiracy to deceive people into choosing the wrong washing powered where performance can only guarantee 80% whiter than whites.

Meanwhile in other news. Labs have never been busier but clear signal data is still not available to the public since the the 13th of May. Sources close to the laboratories believe this will cause serious credibility issues for those who continue to make certain predictions using closed door intelligence. Many in the information industry claim it creates an unfair market advantage and represents a monopoly of public data.

Concerns are also mounting that Paul Reid is saying one thing and Tony Holohan is saying the another. Despite predictions of the future events being reported as fire and brimstone. Neither head can agree if hospitals will be overrun or will not be overrun.

Markets are also worried are concerned at the extensive use of Gas by the Irish media to power operations and see a serious energy crisis in the coming weeks. Many believe it is not sustainable option and calls have come from some quarters that they should consider adopting a hot air tariff to regulate and reduce speculative emissions but using a self-policing model as has worked successfully elsewhere in the world.


We :heart: Gone Off Greens

It’s great when EamonRyan goes off… script, and revealed they had all of this planned a long time ago:

The Taoiseach said there are concerns about an increase in the number of people being tested, but wider plans to lift restrictions will proceed.

He told reporters on Monday: “The Government is committed to entering into the Covid digital certificate framework by the 19th and we’re going to do that.

“That was a conscious Government decision some time ago, that we commence with this on July 19th.

“Significant progress has been made in that regard. It’s clear there are challenges, but progress has been made.”


19th July is the giveaway and always was a regimes key target date, “despite” the “delta variant”, amazing how there target dates are not affected by the “delta variant” which could cripple indoor diners. :whistle:

Ryan, Martin, Varadkar and Co agreed to all of this a long time ago.

They needed that failsafe date, so they could setup Indoor dining as the patsy to ram in an all island prison tracking system.

Oh no it wasn’t. Oh yes it was. Oh no it … oh yes, yes it actually was! :icon_neutral:


You read it here yesterday.

Confirmed today by our favourite vegetable.

Earlier, the Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan, said he expected plans for the travel certificate to go ahead as planned on July 19th.

However, he cautioned that the further easing of restrictions in Ireland would be gradual across August and would not be like the UK where “the doors were thrown open”.

There was still a risk, so the situation would have to be monitored, he said.

Data from the UK would be significant in determining how plans could evolve, he added on his way into Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting.

“We’re going to get everyone vaccinated, back dining, able to socialise, it will just take a bit of time.



So no actual medical science involved then…

The base vaccination rate for SARs CoV 2 is less than 50% of the population. Thats how many people need to be vaccinated to prevent epidemic spread. A higher rate does absolutely nothing, medically speaking. Except increase the adverse response death count that is.

Vaccinations cannot stop infections from endemic infectious diseases. Thats why the flu shot has not wiped out the flu. The main purpose of public health vaccinations are to prevent epidemic spread of non-endemic infectious disease. Like measles and whooping cough. This has been established medical science for about 140 plus years.

So what Eamon Ryan actually said is that we are going to kill another few hundred people and make thousands sick because our public health policy is purely driven by irrational mass hysteria whipped up by the media. And nothing else.


Exactly, 80% to 100%+ injected all makes perfect sense when you know the endgame is a digital tracking systems CCP style, it could be saline in the shots for all it matters, because the endgame is total control of all living things.

Mr Varadkar also said the Government’s decision to postpone the reopening of indoor dining was the right one.

He said the decision to delay the resumption will give the health service more time to vaccinate the public and bring in the domestic digital Covid certificate to permit indoor hospitality.



Well that didn’t take long.

Independent NPHET

Here we see Leo try swat an elephant in the room while trying to outdo NEPHT own prognostication and reaches for the 2000 cases a day figure!

We need to avoid getting back into a spiral of fear here. The Delta wave is happening but it will be different to other waves and that’s because of the vaccination programme.

“A thousand cases a day, even 2,000 cases a day in a few weeks’ time is not the same as a thousand cases a day back in January, that’s because the link between the cases of infections and hospitalisations and deaths – and that’s what really matters – is considerably weakened, not broken.

BREXIT “Spillover”

Leo Varadkar has criticised the British Government’s plan to strip away most of England’s coronavirus restrictions, saying the move is “too risky”.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson used his Downing Street press conference on Monday afternoon to set out what Step 4 of his plans to end lockdown restrictions in England will look like.

From July 19th mask-wearing will no longer be a legal requirement under the plans, nor will social distancing in most cases, and nightclubs will be able to reopen.

Speaking in Dublin on Tuesday, the Tánaiste said that if things go wrong in England, it could have a spillover effect in Ireland.


So both US and NZ talking about going door to door to the unvaccinated.

US still makes it sound optional. NZ… not so much.




Well NZ has gone full North Korea under the Glorious Leader Jacinda. So no surprises there. The idiot Foreign Minister (a complete nut case) told the Chinese government that she does not care how many people Chinese government murder, how many politicians they lock up and torture in HK, or if they dabble in a little light genocide, thats all fine by the NZ government as long they keep buying NZ dairy products. That threat by Chinese government to stop buying worked as intended.

That gives you an indication of the moral compass of the people running NZ at the moment. So locking down the whole country for every false positive and charging all NZ citizens at least NZ$5,000 if they want to come home is par for the course.

As for Bidens incoherent ramblings. Who knows if they were even on the teleprompter. The back story is the black take up of the vaccine is very very low. For some reason blacks dont trust the government giving them jabs. This wont change. And if the federal or state government try anything vaguely coercive then the civil rights laws can by weaponized against them. And dont they know it.

The other fun thing about going door to door is that if they ask anyone their vaccine status they are committing an offense under a whole bunch of medical privacy laws. And for at least 1 in 5 of the population in a state like California its an offense under the Americans With Disabilities Act. If anyone, and I mean anyone, try to ask my vaccines status and they dont identify themselves before hand as a legally accredited employee of a city or state health department they have committed an offense under the ADA. And under a California law any ADA complaint made has to be prosecuted by the city and its almost impossible for the person the complaint is made against to avoid being found guilty. Because of this 95% plus of ADA cases are frivolous / fraudulent but it sure gives one a great weapon again any vaccine coercion. Just mention the magic words ADA Complaint and watch the problem disappear. Immediately.

In Ireland on the other hand you have no rights, no protection, no free speech and your constitutional rights are purely discretionary and can be set aside at any time for any reason.


Scared Immunity

Herd immunity

Dr Henry said it was anticipated that by the end of August everyone who wanted to be vaccinated will have done so. The level of herd immunity required was likely to rise because of the transmissibility of the Delta variant. That level was likely to be 80 per cent to 85 per cent.

Ireland was ahead of many other countries in terms of vaccine uptake, he said which would help the country escape from the virus.

“The vaccine programme gives us a way out.”

Src: https://archive.is/7PG1V

Define “us” (clue - it’s not you or the ones you love.)


Urgent Panic?

Dr Henry urged everyone to avail of the vaccine and pointed out that people aged 18 to 34 had the choice of registering for vaccination through a pharmacist or to go through the vaccination portal which would extend to the 18 to 24 age group by mid-August.

The risk of any side effects were minimal, he said, but he urged people to read the details on the HSE website. But the risks from side effects were better than the risk of Covid. There had been only seven cases of side effects from the vaccine in Ireland and all had made a full recovery.

Why would younger Irish people be different?


So according to Dr Henry the R0 of Delta variant is at least 5 or 6? When we go looking for where this number came from it turns out its from a “model” from our old friends at Imperial. So a number they pulled out of their ass. A completely made up number. Just like with all their other models.

The actual number is very unlikely to be higher than the original community spread R0 for SARs CoV 2, < 1.2. All plausible R0 numbers published that are higher are from cluster spread outbreaks in hospitals or hospital sourced. Not community spread. So no relevance to base vaccination rate.

In all previous pandemics as the pandemic abated all new variants were less contagious that the initial virus for very sound scientific reasons. It takes at least a few years for a more contagious variant to evolve. For very sound scientific reasons. Even engineered ones.

So more outright lies from Dr Henry.


I was wondering while looking out at the atrocious weather yesterday whether this will cause a reduction in case numbers in a few days. You’d have to be a very special kind of asymptomatic chowder head to go out for a test in that…


The HSE has a reserve of sitting ducks.
You test them multiple times a week.
You pay for each test as an incentive.

That’s how you get the fake cases.

I’m sure there are a lot of test victims out there as I type.

Probably one in the very long list of cumulative scandals that keeps the macabre circus in town.


National Vaccine Security Agency

Theo whole indoor dining farce is a 100% contrived political false dilemma - concocted to break the back of a small vested sector that is reliant but even more importantly, interface with a huge portion of the public patronage, to ram in something no one wants or needs.

You don’t live in Communist China but the regime want to convert you to CCP living. The Regime are using the 80/20 model against the industry to take out a free society.

Mr Cummins also called for an independent agency to ensure that whatever proposals were agreed were run “properly”. Extra supports for the sector would also be required, he said, as businesses would have to check customers before they enter premises which will add “an extra layer of bureaucracy”.


This is not his idea.

This is the Regime speaking through the medium of false separation of industry heads.

It looks like an out for the industry having to enforce draconian tyrannical anti-constitutional measures by creating yet another layer of separation and false process of governance. The industry heads are having a gun put to their heads.

If they break the back of the industry and they comply, then it will eventually roll out for access everywhere as the system is improved and refined. This is the “pilot” sector.

However the Regime have never been weaker. They lost the people last Tuesday and I doubt they will ever get them back. The smell the arbitrary compliance bullshit for what it is. Total Control.

Think very clearly. A digital system of checking-in and checking-out managed by the Regime represented a digital enforced and permanent system of lockdown. No exit. Never ending.

Mr Cummins said that any proposals would have to be “time limited” because as the vaccination programme continued, 80 per cent of the country would be vaccinated by the end of August or early September, which meant the scheme would not be needed and the sector could return to normality.

This is delusional thinking but more rightly it’s a lie, it’s “2 weeks to flatten the curve” lies to sell the permanent system . As outlined in the past, the plan is for only granular release of new freedoms within a closed system of lockdown. This system is not going ot disappear overnight. This is the plan. This is the new-normal.

It began as a group scheme. Now it has become a two tier scheme. Person vs Vaccainted-Person Eventually it will be a full social credit system. That is a hell on earth and it is the very antithesis to our cultural heritage and way of living, our inalienable right and freedoms, our very being.

This is the optimum resistance point before real force begins to be applied by either side. I would suggest the Regime will move to might of force to impose the will of the nations enemies if it does not win. It has lost the people on this issue. Injected and uninjected. .

The mood of the peopel here is to call the regimes bluff. Sounds like a plan.


How you doing?

Now you can’t buy food because you’re not injected.


How are you children. Hungry too?


Ivor Cummins @FatEmperor Jul 6

Hot off the press. Government met with Vintners Federation (hospitality) today. Minutes attached Summary: A. Government are the puppets of Pharma-controlled #Nphet/#ISAG axis. B. Science has left the building. C. Inalienable human rights are nothing compared to Pharma/WEF desires