2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Pay drivers a decent wage and there will be no shortage of drivers, too many companies have been playing the race to the bottom, Brexit caused the arse to fall out of the bottom and COVID sent them fleeing home (Brexit is stopping their return).


Propaganda Not Working?

‘Vaccines work’: Deputy chief medical officer calls on people to get vaccinated

…“They are about 80 per cent effective at preventing symptomatic Covid-19 disease and they provide approximately 95 per cent protection against hospitalisation — and this protection against severe disease holds up even in the context of the Delta variant.


95% of deckchairs on the Titanic survived because the efficacy of wood in water is almost 100%.

“Of course, no vaccine is 100 per cent protective and some people who have been fully vaccinated will still get infected with, and get sick from, Covid-19. However, the individual risk of a severe illness or death is much lower than if they had not been vaccinated.”

Dr Glynn said that as vaccination rates increase, the proportion of cases in vaccinated people will increase.

“This does not mean that vaccines are not working,” he said.

“A good way to think about this is in relation to road safety — the majority of people who die on our roads are wearing a safety belt. This does not mean that safety belts do not work.

“It simply reflects the fact that the vast majority of people wear safety belts when driving and, unfortunately, some will be involved in accidents. However, for each individual, the risk of a severe injury or dying in that accident is much lower if they are wearing a safety belt.”

Fuck all a seatbelt will do when there is a pile of clots speeding toward you.



Time to bring this in here now



Many Missing Links

See what’s missing?

The public can not see the volume of lab tests sent to the hospital lane and external labs, both grey + blue lines. Yellow are the “suspected cases” overall.

Is the suspected cases rise because they have ramped up the testing healthy peopel again, or is ADE actually kicking in?

If ADE is kicking in already combined with adverse events form the shots, happening at potentially any time duration post shot, then we may have 2 very bad storms combining at once.

  • ADE induced events needing hospitalisation.
  • Adverse reaction events needing hospitalisation.

The Shots are working! :icon_beer:

Ireland among EU countries with highest Covid infection rates

Deputy chief medical officer Dr Ronan Glynn said 10,000 new cases have been reported this week alone. Photo: PA


The deputy chief medical officer has warned that Covid-19 rates are rising across the Republic, with more than 10,000 cases recorded in the last week.

Dr Ronan Glynn said that there is currently a “very high incidence” of Covid-19 in counties Donegal, Monaghan, Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Louth and Cavan.

He also warned that the incidence of Covid-19 cases are now rising across all age groups – not just among those aged 16-29.

“While vaccination has very positively impacted on the proportion of positive cases who end up in hospital or critical care, the current high and increasing incidence will nevertheless result in a significant number of people getting very sick with Covid-19,” Dr Glynn said.

Confirmed coronavirus cases

Daily new Covid-19 cases recorded in Republic of Ireland since January 2021

“At the peak of the second wave in October we had 47 people in critical care. Today we have 43, with eight new admissions in the last 24 hours.”

On Friday, a further 1,978 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the State.

There were 221 Covid-19 patients in hospital on Friday morning, 43 of whom were being treated in intensive care.

“Vaccines work, but they must also be supported by all of us continuing to follow the public health advice to keep each other safe and break the chains of transmission of Covid-19. If you plan to socialise this weekend, risk assess your plans,” Dr Glynn said.

Vaccines do not work because they are not vaccines. What a massive co-ordinated failure of the global public health system. Looks like you boys are doing something else tbh.

It comes as the latest figures reveal that Ireland has one of the highest Covid infection rates in the European Union.

Something else eh.

Coronavirus in Europe

14-day incidence rate per 100,000 people in EU/EEA countries

Fresh data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control show that Ireland has a 14-day incidence rate of 392 cases per 100,000.

Only Cyprus (931 per 100,000), Spain (604) and France (462) have a higher rate of infection than Ireland.

Northern Ireland and the Border region are also among the most Covid-infected regions in Europe.

Hey! What happened to the Isle of Man?

Where are the Covid hotspots in Europe?

Country Countries Region 14-day incidence ▼
Isle of Man Isle of Man 1,636
France Corse 1,282
France Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 1,185
:shamrock: Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 941
Gibraltar Gibraltar 875
Greece South Aegean 864
Greece Crete 834
France Occitanie 832
Cyprus Cyprus 811
England Yorkshire and The Humber 742
Portugal Algarve 731
England East Midlands 673


Hang on, the Isle of Man, the poster boy for reopening sooner because was it all shot up and only allowing shot up in?

I’m sure someone will clarify this at this early late hour.


Scotland want to make some COVID regulations permanent!

Something that will surprise nobody here.


Only Easing - Never Ending Lockdown Confirmed

Roadmap for easing of restrictions to be announced at end of August

The Government is expected to announce a new roadmap for the easing of Covid-19 restrictions following a Cabinet meeting on August 31st.

It is thought more options will be available if a higher percentage of vaccination, such as 90 per cent, is achieved, including the easing of restrictions surrounding religious services, including communions and confirmations.

… A roadmap for sectors which remain closed, like nightlife and events, is also expected to be published.

Government sources also said they expect schools to reopen as planned over the coming weeks.



“IF” : 90% is guaranteed at this point

“such as” : The pernicious goalposts



Today :whistle:


Indoor diners may not be required to show Covid certs once vaccination ends

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has suggested that indoor diners may not be required to present a Digital Covid Cert once the vaccination programme has been concluded.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Mr Martin said the need for the Digital Covid Cert indoors reassessed “at the end of the vaccination programme”.



So, at what percentage of population vaccinated do they need to say the programme is complete?


100% is the target and whatever is in the Pfizer contract that forms the conspiracy between the Regime, Bog Pharma and Fiat Bankers.

Oh look, no end to lockdown ever ever.

When it ge to November we’ll be in a ADE backlash, and the booster, of the booster and all the dying, so much dying (probably really real dying, injection fatality through the roof figures).

Covid restrictions likely to stay in place until at least October

Nphet believe that between 85-90% of over-16s will need to be fully vaccinated before any further easing of restrictions.

There is still no vaccine.

So all those people who call themselves something or other and cli authority are evil imposters.

The vast majority of people over the age of 16 would have to be vaccinated before the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) considers a more widespread easing of restrictions.

The team met on Wednesday to finalise its advice to Government ahead of a meeting of the Cabinet Covid-19 sub-committee on Friday, where the next roadmap for reopening will be discussed.


The vile creatures voted themselves the magical powers till November. They want your children, all of the children, They might already have you, your extended family and circle of friends but that was never enough they always wanted the Children, all the Children. inject the children with the lethal poison.

Dignified Living Abortions Free For All.

Thankfully, this young man is smarter than the average bear - https://twitter.com/AdamCrigler/status/1429885641697923073


They wont.

Because the vaccine does not work very well and wears off very quickly. Real world numbers will be worse than the annual flu shot. So even with out the fake “COVID test” there will be a big ramp up of real cases during the start of the annual flu season.

So if 100% of the population get the vaccines shot every 6 to 9 months it will still have no effect on the official numbers. And the actual mortality rate will be no different from any other years. Except for the 1000 plus who die from the vaccine of course. If they keep this up in a year or two almost 5% of all deaths will be from the vaccine. One way or another. About halt the number who die from pneumonia.


Don’t understand, if as you say the vaccines work to some extent (still to be quantified), how would that then not reduce numbers to some extent? Tks


I’m guessing deaths from adverse events, or from delayed diagnoses due to lockdown measures, would outweigh COVID deaths prevented…


Largest paper yet on acquired (post infection) immunity.

Article from unherd on it here:


Ah fair enough and to be expected for sure.


The official cases are classified according to an invalid clinical test. Not a valid clinical test of active infection. The Type I/II errors rates are far too high. The number of official cases is completely decoupled from actual active clinical viral pneumonia cases. Which is what a SARs CoV 2 infection causes.

With low efficacy low effect vaccines like SARs Cov 2 vaccines (and influenza vaccines) there is no meaningful change in active infection rates. All these vaccines can do is reduces the probability of symptom promotion to levels needing inpatient treatment. Reduce the hospitalization rate and hopefully the ICU treatment rate. Thats as good as it gets.

Now influenza is a 90% plus community spread infection so the public health case can be made for annual mass flu vaccination. Around 50% is good enough to be effective. But SARs 2 (like SARs 1) is mostly a Hospital Acquired Infection (70%/80% plus) so the reduction in hospitalization rate for active SARs 2 infections will be negligible. As the majority of active infections will be in those already in hospital.

Even as a way of reducing secondary infection HAI’s while in hospital vaccines will be ineffective. As the sort of people who get HAI’s are already in poor health so exactly the sort of people for who vaccination has a low / no protection.

So thats why a 100% vaccination rate will not reduce hospital rate to any degree or have any meaningful impact of deaths from SARS 2 viral pneumonia. Quite separate from the fact that most of these SARs 2 infection deaths seem to be substituent cause deaths rather than unique cause deaths.


Thanks JMC

That’s the part I hadn’t got previously.


Thats never made clear.

There is quite a bit of hand waving with the annual flu shots and how effective they are but when you looks at the final numbers its still very much a positive public health benefit. But only because younger people are at significant risk and there is real evidence that it improves the health outcome for older people. When it works. Basically the flu shot give a little extra protection to old people in good health.

But the public health case for SARs CoV 2 vaccine does not hold up by any traditional public health vaccine criteria. But if they were using vaccines of the same type as the flu shot then it could be justified as a pubic policy measure. To wind down the current mass hysteria. But as the only vaccines available in western countries are totally untested and have a very bad track record there is no case for the vaccination policies in western countries.

And thats the real problem. Western countries tying themselves to what are little more than experimental biological warfare civil defense emergency vaccines. Rather than traditional vaccines which work just as well with far fewer side effects.

Thats the real head scratcher.