2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



And if you look at her background she is basically a life-long academic who based on her statements has zero actual familiarity with the relevant literature or science.


For a start there is a large body of published public health literature that shows that measure like masks etc have zero measurable effect on outcome with airborne respiratory illnesses. None. Strike one.

There is a large body of published vaccinology literature that shows that vaccination of older people for airborne respiratory viral illnesses when R0 is very low has no measurable effect on outcomes for older people. None. Vaccines only have a measurable effect in very specific circumstance none of which SARs Cov 2 meets. . Strike Two.

She talked to a journalist about a very technical subject without requesting a pre publication review of the piece for technical accuracy. It is obvious from the piece that the journalist made some selective quotes which a reputable scientists would have corrected or modified before publication. First rule when talking with a journalist, never talk on the record if you can and if you do make a request in writing for a review for accuracy on statements of fact before publication. Never ever buy the immediate deadline excuse. Its rarely true. In the old days most journalists were lazy but rarely stupid. They liked the story to write itself. Nowadays almost all journalists are lazy and stupid and cant even get the 6 W’s right.

Strike Three.



SURGE messaging high today in the media. :eye:

A few examples:

Inject Expert Warning.

To add, it’s been noticed over on PI too:


It makes a change from surging property prices but according to “reports” that’s on the way also!



:roll_eyes: :sleeping:


The perps of propaganda and case theatrics, are still reporting deaths for January and February in March.

You trust these jokers with your life, your destiny?

Second of all, the HOSPITAL testing volumes more or less doubled overnight in 2021 and this is how they have kept the “cases” level at a sustained (stabilised) level, I indicated this early on and that it would be used to conduct the management narrative accordingly.

How or why the hospitals were able to double capacity for lab testing the bogus PCR tests has gotten no coverage in all of this afaics and I have not yet compared it to admissions to see if it is a simple correlation.

Therefore, unless the admissions doubled post Christmas to account for the rise in hospital lab test volume, then it must be assumed the hospitals took over a large portion of what previously was sent to the labs, why?

You can see from the chart below, that in hypothetically and retrospectively speaking, the Hospital labs could easily have handled all the volume of testing, with no need for the labs, until the end of December, based on current level since the start of the year. Tha kind of tells ya that the lab derived “cases” were really no burden to the system, because they were not cases.

Now to this latest utterance - I would expect Varadkar feels confident to come out and have this reported in the media as have been the warmup soundings coming from Holohan and Martin to cool expectations, because they may know (as before) there is a increased volume going to the LABS which will give them their cases are rising from the well signaled stubbornly high base narrative over the next few days, which gives them leverage to management expectation as to the underwhelming level of restoration of privileges and graces they have planned, which is being leveraged as asymmetrical pressure to get as many injected by September 2021.

If there isn’t a perfectly timed sustained rise. I’d be surprised.

They have never been wrong before right? :man_shrugging:

It’s very easy to manufacture numbers by over cycling the specimens and also re-running same specimen, think Mafia in control of the operation. However, they only need a little bit of last years magic, i.e. the hospital baseline is high enough to mask the fraud.

This may then be followed up with the opening of another “tunnel of light” in peoples minds, by introducing new cohorts into media messaging, offering an extra level of false-hope.

Why stop using techniques that have worked without fail since day one?

Yea I know, what happened to the magical injections working and do not kill people propaganda. Yea, they kill people and do nothing of use. Like the lockdowns. Like the Mask (you’ve probably been wearing for a year now).

This also may fall in line with Geert Vanden Bossche’s warning of the source of rises in disease, shill or not. You are always told. In advance. One way or the other. Somewhere. Somehow.

Though the official reason will be the usual “you existed too much” and it is very illegal, becoming more illegal by the day.

Coronavirus 2020

Ah ha!

The Irish Times reports that Micheál Martin said a sharp increase in the number of people referred for Covid-19 testing has left Ireland’s progress in a “fragile” state.

He expressed concern over a 42 per cent week-on-week increase in the numbers referred for testing on Tuesday.

Mysterious Sharp increase = Government created demand.

You can’t make this shit up! :joy: Well actually, they can… :rofl:


In the week ending March 20th, mass testing was carried out at a total of 183 schools, including 120 primary schools, 52 post-primary schools and 11 special education schools.

Of a total 4,062 people tested in these facilities, 110 were found to be positive for Covid-19 – positivity rate of 2.7 per cent.

Archived link: https://archive.is/twKD8

Once more using the (sitting duck) children to scare you and making much hay.


Children have very high HCOV (human corona-virus) infection rates. In adults the background rate is 1%, in children its at least 10%. This has been known for many decades.

Both the PCR and immunochromatography tests have high cross sensitivity to all HCOV’s. This has been known for many decades.

Given that the likely prevalence of SARs CoV2 in children is < 1/30’th that of other HCOV’s quiet separate from the usual false positives the probability of a true positive in those test is basically zero. With adults HCOV prevalence and SARs prevalence are the same order of magnitude. So true positive result maybe 70/30 for an actual SARs infection. With children as its more than an order of magnitude difference its more like 2/98.

So of that 110 maybe 1 or 2 actually had some kind of SARs CoV 2 infection. Max. And it was just as likely to be zero.


But what exactly does testing positive mean?
Does it mean the children

  • might have had it
  • had it
  • might have it
  • have it
  • might get it
  • will get it
  • might never get it ?


It means the regime can bullshit some more the following week about “fragile” state of things and the numbers not going in the correct directions and continue to keep the nightmare going.


Dude get with program - the headlines don’t lie, things are getting worse! No end in sight! It’s all bad? What’s not to hate? :smile:


It’s like gold mining, the more equipment you use the more gold you find.
Even if the percentage is lower in each sample, the numbers still rise.
(yes I know I’m preaching to the choir) but it needs saying!

These additional tests should be questioned by journalists at the conferences.


More funny shit right there! :joy::rofl:



One of 5 centers to be opened. Because reasons.

Don`t come here if you are sick though. We only testing the healthy here.



The Circus has arrived!

March 25th - 1,500 punters!

I wonder will we be able to trace when they hit the labs stats. :male_detective:


Yesterday’s super-negative-leo-bad-news-varadkar headlines.

Fascinating data point:

Mr Varadkar told the Dáil almost 4,700 people had died of the virus so far this year, more people than had died of Covid-19 in all of last year.

“I think that demonstrates how serious the B117 variant is and how different it is to the Wuhan strain or the wild strain that we dealt with last year, and how perhaps getting down to very low figures like 10 or 50 or even 100 a day is not a prospect in the way that it was last year because this virus has mutated,” he said.

  • Wuhan Strain (China Virus)
  • B117 Strain (post mRNA-injection-mutation)
  • Wild Strain… last year???


“It is now much more transmissible, and it is now more deadly than the original wild strain and despite the enormous efforts of the Irish people doing all of the right things we’ve still got stuck around 500 or 600 cases a day.

More transmissible, more deadly… Tsunami of Death deadly?



I keep wondering if they did expect the case fatality rate for this to have been higher.

What if a second strain (aka the “wild” one) gave people some cross-immunity to the more severe strain?

Also related:


These are all WILD strains right… cause if they are not… What is LEO talking about?

China/WUhan was the source, or was it not? Leo seems to think it was not the source of the beginning of the new-normal as scheduled event. If it was not then it was the China Virus, but the China Virus was not made in a lab right, it was wild, bat soup you see, then if the first one was Wild then what is the China virus if it was not wild, unless it was the first wild strain being the China Virus, which means the China Virus was causing the B117 strain, no sorry, that’s not right the China Virus came after the Wild Strain and the B117 was a variant of the… wild and milder China Wuhan virus strain, see, it’s simple enough, but the bottom line is you have always been and will always be at war with the Virus wild or made in a lab because the endless mutations variants means we have no control and it’s out of control so we need harder and even more control methods and then more control further still, to retain our absolute lack of control over the situation as things are rather quiet wild - Know wha’ I’m sayin’ bud?


Mr Varadkar said the death toll from the virus is approaching 4,700. He said as many people died so far this year as all of 2020, which was an “extraordinary statistic”.

He is correct, it is an extraordinary statistic. Given that some days in January and February, according to officials statistics more than half of everyone who died in the country seems to have died of “COVID”.

Pretty good for a disease with an IFR of 0.2%, and R0 < 1.2 and a prevalence of maybe 0.3% max and country under lockdown.

It seems not content with inventing Leprechaun Economics the Irish government have now invented Leprechaun Epidemiology. Some days a 22% positive test result rate for something with a prevalence of 0.3% and with a test that has 50% plus Type I Error rate and a 90% plus Type II Error rate. So less than half those tested with an infection would return a positive result.

I’d love for someone in NPHET to explain the mathematical of those statistics. Have they discovered a way of introducing the imaginary number i into their calculations. If so there could be a Field Medal for someone in the HSE. Forget Sir William Rowan Hamilton and quaternions, this is a much bigger breakthrough in the history of mathematics. Not even the official statistics of Stalin’s Five Year Plans had those kind of statistical achievements .


I was just skimming over the CSO.ie site and looking at the deaths that have been attributed to covid, it’s clear that the vast majority were already near the end before covid came along.

Analysis of Underlying Cause of Death Data, including COVID-19

January - October 2020

Total registered deaths 1 by sex and age group, January - October 2020
Male 11,361
Female 11,055
Age group
Under 25 162
25-49 707
50-64 2,300
65-79 7,023
80 and over 12,224
Total deaths registered 22,416
1Includes deaths which occurred in 2020 only.


If the Provid Regime had not mass tested schools week ending 20th Mar and also not asked healthy folk to visit the Circus how would cases look presently?

A - Period of the Mass School test
B - 5 Ring Circus Test centre push for random punters who felt perfectly healthy.

Not fully clear but peaks 1-3 could be school test volumes, or 2-3.
The 1,500 punters form March 25th may have expressed at peak 4

My guess is that last 2 maybe 3 days would have less “cases” recorded, and be in line with the gentle trend down.

March 16-20 thru 25 mark a sustained and pro-active ramp up of testing by the Provid Regime which does one certain thing and one thing for sure, it artificially creates demand for tests and we can see both the Hospital & External Lab ratcheting up volume, especially the Hospital labs, it is clearly breaking the established 2021 trend.


I see Zero Covid land, ie New Zealand, is having a hospital crisis with “the worst Jan and Feb on record”:

Nothing i can see explaining whats driving the crisis, Flu, some mystery respiratory illness?