2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT




GP120? Found on both SARS spike & HIV?


EU poll about locking down the unvaccinated, right now most are in favour :grimacing:


Its an internet poll by a media outlet that was setup by the EBU and a whole bunch of state broadcasters. Including RTE. Now mostly owned by a very odd Egyptian multi-billionaire family. The article in the tweet above was written by a someone who worked for a bunch of anti nuclear groups until getting a punch of jobs in a bunch of media companies like CNN.

So on the object news reputation scale I’d rates them even lower than the BBC. If nothing else the site reminded me of the SVT , the Swedish state broadcaster. Earnest, patronizing, and always wrong. And mind numbingly boring.


The No vote won out in the end



LATEST - Regime Need MORE Weapon!

The TESTDEMIC must continue at all costs!

Testing capacity under strain as Government waits to see if new measures are needed

…The pressure on the testing system was coming from clinical referrals and close contacts, Mr McCallion explained.

“We’re still getting those same day, next day - they are the first priority for testing, it is the swabbing where the pressure is. Laboratories are performing well, our contact tracing is under pressure but performing well, it’s the access point where the challenge exists.”

Availability of tests varied around the country, he said. The current wave of the virus was putting pressure on all parts of the health system, “not just in testing, but in ICU, hospitals, general practices and so on. That’s clearly creating challenges for us at the moment”.

“In the last seven days we’ve done over 200,000 PCR lab tests - to give it in context, in the last six to seven weeks nearly one million people have had PCR tests, when you think of our population those are huge numbers.”

Src: https://archive.md/1bAQS

They don’t want people looking at the antigen test for a couple of reason, I wouldn’t put money as the first, but it will encroach on their Test turf, and bring people dangerously closer to questioning the very reliability of the PCR machine, by having a hands on second opinion, all that hits profits, and more. :icon_beer:


Confirmed. Irish politicians would happily see you starve and proactively endeavour to guarantee it as an outcome.




Yea Waining Compliance is the Menaces big problem now, due to Waining sleepiness because of increasing Wakey Wakefulness breaking out across the world.

Plus. The Menace needs to flood the media to stop Maxwell coverage rising to the tippy top of worldly consciousness.


Pand100 - Shares in Global Government SURGE!

WHO reaches draft consensus on future pandemic treaty

…A global agreement to strengthen pandemic prevention and responses, expected to be ready in May 2024, would cover issues such as sharing of data and genome sequences of emerging viruses, and of any potential vaccines and drugs derived from research.

“This decision, to establish a negotiating body on a future pandemic agreement, may only be the end of the beginning, but the flexibility shown and the breadth of support is a good portent for the vital efforts to come,” Simon Manley, Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, said in a statement.

Src: https://archive.md/EqQSy