2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Is Leo losing the dressing room again?


Remember remember September September.

A notable buttering up before today with 2 days of Nphet looking like the good guy. One example:

Holohan signals Nphet may recommend further easing of Covid-19 restrictions if vaccination progress continues


The photo. They play with you. Though I think someone over at Broeken News really doesn’t like the Head vegetable. :whistle:


While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1 Thessalonians 5:3


Martin never really stopped being a teacher did he ?

‘You need to stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done’

What an odious creep


Boycotts Work

Discusses the effectiveness and success of the boycott of the apartheid enabling businesses.

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CMC1996 2 minutes ago

Friend of mine died yesterday shortly after getting the double needlecraft. Next person that tells me to wear a mask is getting their fucking jaw broke.


Excellent read:


Coming to a country near you soon. Well, whats left of it.

It will be the clean injection free peeps giving it to the injected narrative who will be doing the aul bucket kicking dances in droves. Prepare. You have been informed.


Their Convid is Different to Your Convid.

Science and Reasons Folks. Science and Reasons.


It’s very simple. They need to keep the food moving. Food shortages is what causes all regimes/civilisaitons to collapse, and on the they have used it to control all. Food has been their quiet leverage. It’s run very tight.

Internet is circuses. The Bread will not need a passport. Yet.

That will be the last straw, dare they pull it.


Electric Sheep

Eamon Ryan already outed this last week, but it was buried as usual at the bottom of reports and underreported, as per usual from the boil-frog media.

However, the organisers of Electric Picnic hope the festival can go ahead at the end of September with 70,000 attendees, with entry conditions including proof of vaccination or of having already recovered from the virus.


No antigen tests then for his bro I guess. What a shame. Terrible shame altogether. That pilot must have not worked out so well, but sure we’ll see how that magical plan form the gov comes about at the last minute after so much tension and piss. :whistle:


AFAIK every contractor involved with this knows it’s not going to happen.

You cannot organise headliners etc on 8 week notice never mind the logistics of smaller stages and the corporate crap that EP is littered with.

However in a recent round of live music grants which MCD were heavily involved in (and gave a good chunk to themselves and festivals they co-promote) there was a massive chunk for EP - a cool 420k for Festival Republic.

The condition - the event must take place before end of September 2021. Zero chance of this happening.


Electric Sicknic

Interesting - This would imply it is a most sinister and cynical exercise via the media to trick the younger ones into shootin’ up if the dogs not street know it’s not going ahead by generating immense levels of false hope and then once closer the let down as Electric Sicknic is cancelled, but sure aren’t you protected form the evil virus all the same - A lot Jabbed. More to Jab.


Perhaps - I’m not sure how much coercing they need. I’m surrounded by a lot of that age group and I have found them to be fervent believers.

I think it’s more basic than that - the organisers are just raiding the till while the money is there. A whole set of performer grants were handed out with the condition the event is done by end of September. I expect Festival Republic are pretending that it’s a runner so when it doesn’t happen they can say "oh well, we tried, we’re still good for that money of course? " or they’ll do a scaled down streaming only event in the Olympia (cost buttons).

That money will be paid over to promoters regardless of whether their event takes place - I’m fairly sure most of the smaller ones already have. Just another sector the government is buying compliance in again. Probably far easier and cheaper than they could possibly have expected as given there is a higher woke % in this area than the general public those that don’t believe (I’d imagine EP organisers Festival Republic arent among those) are so terrified of being called Far Right they’re keeping quiet for now at least.


The caBAAL stand will make a killing at Electric Knic-Knac if it goes ahead, probably in the Body & soul area (is that still a thing?), not sure you need to have either a body, soul or both to enter, some might not after the jab jab, but if you do, the caBAAL lads will take away the pain with their unique offerings:


Body and Soul will be disappointed having only bagged a paltry 100k to their begging bowl in this round. They’re still a bit off Barbados - another few years and they’ll get there!


Video gone. Rule By Tech.


On the money with that prediction:


Yeh I’m sure the locals - well the subsection who don’t make any money off it - enjoyed the peace and quiet of last year as well.

Still not sure when the penny is going to drop with the events industry that it’s going to shrink drastically in the coming years. I hear MCD are involved with the vaccination centres and their knowledge of herding large groups of people around fields might well be a skill in demand in the future but the few smaller ones that exist - Aitken, POD or whatever it has been rebranded as, Body & Soul and the smattering of independents - all that remains for them is to keep the pressure on the government to keep those grants coming.

I see another live performance one announced today so for the moment the taps are on. The “artists” (using the term broadly) will start to get tetchy soon enough as most of it isn’t filtering down but most believe in the cause so not sure where their anger will be aimed it, probably the government for not vaxxing quickly enough.


That kind of media conditioning is priming the mass confirmation bias circuit to not spot ADE as the real and intend culprit.