2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



You had one job!


These tedtalk things are just dating events for midwit nerds

You could easily do a counterpoint to every assertion

Preclinical models and human studies have demonstrated that nicotine has cognitive-enhancing effects, including improvement of fine motor functions, attention, working memory, and episodic memory. These cognitive-enhancing effects of nicotine may be an important factor in vulnerability to TUD, especially in individuals with cognitive deficits, including a majority of individuals with primary psychiatric disorders.


Since this event began, there has always been some fringe speculation online that Nicotine provides protection in the lungs to a level, by coating the lungs with tar, it actually protects from parasite and other nasties. Some anecdotes swear they are never sick compared to their unsmiling peers or family members. Like they don’t get the flu or colds.

We’re not talking taboo cigs :smoking:, no no, they be filled with hundreds of other toxins, plain old plant based nicotine. Nicotine is used as a pesticide. Time to dust off the pipe?

Here is another hitting, about nicotine plant.

I believe it is superb uptake ability for uranium out of the ground, and then I read the pesticides contained uranium are used in cultivating of the tobacco crops. Ah right, so yea smoking causes cancer sounds a lot like we’ve been depositing uranium waste into human consumed plant based product (tobacco) via pesticides and making a killing of it every which way, the radioactivity of smoking has been studied plenty out there to google I am no expert but I do know one thing for sure, Science kills.

Was The Smoking Ban always part of the plan? :whistle:




A Woman Died Of COVID After Contracting 2 Variants At The Same Time, Researchers Say


If this is the Belgian lady in March (can’t be bothered with that cookie page) she was 90 and admitted (from home) to the hospital with repeated falls. Oxygenation normal on arrival, then deteriorated.




Mattie McGrath is one of the few members of Dail Eireann to come out of this sorry debacle with any credit. :medal_military:

Of course Official Ireland will whip him hard now for these comments :sandm:


Michael McNamara & Peadar Toibin have been speaking out too in fairness. Some other independents look like they’re taking a bit more notice too, like the Healy-Raes.


Anyone catch the vote result?

The session has now ended. Did they not make it to vote?

Technical problems? :icon_beer:

I see nothing on the news sites, only Tony’s visage keeping guard… what is going on? :thinking:


Tomorrow night around 8 I think.


No one wants it. They know. Panic across the globe.

This looks like deep do do PANIC.

When you are working against the people, and they begin to notice a bit too much.


Jacinda in NZ warning about fake newzzz…



Apparently just after midnight tomorrow.

Shades of the bank bailout bill


Sure Leo said that last year and so did Covney, sure we’re miles ahead… remember when Jacinda grimaced at the thought of the Irish lockdown. Hilarious. Such wonderful bullshit as it is.

Crazy tells in that short clip, crazy, dark tells. Panic. Like backed into a corner panic. Can barely contain the contempt for those who dare think they are free in anyway.

August really could upset the NWO applecart, they are now moving to increase tension and consolidate their grip. I assumed that if something incredible happens in the US, things will more likely get worse everywhere else at first, tighter controls, and you know, I think that process is now well under way. Prepare. Mentally Prepare.


I edited that out of my previous post. Ah this is it, this will be the line.

Plenty of time to remind your local public representatives what happens if they choose wrong tomorrow.

Bit more of a chance than the previous one where most were asleep, at least everyone is part of this show at some level.

The lack of news on the in the main sites is also telling. Gone a bit quiet. :ghost:



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