2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT




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Panic leads to desperation, this looks real.

In response, the HSE said that the only restrictions on the rollout are vaccine supply and people not presenting for vaccination. It said it would extend the rollout as needed to match deliveries.

Behold! People are not turning up to get the experimental injection? Really? Are people exercising their bodily and mental autonomy while perhaps safeguarding their genetic integrity now with a view to the future.

A quick back of a napkin calculation, indicates for the Provid Regime to hit 100% it would take nearly 3 years at current rates rate, so approx. 2 years or so to get to 70/80% target, which the Provid’s set for Sept 2021, then brought forward to June.

Seems like shooting yourself in the foot no? Though it’s not unusual for politicians to promise things they never intend to deliver especially on time. There is no gravy in that model.

Demented or Panicked Saviours?

Consultant pathologist at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital, Professor Bill Tormey, has urged the Government to “just get everybody vaccinated”.

“I think that what we should do now is just get everybody vaccinated over the age of about 18, and I think it’s time to do the blindingly obvious, which is vaccinate everybody at the fastest pace you possibly can,” he told Newstalk radio.

If you read through the rest of this piece you will see the manic desperation is growing, playing the young people cavorting card, get your injection with your McNuggets & Fries card - They’re really panicked. Really desperate.

It looks like the Market conditions of public sentiment have hardened further against their favour, bonuses and so on. The Provid’s are on the verge of walking into the stadium and randomly shooting at anything that moves.

As always go to the bottom, and you find the truth in the moment.

Ireland is set to receive at least 4.8 million vaccines each year in 2022 and 2023 under a new deal struck between Pfizer and the EU.

So there you go, experiemtnal genetic injections forever and ever and ever and ever, it never ends, living with the virus means perpetual slavery.

Meanwhile, healthcare workers who refuse to take a Covid-19 vaccine may face redeployment, under new proposals being examined by the HSE.

This indicates there is a higher than reported refusal rate among health care workers, 40-60%refusal is one figure floating about but has anyone seen any coverage of this in more depth?

The only way this ends is not some magical potion derived from the sorcerers stone, no, it is the mass absence from entering the injection chambers. If the numbers drop heading toward June, you will see exactly what the Provid Regime think of you and your inalienable freedoms, and see who thinks they are really calling the shots (if you had not figured it out already) and things get even more interesting, but you as always remain a freedom lovin’ winner despite the covidian costume party.


They’re going to need a surge or event to try and scare everyone who is not scared enough to lose their mind, lose their free will.

India propaganda might not be enough.

Donegal super-surge?
Make Donegal Lockdown Again?
An example for the class.
Stand in the lockdown corner wearing the “D” for Donegal cap? :thinking:

It is said that Donegal has a few thousand in meat plants, with a very muslamic-albano-morroco-pakistano-cosmo-politico-multi-kulti-super-mix working hard, 'course you don’t get that kid of nuance in the data sets. IT’s an open-borders virus, with equity in it’s RNA. Is this a foreign covid or a native covid hmm hmm? Imagine. It would burst heads and then strawberries would spoil for lack of helping hands that Just-In-Time lands.


Donegal is being targeted because it’s the most ‘free-spirited’ county.


And Professor Bill Tormey is a chemical pathologist who qualified almost 50 years ago. Obviously has forgotten everything that was in the vaccination and epidemiology unit in UCD. If he ever took it. Just looked at the current syllabus. Not that impressive. Based on the recommended textbooks, a very cursory coverage of those subjects.


and according to the actuaries a below average death rate last year.

unless people have been crawling across the Border to die an interesting observation.


It seems to me that they’re desperate to vaccinate as many as possible before the virus burns out, so they can justify all the recent COVID measures and take the credit for defeating the outbreak.


I haven’t really seen this mentioned anywhere but I find it amazing that they managed to squash a trial of the effects of the ‘genetic vaccines’ on pregnancy into 2 months. Of course questioning this in any way is anti-Science.


I heard by way of 3rd hand anecdote that Taiwan hit this point a while back, and they moved to offer the injection to anyone who would take it. All due to a massive collapse in uptake, an open door policy was put in place that even included foreigners/tourists possibly. No idea if it worked but it sure looks like Provid Regime has hit it’s Taiwan moment in the light.

Bubbles always go POP!


There is also a very real material operational reason for total panic.

The vials of life-giving-death can not be stored for very long. 30 days is one number I’ve heard, but there is a two week refrigeration limit and this must be reviewed once complete, with maybe another 5 days extension possible then maybe it has to be binned. There are plenty of stories outside Ireland where instead of wasting supplies, they would go out on the street and offers people what they had left.

This all looks like a desperate seasonal trader trying to offload remaining fairy-lights and tinsle heading into a summer months.

Which you don’t do. You keep it back for next years festive season… oh but the expiry date, and forward purchases, our target linked bonuses oh shit boys

Bummer. :thinking:


A lot of syllabi in medical schools have been adjusted and stripped down in the last decades. Detail of anatomy and physiology is reduced. Biochemistry reduced also. Pharmacology, as in molecular basis, pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics? Gutted. Even therapeutics and prescribing is a bit of an issue, although that is getting attention paid to it. Most modern medicine specialities are allopathic at their core (prescribing Pharma), the more you dig into it and compare with osteopathic, or other medical systems.


I’ve noticed a subtle change in tone in the pronouncements of state, city and county public health people the last few months. At least the ones that have actual relevant qualifications. When you start thinking how will this statement sound when presented by a prosecuting council as evidence in a legal proceeding then some of their more recent statements start making more sense. A lot more hedging and fudging going on. For future legal defense reasons. Not sure how we can hold the guys in Sacramento to legal account but all the local guys can be hauled up in front of a city / county Civil Grand Jury and made to account for their actions. With serious legal consequences, including criminal prosecution, if they cannot make a watertight case.It will take a multi stage approach. For civil cases to remove qualified immunity then the actual criminal cases for professional negligence.

I’m afraid in Ireland the glaciers will roll back across the country before legal consequence for the criminally incompetent would ever happen. The local equivalent to Till Hell Freezes Over.


Astley Equation in Full Effect

“What I am looking at very closely is what is happening in countries that are a bit ahead of us in terms of vaccination, the United Kingdom and Israel, and life in Israel is pretty much back to normal, they’re welcoming tourists again and they’re having not very large gatherings, but they are having mass gatherings,” he said.

He must have meant to say _New-Normal unless he was thinking of Florida but said Israel by mistake. :thinking:

Mr Varadkar said he would hope to see the “vast majority of restrictions gone” by August.

“Kids going back to school as normal in September, college happening on campus, all those things and a pretty normal Christmas in terms of seeing our friends and relations,” he said.

“But nobody can promise that. This is a new virus which is only around a year or so and the vaccines aren’t even around a year.

“It’s possible that the efficacy of the vaccines could wear off after a certain point in time, we don’t know what might happen in terms of variants that may be vaccine resistant and we don’t know what will happen when the winter comes.

“I think we have to get through another winter to be sure, but I do think life would be pretty much normal in August and September, but not exactly normal. I think there will still be restrictions around international travel and mass gatherings, particularly indoors. That’s my best guess.”

Hopes, guesses, pretending to be your friend. Just another day jsut another politician turned Snakeoil salmon… as usual always read the label / end of the article and don’t forget to check those online reviews from all the dead people.

:star: Roll Up Roll Up…SALE Of The Century! :star:

“We have four really safe, really effective vaccines and whenever it is my turn I will take whatever is offered,” Mr Donnelly said.

Mr Varadkar added: “In terms of any vaccine I’m offered, I’d be very happy to take it.

“They’re all close to 100 per cent effective in terms of avoiding serious disease and death and they’re all much safer than the risk of getting Covid so I’d have no hesitation.”

Close… he said close, so he’s not lying.

Well, he previously indicated he would take it Live on TV. :clown_face:

So what’s the hesitation Dr Varadkar, don’t want to skip the queue?

Good News there are calls to end the queue and just lash it out there for anyone who wants, for eager people like you… your time has come, perhpas you can have a word with those who have their hands on the levers of power.

Fame possibly fortune awaits! :star: :whistle:


From the same link missed this one:

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly hailed the “incredible” impact of the vaccine, with a 98 per cent reduction in cases of the virus among health workers since the peak in January.

“I can’t believe it’s not magic but it’s like like 98% magic!” - A Min. For Health somewhere.

Mr Varadkar and Mr Donnelly said they would be happy to take any coronavirus vaccine they were offered.

Such down to earth take one for the team kind of lads. Really are Truth! :pray:


This is how you achieve a 98% reduction.

Test workers with a test that has 90% plus false positive rate.

Oh, your vaccinated now, so no test needed. Collapse in testing rate. 98% fewer false positives.


Oh yeah, and use a small non random sample for your 98% figure.

Works every time.


When I was young this type of ‘Science’ was known as Marketing.


I suppose that the other factor is that almost all staff have been exposed to the virus and have now acquired natural immunity to it.


Indeed, re-open. Let people pay for this one injections if they want ot get them. The monopolistic activities, well, well it’s like governments been taken over by some global force hellbent on signing up the world to a manic mass genetic injection scheme, irregardless of reality and truth.

If you’ve got immunity, as most have, then you have immunity, i.e. a functioning alive and real intact immune system totally fit for purpose, of which there is no guarantee post-experiemtnal-injection.