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Remember when Spoofer In Chief, Tony Butter Head said this:

Making it up, here is more car crash making it up messaging, talking about “the law”, I really think he’ll need to find a new country soon enough like many of them, I heard gitmo has extra spaces, did anyone hear that? I"m sure I heard something like that :thinking: :hamburger:


“There have been lots of people who have been going into work every day – bus drivers, people working in retail, people working healthcare, gardaí,” Mr Varadkar said.

“They’ve never been able to say that I don’t feel comfortable, and I don’t think it’d be reasonable now, to say to people who have been working from home that somehow you don’t have to go back to work because you don’t feel comfortable, I don’t think that would be reasonable or respectful to all those people.

“So the position is, is that if you’ve signed an employment contract, you’ve to honour it.”


You have to laugh at the pathetic gaslighting, they will use awkward truth to push an agenda when it suits, tight framing, shhhh… but use it against deadly killer medical tyranny and it is s conspiracy theory or something like that eh, these are not real people, who pretend to be in charge… No injections for over a year and no breakouts in those areas. Supermarkets open right the way through. No breakouts on the Deli Isle. No closures, kept food going, so no panic, while they simulated the pandemic in your head via the media and some measure to socially condition and reinforce the illusion.

A complete and utter sham. Made up. Faked. Lied. Baked in your noodle. Amazing. Right in your face. Lies… from morning to night, still going.

I’d say the mad measures to be observed and enforced in workplaces are probably full on 1984, or maybe peopel find it comforting, maybe, I’m sure people will post their feelings. I’m sure also many of the “energetically vaccinated” will feel betrayed, the vaccine-bonus, I got to go back to work, work is it like adult medical creche, really what is this brave new workplace going to look like (I’ve heard some hilarious anecdotes of concepts), everyone opening doors with their foot and elbows or will it all be full autmoated?

This is the insanely mad bit.

The pandemic is still going, per the books. Never ending emergency legislation is enacted till November. All the October talk is stringing people along (the plan was outlined in January, they didn’t ask they told, you didn’t notice, you watched and waited). Watch how they timed the first re-mixing of society to coincide with winter and maximise ADE in th petri dish that the island has been converted into.

Sitting ducks. One sniffle of a/any wild virus (that you use ot have anti-bodies for) and you could be dead? Is this right? Does this sound like the AIDS of yore?

Did they give you an AIDS?

It’s an important question. Such questions are best asked well in advance.

Did they give you something else? They will want to give more. They need to boost moral on the down. Prepare for a boost no?


Ok so eh… I guess in a way that is one answer to my previous post. That was quick! :icon_eek:

Also found in the Pfizer injection was Trypanosoma cruzi – a parasite of which several variants are lethal and is one of many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS. It’s not known if this was just a random ingredient or was purposefully placed and will be found in all Pfizer “vaccines.”


You believe that stuff?


Parasites are real.


but that so so many people may end up with AIDS?


Who knows, Australia did pick up HIV positives in their vaccine trials.

There were other reports of HIV detection in COVID patients.

If you want to go down a rabbit hole, here are recent tweets suggesting COVID is an escaped transmissible HIV vaccine candidate.



Yes, transmissible or self-disseminating vaccines have been hypothesised in the literature.



I totally think parasites in humans are real, of course they are - they are an entire branch of microbiology.

There’s a reason we’re warned to cook pork etc. very very well. Ew. Don’t get me started on guinea worms, encysting parasites. Tapeworms and pinworms are nice, gut-only friendly fellas compared to some of the other real nasties you can get,

Interestingly, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and to a lesser extent quercetin & zinc are all anti-parisitics


You are right, I think, but not the HIV/AIDS ( acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) but AIDS, or auto immune diseases, sometimes referred to as AIDS as well, but that is confusing or facetious on my part, you decide.

None of it is good. Looking at what these injections are doing to people. Sometimes it feels like that, feelz, like ADE, yo’ immune system is whacked, yo’ get a sniffle, boom yo’ can’t handle it, yo’ dead. Then we have the AIDS inserts on the spike (ignoring the prion stuff) but then that is HIV/AIDS family right there. Remember that at the start. Airborne AIDS. All these accepted models of things. We accept. As Gospel. Hmmm… still it’s a bio-weapon for sure. Two part. 2020 poof mind-bomb and killer-pixie dust for Wuhan, Italy and a few other places, then 2021 active shot in the arm global direct delivery system, a make no mistake kill shot using the consent model of bullshit karmic trickery.

Last year I know of Except one diagnosis post test after being submitted to hospital, but this was co-morbidity christmas tree before that start was put on top and everyone believed. They were very ill and had delayed treatment due to lockdown.

This year. Please don’t take this shit. If you are still standing and uninjected. Retain posture. Really assume bad bad bad. I know too many stories now. Big things little things. More people suffering this year, actual real suffering. Starting to see the edge of flare up in other people of not so fatal things, but not good things, that will affect mobility and other things.

Virtually nothing last year. All good. Nothing to report. Thankfully! Only simulated suffering. Suffering reportage theatre.

Now HSE Gov Pharma delivered suffering and death. Real tangible death. The fatal type of death. You know that type.

Maybe we should call it AIDS+ , yea I like that AIDS+, yea feel free to use the one. It’s on the house.

The shots give you increased potential for AIDS+


Previous Covid Prevents Delta Infection Better Than Pfizer Shot



The data seems to be missing the one vital piece of information,
“how many cases are there where the person has already had COVID?”


And what does “already had covid mean”? Does it mean someone who was not necessarily symptomatic but has received a positive PCR test at some time in the past or does it only mean people who have recovered from an illness with a defined set of symptoms.
If it is the former criterion then considering the high false positive rate of PCR tests the vaccination would appear to be extremely counter productive.
If it is the latter then I’m surprised we haven’t heard a lot more about how the dangers of “catching covid twice” make vaccination even more necessary.


I was thinking mainly about people who have had either mild or no symptoms, whether they have previously tested positive or not. Not everyone has been tested.
It’s certain that many had COVID during the first wave without being tested, in the UK they now believe that over 90% of the population have COVID antibodies from either previous infection or vaccination.

It’s the perceived risk of “catching covid twice” that is not being highlighted, why?


I was just speculating about what the definition of ‘previous covid infection’ in the Israeli study in OW’s post above was.
Either an individual suffering multiple symptomatic cases is relatively common (i.e. 1/13th as common as infection after vaccination which appears to be very common) or vaccination is massively ineffective or even counter productive as the number of people with positive tests that are either false positives or true positives related to an asymptomatic infection must be a large proportion of ‘previous Covid infections’ if this status is determined by positive test alone.


The Daily Gaslight

Tee hee… like clock work, August is done, Time to ease in the idea of the 4th Lockdown end of 2021 as ADE takes out the population and other mayhem in the worx, pumped into the already spinning mass noodle.

Know the measure of the lies and kill agenda

Pausing or delaying reopening a possibility, says Health Minister

The Government will continue to monitor Ireland’s Covid-19 situation to decide if reopening needs to be paused or delayed, the Minister for Health has said.

Stephen Donnelly said there is no specific measure or statistic that would cause the Government to pause or reverse the easing of restrictions.

The Minister said he hopes there will be no return to lockdown – but acknowledged the next stage of the pandemic is unpredictable.

“There’s one thing we know about this virus though. It has torn up global plans many times,” he said.

“The two big concerns I have are the rates on the variant we’re dealing with right now and I’m particularly conscious of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland now.

“And secondly, a new variant and because of that it’s impossible to be 100 per cent certain.”

Transport not ‘about the science’

Mr Donnelly said the Government will be monitoring the data on outbreaks in schools and colleges, as well as the numbers of people admitted to hospital and in intensive care.

Looking at data “in the round” will allow the Government to decide whether reopening needs to be paused or delayed, he said.

Mr Donnelly said the return to full capacity public transport is not “about the science” and is not a “public health recommendation”.

He added: “It’s something that (Transport) Minister (Eamon) Ryan was very keen could be facilitated. We do want to get people moving around the country. The current restrictions had been putting a lot of pressure on public transport.”

We are aware of the risks, that’s why this is being done on a phased basis

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe also told RTÉ radio that the advice the Government received from the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) “did not cover” public transport.

He said the decision to return to full capacity is necessitated by the return of schools and the phased reopening of offices.

“We are aware of the risks, that’s why this is being done on a phased basis,” Mr Donohoe said.

A huge sense of positivity everywhere, which is good for mental health too. Everyone has made sacrifices to protect our health service. We appreciate it. Covid hasn’t been eliminated & if we can live our lives with caution, we can ensure society & the economy moves on. @HSELive

— Paul Reid (@paulreiddublin) September 1, 2021

The Government on Tuesday unveiled plans to ease the majority of remaining Covid-19 restrictions.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the sectors still closed due to the virus can “now begin to hope again” as he set out the roadmap agreed by the Cabinet to reopen society.

HSE chief Paul Reid tweeted on Wednesday morning: “Everyone has made sacrifices to protect our health service. We appreciate it. Covid hasn’t been eliminated and if we can live our lives with caution, we can ensure society and the economy moves on.”

Up to 5,000 new Covid-19 cases could be recorded per day this month under a “central” scenario modelled by Nphet as the country further reopens.

With a return to offices due to begin on a phased basis from September 20th, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that workers will have little option but to return if an employer asks them to.

Src: https://archive.is/W6u56


Nazi occupied Europe had Gauleiters in charge of districts. We have Gasleiters, or something.


Zero Vaccine

Most notable a piece that has ZERO mention of the VACCINE!

Ireland’s Covid rate highest in EU as deaths hit five-month high

Dr Martin Daly, a former president of the Irish Medical Organisation, said the pandemic is far from over.


ISAG terror operative engaging 0% Science 100% Politics, as per usual gets a free pass in the captured-press disguised with a clipboard to lecture the children.

Reopening plans

Tomas Ryan, Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin and a member of the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG), said health authorities need to examine why Ireland’s rate of the disease remains so high.

Yeeeaaaa it’s a real mystery… :thinking:

“Our test, trace and isolation system was never fast enough to contain Covid-19 in Ireland on its own, we learnt that as early as July/August 2020,” he told Newstalk radio.

“We have amongst the most crowded schools in Europe, and that is going to be a problem this winter.”

Prof Ryan expressed concern that the Government’s reopening plan could see a repeat of a surge in disease seen at Christmastime.

“Remember that we had to have a five-month lockdown because we went ‘gung ho’ into the Christmas season last year for three weeks, so I’m concerned that we may be making some similar mistakes now,” he said.

“Hopefully the consequences won’t be quite as bad, so I think that people are better served with a more cautious, more stable reopening that doesn’t involve us going backwards.”

Src: https://archive.is/DnUHW

Interesting what Tomas seems to have forgot to mention.


Follow The Yellow Brick Road

  • Note: Lab volume data grey/blue line, missing from 13th May 2021 since cyberattack!
  • Graphic is purely for timeline and events overview a before and after.
  • The grey mountain range is ECDC data of shots delivered into bodies.
  • Death data is a mess not included
  • Timeline ends August 2021


He’s a neuroscientist. Not a clinical one, a PhD only one. Seeing him given so much airtime and press to pontificate on public health management is totally nauseating.


Whats worse is that he just does very minor work in the biochemistry of memory formation. Not even the difficult bit of the biochemistry of high level memory formation and cognition. Jesus, I had more qualified people in that area working as part of product development teams. Its a real backwater with a bunch of small vicious head fish in a very small pond. So most people with real ability bail. Usually after the PhD.

So he knows less than nothing about the subjects he pontificates about.