2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT





Making it Up Freely

This looks like making it up.

Leo Varadkar warned that the number of Delta variant cases are surging.

He said it is in our hands and a lot will depend on how we behave and “what we do as a society over the next few weeks.”

A) Surrender the children to EVIL


B) Resist and dispatch EVIL

He added: “95 per cent of cases are happening to people who are not fully vaccinated. People who are not fully vaccinated have never been at greater risk of getting this virus.


This appears to be a big huge porkie pie, the kind of porkie pie that kills.

What it probably translates into is, we are not testing vaccinated people, only the ones who present in hospital fully vaccinated but with C19, whoops… we only run tests you see on healthy people who are not sick and manly not injected (so our numbers may be suspect on the injections to), and from that we project cases, that are as the HSE have clearly indicated, suspected cases, so indicative of nothing actually.

“We expected that to happen, I don’t think we expect that to happen quite as soon as it has.

The models would have indicated that this would have happened a bit later. But I think there are reasons for real concern and cautiousness."

Leo’s message today is that young and healthy and the uninflected people are now VULNERABLE.

However on this there is some room for agreement. The uninfected are vulnerable, vulnerable to a regime waging a medicalised pharma war that seeks to dominate the population into total submission on behalf of the Menace.



Only 80 COVID inpatients.



I wonder what happened to “trolleywatch”?


Still counting…

Comparisons with previous years here



A quick skim through the analysis shows no real difference relative to previous years, except last year when people were avoiding hospitals completely.


The power is in Your Hands.


But Boris now saying they may remove the option to have a negative test from the COVID passport. Vaccination only.



China Mass Internment Camps Built

“entire villages”

Video @ Src: https://twitter.com/TheInsiderPaper/status/1417227230976126977

How many hotels and other things have they got ready here for the 4th Quarter Lockdown?


Another tweet about RSV becoming epidemic in NZ.



So far no outbreaks reported here


4th Quarter Lockdown 2021 - Next event or is it?


Watching how England plays out is about the ‘only game in town’ these days. Ireland being a lost cause for some time now.
The interesting dynamic is the reaction of the Conservative party, and the massive u turn from Johnson.

They are already ‘thinking what you are thinking’
Tory party manifesto 2005

But they know Labour under Sir Keir Starmer will be even more fanatical, and so the opposition would not support a vote by the party against it’s own Government. So you have a split, and what makes it an interesting split is that so many of the Conservatives can’t be dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘crusties’, or ‘anti establishment’ or ‘disenfranchised’. It’s one of the best soap operas on these days. :popcorn:




On the plus side the national newspapers are getting so ratioed on twitter these days…


Can anyone confirm that the digital health passes are being issued by the Revenue Commissioners?


Confirmed. Add yet another illegal act to the thousands already committed by the government.



Know you know why they wanted your PPS.

Bankers Lockdown.

A few thousand million deaths by injection is just a bit of unfortunate Collateral Damage, such is the nature of WAR.


The official response is classic magical string of power keywords:

Dublin soup runs could be forced to close over HSE inspection

…A spokeswoman for the HSE said: “The Environmental Health Service endeavours to work with food business operators to encourage an understanding of the legal requirements and to support compliance with the minimum food safety standards regarding structure, operation, safety management systems and staff training and to ensure compliance with food law where non-compliances are found upon inspection.

It is important to note that persons accessing homeless services are among the most vulnerable in our community and may be immunocompromised, therefore the risk of serious illness as a result of food borne infection needs to be kept in mind.