2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Yep there is no hiding it.

Everyone has been bounced and locked into a pay-as-you-go version of reality, the cost at the moment is paid in absolute terms of loss of freedoms and life. Virtual prisoner held in captivity.

Selling one bank guarantee one night September 2008 was doable, selling a bank guarantee everyday of the week, every hour, every minute where you’re tapped direct for the cost. Hmmm… who thought this was a cool plan? :thinking:

Clampers be clampin'

If as is indicated the public representative walk out and condone this, then I think it will be the final straw for a lot more of that undecided traffic.

It’s all handbags no-balls at present.


:sweat_smile: Whoops sorry about that headline Ministers. :icon_redface:

Original (de’ truth)

  • Lifting lockdown too early would cause Covid wave lasting until summer, Ministers told

Current (spin cycle - soft)

  • Reopening Ireland: Ministers to discuss easing lockdown after warning over risks



I agree. Very few people seem to be buying into this anymore and the guidelines are being ignored by large numbers, maybe the majority…even the Guards as far as I can determine. It seems that that they’ll enforce them against people who actively or consciously oppose the regulations in a targeted manner but will ignore the vast majority who are going through the motions while ignoring them as soon as no one from officialdom is around. That’s the type of behaviour that preceded the fall of communism in the old eastern bloc. Hopefully COVIDism is going the same way.


The headline of this bad boy keeps changing on re-breakingnews :rofl:

Some updates to the text but #AllStringingAllongTogether. :droplet:

Reopening Ireland: Ministers consider allowing in-county travel from April 12th

Aint’ it funny how the open-border extremists would be lost without all their imaginary lines to keep you in check despite their espoused and absolute hatred for borders.

Deep rich thick mass of dense irony.


Absolutely. The underground economy grows and grows, traffic levels are bustling and you can see house work being done all over the place for weeks, this is the natural seasonality of life, the nature of things, living, moving forward in your life, process, the bread and butter of life that the Regime can not tolerate but it can not acknowledge it, it can not acknowledge the lack of compliance in it’s figures, it’s a Potemkin exercise of governance by dramatic theatre.

Plus, there is a super-duper large contingent of eastern europeans, long time here so they also know before, in the building sectors for example, they seem least pulsed as they’re out busy working in a lot of cases and since they inhabit that sector in large numbers combined with the fact they’ve seen this shit before or their parents told them all about it as did their grandparents, you have to understand that’s at least half the reason they are here as quick as possible. many may be considering returning on same basis.


Uh oh… not another TIPPING POINT!

We all know fly tipping is illegal so dumping their mind-junk into your daily day with more mega-doom, tells us one thing.

They ain’t letting you out of your covid-cage till June for a bit fo fresh air 6-8 more weeks. :roll_eyes:

Some highlights.

  • A Real tipping point
  • Injections, injections injections
  • Serious trouble
  • If

“The evidence would suggest that once you get another six weeks, the vaccination programme – if it goes according to plan – would give us far more reason for optimism and we would feel that the system is able to manage,” she said.

Hey look we make shit it up. The evidence is clear. All lies. They never arrive with any optimism and if they do arrive with optimum, it’s only for their own asses.

It is not going to plan. It absolutely is not going to plan.

They can not admit it. They are losing ground and have lost loads of ground and can not make it up without keeping you tied up in knots in your covid-cage

They know. They ain’t dumb but they really thought People are dumb. People are ultimately not dumb. This is a beautiful truth. Yes, People make bad decisions if they do not have all the info. People realise. They do not have all the info. Ah ha! People are not dumb. Checkmate.

People no longer believe them. People no longer care so much or suspect all is not as it seems.

They are seeing it in the numbers. The media are not reporting it. The are not admitting it.

They are not winning and they are going to be in “serious trouble” if they do not get that shit into your arm.

They have not told you what will happen if they do not succeed. They can not. It would expose the entire operation for the sham it is, as it is being exposed across the world.

They have already lost. You are actually wining.

Oh and don’t wait around for them to tell you one day in breaking news that you won. You see it’s that they need you to admit defeat. Never admit defeat when you have already won.


It was our idea all along.

According to sources close to government:

… it is believed the cabinet realised, after reviewing mobile phone tracking data, that most people are ignoring lockdown down measures, since typically people stay within their counties anyway by and large during normal times… not to lose face they have to be seen to give back something and why not what the people have already taken back, which occurred many many weeks ago with no sign of stopping… it represents the most obvious politically low-cost candidate… a fig-leaf gesture but as far as minsters are concerned it is as far as they are willing to allow things go…" said, one source close to government.

Coronavirus 2020

Lockown Love You Long Time

Another update to the main message:

Lockdown latest: Cabinet meets to consider two vaccinated people gathering indoors

Re-cap the Mysterons are not happy about the Irish Gov upholding their side of the deal.

Ministers were also told by public health officials that the State has not[ vaccinated enough people to take risks when it comes to easing lockdown.

Strinagley enough this weird thing happened at cabinet level.

… there was a view emerging that there is nowhere near enough people vaccinated in Ireland to take risks.

We use to think Politicians could not do joined up thinking but eh evidence is there. :clap:


:carrot: 1 - April 12th: Extending the five-kilometre exercise limit to a county-wide limit;
:carrot: 2 - April 12th: Two fully vaccinated people permitted to meet indoors;
:carrot: 3 - April 12th: A partial return of construction;
:carrot: 4 - April 19th: The return of elite athletics and GAA;
:carrot: 5 - April 26th: Resuming some sporting activities including tennis, golf and under 18 training;
:carrot: 6 - April 26th: Reopening of zoos and heritage sites;
:carrot: 7 - May: A phased return of personal services such as hairdressers, retail and click-and-collect services, and the remainder of construction.

Despite the claims and headlines.

Victory within grasp

He he…No it ain’t. They’re not as close or anywhere near it because you have already won. They have lost.


The Giveaway Giveaway

:carrot: #2

Is not only way out of line, but is utterly contradictory to the claims and advice being made to justify the weekly national :carrot: to never end restrictions for the no end in sight lockdown-new-normal.

Ministers were also told by public health officials that the State has not vaccinated enough people to take risks when it comes to easing lockdown.

… there was a view emerging that there is nowhere near enough people vaccinated in Ireland to take risks.

Sure what’s the difference if it’s a room of 100 injected people or a 1000 injected people says you, huh? 100% injected is the definition of more than enough.

They’ve got the magical magic replicating in their cells right?

Is it because, is it actually because, could it actually be that maybe the injected are not actually vaccinated against anything at all, cause that would imply it doesn’t work because it’s not a vaccine as claimed and thus offers zero protection?

or is it because or as well, the Provid Regime have not finalised the legalisation for the a new QR code system to gain entry to shops and other goods and services, and perhpas this is still a big need to work up that magical buy-in from the various stakeholders, could it be this also?

Need more time, need better clarification and qualification… :thinking:

Well, I’m sure the media are on it… meanwhile, remember kiddies no unprotected love making for 28 days after each injection. Did you remember that? Yea and you both need to be injected to meet in a room, so get the experimental mRNA injection and observe 48 days abstinence period are required before you procreate if you can’t protect yourself, if it still works after all this - Here’s hoping! :icon_beer:


The entire Regime and Media are one giant narco-shill-state the boys and girls over at freepress.ie had them pinned down long time ago.

Snake-Oil Required For Social Life

High profile sales team cold call nation with tasty :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: treats.

The Cabinet is considering a proposal that from 12 April people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 can meet other fully vaccinated people indoors.

They must be from only one other household and it must be two weeks after the second dose is received.

You’ll find more reporting on the current national hostage negotiations here:


Feeling The Heat

The nice weather has the Provid Regime feeling’ the heat. Clearly things are not working out as planned.

Michael Martin has revised the original plan to inject 80% of the population with experimental mRNA technology never before used in humans by September, by bringing forward the target timeframe in an ambitious move to have 80% injected by June - Done in 3!

Clearly they are way behind on their targets because the fish in the barrel approach has only gotten them so far.

“The National Immunisation Advisory Committee and Nphet are saying that the biggest factor in mortality and in severe illness arising from Covid is the age,” he said.

“The change that has been announced is about getting the most vulnerable in our society vaccinated as fast as we possibly can, and not have any barriers or obstacles in the way of getting mass vaccinations done.

This probably explains the missing almost quarter of a million injection statsicitcs.

No barriers = no consent :dagger: :dagger: :dagger:

If You’re Not on the List You Aint Gettin’ In

Oh a list, how exclusive.




Not sure if that’s 7500 + 11500 extra new tests or total thus far.

Niamh O’Beirne, HSE National Lead for Test and Trace, said asymptomatic testing was another tool to stop the spread of the virus, as one in five people who have Covid do not display symptoms.

“These walk-in Covid-19 testing centres make it easier and quicker for people living in the areas, who don’t have symptoms of Covid-19, to get tested and ensure they are not able to spread the virus without realising it,” she said.

A tool indeed. Amazingly, the cases are not going up so asymptomatic bogeyman may be a wild goose chase afterall? :whistle:

We’ll see these coming through. Some lovely peaks in the charts but thankfully cases not rising.


Give Us A Wave

Finally, the 4th Wave has begun!

No Foolin’ around with these boys. No Sir.

Great news - ZERO deaths today.

All death reported are from Feb & March.


Expert Terrorists

Zero Covid Terror cell ISAG unleashes yet another psychological wave of terror on the nation - caught red handed.

As you know by now to get the “cases” numbers up the Provid Regime plays around with the bogus testing system, this time resorting to openly mass testing of healthy people and send mostly to the external labs, this is all part of a larger plan to trick you into submitting to a new global ID system, not just experimenting with experimental mRNA in your body that could kill you or leave life long complications and disorders by lock-in you down so you will submit to a new form of rule - so far, it has been a simple and usually effective trick, but what is this, an admittance in the media to how the game is played a little ahem cough cough…?

Walk-in test centres

The area’s incidence of the disease has increased by 9 per cent over the past week, up to Monday.

The incidence rate per 100,000 people in Tullamore stands at 823 - around five times higher than the national average.

It is after an asymptomatic walk-in testing centre was set up in the town last week, which may have contributed to the high number of cases.


Lost The People.

Aside from the letting the cat out of the bag that the head of the government has less security than the next in command, this most certainly is not winning.


Opinion polls show the extent of the discontent amongst the population.


The Menace will have planned for this late but inevitable winter of real discontent.

Sinn Fein are waiting in the wings.

It’s been very clear since the warm up to the 8th what SF had become and how they were being positioned strategically in the public mind. It was inevitable that FF/FG were to be the bi-metallic lighting rod this time round. So the question is:

Will the Irish nation let the Menace win by seemingly losing while SF puppet-on-the-left gains the throne?

Fool me once, shame on you…


100% hard left government coming. We are fucked.


It’s commonly accepted that MLMcD was fast-tracked through the ranks and it seems kind of obvious that Michelle O’Neill was selected by someone looking for the exact same demographic/sellable media product profile. The questions are who did this, whether they retain their higher rank, and whether these mysterious SF apparatchiks are ultimately controlled by foreign intelligence agencies and foundations.


It may seem like that somedays, but stand your ground and miracles may happen.