2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



I suspect that history will show that the virus simply burned out, lack of fresh victims due to too many who have obtained immunity, either via an infection or vaccination.

All lockdowns will have achieved is slowing down the spread, “flattening the curve” was the only part of the strategy that was remotely successful. Everything else was a total failure and proved to be far worse that the virus in effect.


March 24th

We Must Start Planning For a Permanent Pandemic

With coronavirus mutations pitted against vaccinations in a global arms race, we may never go back to normal.

Src: https://archive.is/KIXTS

:roll_eyes: How else will we have our “era” of pandemics.


A twitter Acc tracking the experimental mRNA injection trials.




David Thunder on Twitter: "A government - shuts down people’s businesses - puts EVERYONE under house arrest - prohibits public worship - prohibits citizens from leaving the country - maintains lockdown for months on end …and some people STILL think it is not yet time for peaceful civil disobedience? https://t.co/3wToFuO7HQ" / Twitter


So it seems the experiment across the water is stalling somewhat with the many left unpricked deciding they are just fine with being unpricked. More than 50% .

No bonuses coming there either it seems. Not going to plan.

UK peeps be winning. See how easy it is?

Be a winner. Win


Labour leader in the UK booted out of pub, people getting really fed up with the politics of covid

Note the image in the BBC coverage, the printout he is carrying was in a thread here yesterday.
Not sure which one Edit: this one The Very Good Doctor - Very Very Good Doctor Also Has Very Good Opinions


Now Ireland it seems, like the UK. The losers begin to drag their heels as the their plans being to move further out of their reach. Having picked doff the week targets they are starting to have doubts.

The know people know that you can not steal freedom. You can not steal it and use it for yourself. The Government can not take all the freedom and put it in a social credit bank. Despite their best efforts so far. You can not BANK freedom. You can try. For a time. You can look like you are doing what you think you are doing, or what you are saying. You can lock it up and pretend it is no longer free. You see. It is a trick. A simple trick. Freedom is not for the taking.

People are not stepping up to the mark and taking one for the team. Team Politico-Pharma may not get its immunity from the Ire of the population, if they can not convert the genetic stock over with their mass mRNA genome engineering project, the weak and vulnerable were easy targets so far, anyone can steal candy form a baby, but few, less than a few would ever dare, but here we are, a few are that insanely bold.

Mr Varadkar warned the target may be hindered by a lack of supply and people not taking up the vaccine as case numbers drop.


Winners only see winning up ahead. This is not the outlook of a winner.

The reality is, you are all born winners.

Why let them try convert that natural winning stride into a cataclysmic loss for you and everyone else, why give them a win? They need you to agree.

Why agree to lose?
Why agree to pretend to lose your freedoms?
Why agree to lose your health?
Why agree to lose your life?

Who told you, that you were much too free now?

Who told you and Why exactly?


I wonder how far off the 80% target we are really. In my very limited conversations with people over the last year, enthusiasm for the injection seems to trend towards nil. For an idea of the varied demographics who straight out said “no fucking chance” to me: a wealthy professional Green Party member early 40s who’s otherwise been following the guidelines religiously, a Somalian refugee woman with limited English late 20s, a tradesman doing work in my house early 50s. “Unknown unknown” channels of communication such as WhatsApp groups seem to be a big influence.


Most people I know in real life are all for it. I’m in Dublin though, tend to be more conformist up here.


According to the link above only an abysmal 9.4% (double dose) after nearly 4 months, no where near what they have clearly said they want for the people or else.

They actually need anything from 6-7 million injections upward of maybe 8 million injections by their own standards to claim victory for The Menace.

You can see in the messaging how they are celebrating and selling even 1 injection as a 100% vaccinated, they can not even use their own standards to claim victory, they have had to settle for 50% delivery and the usual lies in headlines.

If this was a referendum they would claim 25% +1 was victory.

What does this tell you?

It has nothing to do with “vaccinating” and everything to do with injectioning, normalising the process of injecting an entire population with an experimental injection, but that’s not even the full story is it.

The purpose here is to get 70/80% of the population over the line and then turn around and treat the remaining NO people and claim they are the enemy of humanity.

You will see the same with their Climate Change antics.

Climate Change denier
Vaccine Denier
etc. etc.

Only one playbook.

They are now well into wasting a 2nd year of your life until they get their injection target to then move on to the next phase of the imprisonment, there is more. Lots more to come but remember this, to sell their Utopia, they have required you to buy into their Nightmare.


I’m amazed it’s so slow, UK has rolled out a lot faster.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the usual incompetence, sometimes I wonder if there are some cute hoors behind the scenes messing things up intentionally…


Resistance may be growing. Maybe there is not enough Pharma money under the table to oil enough wheels of the permanent gov.

Maybe people on the inside are seeing relatives dead very quickly after getting shot up by the HSE and wondering WTF is going on.

Maybe there is a growing cohort within the HSE of doctors and nurses who are freaking out at what they are seeing but feel alone or unable to speak because their life will be cancelled. Exactly like the nurse whistleblower in the UK. (that got the ukcolumn removed from youtube)

One thing is for sure - They are using every trick in the marketing playbook to get people every which way.

The Scarsity marketing trick has been in constant play for months and months, since last year really.

They are using the same trick in the US. People are getting tips. Securing appointments. Not getting exactly the one they want but at least they got something. Thinking they won the lotto. Classic marketing shenanigans to make people believe supplies are always low and they might not get their chance to live but keep watching for your turn so you don’t miss it.

This tactic is well know and used around Christmas time. You create insatiable demand for the killer toy by bombarding the children in advance. Pester power kicks in and the parents receive their orders. Then there is a shortage on the one little johnny wants (intentionally not enough was released). Remaining parents are stuck. We can not have tears on Christmas day. Well the parent will then buy whatever else is similar or available out of desperation and then also later buy the first choice killer-toy when it comes into stock in the new year. It’s great for sales!

Remember the allusion to the vaccine being a gift at Christmas? Remember Lukc O’Neill Vaccein-For- Thee-Not-For-Me tweet of the holidays are coming usurped Coke ads?

They are rubbing everyones face in this shit.

Now they have pulled the by age trick to create a false ticketing queue (same in Canada), and thus people are fixated on this and remain the in the this is my only shot / I’ll miss my chance fear mind.

Count down to life-again. They have really gone deep into peoples lives, into the ego.

Your birthday is your celebration of your original new life begun. The day you were born. They want you born again in the new image. You think you are receiving the gift of life on your birthday. They have converted and co-opted your birthday into their rollout. You will celebrate that day. You will be congratulated on all counts. You celebrate their trick. that is a powerful particpatory spell.

Christmas Gift (killed Humanities Saviour the baby Christ - The State is now your saviour)
Birthday Gift (receive the gift of your new death life)

They also hit Paddy’s Day as a required localisation of the rollout… you must remember when everyone was like WTF was Leo’s speech all about, bit of a waste time, a whole lot of nothing. Paddys Day is a cultural icon day celebrated not just in Ireland but all around the world and the US, that’s a cultural Pearl Harbour direct hit on the Irish. They are attacking your cultural psychic totems, knocking them over and burning them while running riot through you world while you are paralysed by legal suggestions.

Remember the stories about how Christianity co-opted the pagan symbols into it’s Church to take over.

Welcome to Round II.


Due to zero coverage in the Irish media the story was buried. Its been a very high profile story in Germany and France. Its a EU clusterfuck of epic proportions. Even for Von der Leyen. Who left a trail of utter destruction in every ministry in Germany.

Basically Merkel decided that this was going to be the EU’s moment of glory. Vaccine acquisition. Even though it was not an EU competency. Then the Germans decided they were going to divvy up the vaccine contracts between French and Germany companies. For real-politk reasons.

The EU agency assigned to deal with vaccine acquisition only real dealings with medical subjects in the past was acquiring PPE equipment and such like. It spent months nickle and diming the contracts with the pharma companies and back loading the contracts. Treating the subject as if they were buying 10 million surgical gloves.

Meanwhile the UK paid money up front at the start and committed in a binding contact to buy all they needed.

The French vaccine candidates failed and then the shit really hit the fan. Von der Leyen tried to tear up legally binding contacts, international treaties, the rule of law and threatened to commandeer private property. As well as causing an international diplomatic crisis.

Which is where the EU vaccine acquisition programme is today. A total shambles with each country looking out for its own interest.

Meanwhile the government in Ireland in its usual fashion outsourced all vaccine acquisition to the EU and then sat on its arse. Then when it all went wrong the feed media propaganda stories on RTE etc blaming the Brits, as usual, for their own incompetence.

For me the only mystery is given Von Der Leyens very long history of domestic political catastrophes in Germany (as well as academic plagiarism and fraud) she must have some really good blackmail material on someone. Or else she is another of Putins plants. Because her political career defies belief.

I really cannot think of even a junior minister in the last 50 years of Irish politics that is as completely incompetent as Von Der Leyden. None. There have been lot of people in Germany in the last two decades scratching their heads about his woman. Asking why? Why is she in a government. In fact Margot Wallstrom who was for some utterly unfathomable reason the Foreign Mister of Sweden is the only politician I can think of which such a terrible record of head slapping incompetence.


Fascinating do ya got some links from other press on the story?


21 Jump St

Dr Leo promised surprises. He looked into his crystal ball a few hours ago. He foretold of great rises in case numbers. A few hours later. There they are. Incredible. What is a bit of fore-knowledge if you can not use it to woo and awe I ask you.

Interestingly enough, the testing volume numbers from the 6th of April onwards is missing in action.

Maybe the testing volumes will appear later.

The testing volumes were rampedapprox Mar 24/25th, they are testing testing testing but right now these giros are like a Klingon Bird of Prey with full cloaking. We can not see it but we know it’s their lurking, waiting, unlike Leo we are privy to Klingon intelligence.

Still not at the 2000 daily case predicted. Leo is less brave than the weather forecasters. Ronan Glynn must be thinking moon cycles with his long range predictions. Bit dicey yea.

However one thing we know is the Provid Regime are not winning. They are not meeting their targets as predicted here in previous weeks and this will probably since a rise in Dr. Leo Varadkar clinical depression.

The HSE chief executive said more than 150,000 vaccinations will be administered next week but he would not confirm whether they will reach the Government’s target of 250,000.

Higher heels will be required for extra drag.


Cases in the young = herd immunity.

Oops, no, my bad, WHO says herd immunity can only be through vaxxes now…


Pharma stole the herd immunity phrase and made a total bollox of it afaict.

Herd immunity was a term coined to denote the percentage of the natural exposure level of measles in a community required to offer optimum community protection.

It was circa 67%.

Pharma has co-opted it into their magical marketing narratives and can not even guarantee immunity with 99% coverage.

Herd immunity used in relation to pharma looks like a con instead of a pro.

For example. Natural exposure to measles gives life long protection. The injections sometimes offer protection for no longer than 6 months. Sometimes none at all for a double digit percentage in some groups.

So it should be called artificial-immunity, and it is in no way comparable to natural community-immunity as best as I can ascertain, but hey. lets confuse and muddy the waters. No one will notice. Sure they don’t even read the dam lablels! :dipso:


Well now, the Lab test volume data has been updated and there is data for the 6th of April but nothing further.

Does this mean there is now a working 17 day lag in effect?

If this is the case. This is the first time to encounter it other than possible update errors where large chucks of data would disappear and then reappear over multi annual periods. This looks like very new behaviour.

If this continues. Then with any super surge in “cases”, the public will have to wait over 2 weeks to find out if it was preceded by a surge in the lab testing.

Is someone trying to hide something? :thinking:

Na, probably not, most likely a few of the ticker clickers clipboard holders, probably took some early holidays, and we’ll get it updated in about 2 weeks on their return and that’s all about it.

So remember kids, all case surges are genuine surges.


The lab volume stats have reappeared.

Notable sustained increase in volume of testing in both the hospital labs and external labs :money_mouth_face: mid to end of April, approx. by a lower average volume, after the ramp down from the Seasonal high.

Meaning testing volumes the last week or so are similar to pre and post Christmas/seasonal levels, all this seems to do is sustain a false baseline, the Astley Equation sustains the Regimes Infatuation.