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Sleeper Cells+

Another TEDx’er whitecoat pimp pushin’ genetic injections for all the children, add to the watchlist of ISAG and such like operatives who terrorise the airwaves with their fearfully good news:

Professor Christine Loscher said there is a concern about the impact of long-Covid disease among this age group.

Speaking on the same programme, Prof Loscher said that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have been approved for use in Europe, the US and the UK with very positive safety data.

She said that “no huge issues with safety” came to the fore with the mass worldwide rollout of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Sure 50 x 747’s crashing with 100% fatality rate, is hardly a huge issue with safety either.


So we have an immunologist who is unfamiliar with the vaccine regulatory approval process. That the standard approval timeline is 4 to 6 years.

As we all know here none of the vaccines have gone through the standard approval process. All SARs 2 vaccines being used have an emergency waiver so that that general population mass inoculation is folded into the Phase II/III clinical trials.

So she is either deliberately lying or does not know what the fuck she is talking about. I’d guess the latter.


She’s not the only one pushing an “immunise the kids cos long COVID :scream::scream::scream:” line. There’s a lot of them unfortunately. Now one study is planning extra injections, for long COVID.

I think some must genuinely be lying. I find it hard to believe they can be that dumb. I know scientists can be herd followers and dumb. Doctors too. But some people’s twitter threads and arguments are a whole other level of la la land.


Cults be culting with their cultish peeps.


It’s infuriating. Everyone is there OMG thank you look at the scientist scientisting!!!

When it’s bull crap.


Do you notice that all the comments are against these jabs. Nearly everywhere I read them also.


I think some must genuinely be lying. I find it hard to believe they can be that dumb.

Never underestimate the utter stupidity of the highly credentialized. It usually people from a purely academic background with no real world application of the science experience. Where their nice little equations and graphs completely fall part when they hit the complexity and messiness of the real world. In their papers they can remove all variables that cause problems. Or the stuff they that they dont understand. The real world is not like that.

It happens in all fields, especially those that are supposed to be “applied science”. On more than one occasion I’ve told a prof with a high profile position at a world renowned university that their “great idea”, with almost two decades of published papers behind it, protected with a patent portfolio, raised millions in VC, was not going to work in the real world. The first time it only took them three years to give up and pivot to a completely different product which made the money back. The second time they just ran out of money after 5 years. Neither worked, for very simple real world reasons.

Some guy who ran a fever clinic in the Congo, they know what they are talking about. One of the (tens?) of thousands of immunology PhD drones, they generally know fuck all about anything that is relevant in the real world or in a clinical setting.

Everyone else is is just conforming to protect their career. Those that dont want to deal with this lying bullshit leave the field. I have worked with many of these people over the years. High tech is full of them.


Also, you cant underestimate the lack of consequences, when none of your decisions will have any impact on your own remuneration, career prospects, reputation etc, you can make any decision you like. These people dont live in the real world, senior civil servants think they are in the West Wing, absolutely deluded people.


I know, and it is infuriating. The amount of money spent on some research projects… millions upon millions, plus staff time, years, institute overheads… they are feted, promoted, pampered, and at the end of the day the research rarely gets to market to make any practical difference whatsoever. Academia is rotting with grant money. But they will absolutely be the darling geniuses that Senior Management listen to, even about things outside their area of expertise.

I remember being told about R&D in one drug company (wasn’t told the name). Let’s call them the ideas team have to come up with 10 potential ideas a month. Which then go on to the next development team who run more in depth analyses, maybe design & start some studies, and look at feasibility. Has to be ten a month. So, even if there were only 5 ideas that the first team knew were viable… they submitted ten. Including five they knew would fail, and yes that would cost the next development team time and money, but hey, their target is ten and ten is what the company will get.


There are consequences. The consequences are that if you don’t play the game and get (and spend) grant money on research and push out publications you don’t really get anywhere. Whether the research and publications have real world impact (other than headlines/press releases) is secondary. If that.


I think you will like this video :slight_smile:



I think what at @thehammer is getting at is these operators are unchecked political agents seeking power over people.

My observation is thus:

Science enters the body politic. This catalyses an energetic conversion into religiosity. The end result is unacceptable to people, so a refactoring agent known as marketing is applied. The net output is 100% political. This still remains broadly unacceptable to the people. Contuned application of the refactoring agent marketing are applied in multiples process but the end result appear to create no deviations.

My diagnosis indicates this is tragedy and ruin is the byproduct of ego driven operators deeply susceptible to finical manipulation either directly or indirectly, as per comments above.

The is very much a self directed cure so no clinical practice is required.

Therefore, I would prescribe a double dose of Humility as the bedrock of truth and the antidote for a full recovery from the wreck of over-stimulated ego/s.

If the patient indicates voices. Then we can review the matter and try some extensive crayon therapy conversion sessions.


Ha ha I wrote this back in 2009, apply it to now.


… and here we are again.


Totally agree with that, look at the ISAG crowd. These people do get progression up the ranks in institutions, gatekeep to some extent and then the institutions can be used to support or push agenda. The funding agencies, and the regulatory ones, involved too. Seen on twitter, didn’t save the link though.

Welcome trust is not really responsible to anyone. The other grant bodies are ostensibly answerable to national or eu bodies.


Pharma is defacto Cargo Cult.


Cargo Cult+

Ireland can get ‘back to normal’ by August if most adults are vaccinated, says Zero Covid Terror Cell Pharma Operatives

Scientist calls for Return of Slavery

…But Professor Mills said Ireland still needs to take measure to limit the transmission of the virus and the “elephant in the room” was the serving staff in indoor dining rooms, who were very often young people.


I think Scientism in Ireland is particularly dangerous. Because Scientific knowledge is always increasing the Prof Mills crowd can take very extreme positions - claiming they represent “The Truth”… then if tactical circumstances merit it and suit their overall strategy they can pivot their emphasis quite a bit and still claim to represent “The Truth”

This isn’t “1984 Bro”. We’re in Animal Farm.

“Yes I said X in Feb 2020 I was trusting the science. I said Y was “unsupported”. But a few papers have swayed my opinion. Now Y is the truth. Basically I’m always right. Even when I admit I’m wrong. Actually I’m never “wrong” as you non scientists understand the concept”


It’s also a very small country, so everyone is very connected, and with lots of Pharma companies.


Indeed, a very good technical observation. However as I outlined. The power of Marketing has been chosen as cover for the inherent truth deficit, if you anyone needs further evidence, take 5 minutes from 2011 to verify my observation, future proves past yea? :wink:

Science Kills

I wonder who bought her this book for Christmas or was it some self-gifting? :whistle:


I only got to 3 minutes. I feel like the toddler that she should be talking to.