2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



They really had to change the goal post to make themselves look good but have they even achieved their admittance of failure, have they failed at even failing to me their own failing standards?

The change came when they set a new (confusing) target of 80% of 50% of the original target of 2 shots of 80% of population injected by Sept. 2021 - meaning 80% shot up once by June.

Which no follow up on this story let’s see how successful have they been at achieving successful failure?

Src: https://twitter.com/IrelandVaccine/status/1390615429580722177

Getting there, slowly ever so slowly creeping but actually looks like a big fat fail to fail good.

31.5% of 100% of 50% of the original target which is the new target, has taken approx 5 months.

If that rate continues, it indicates an increase of 6.2% per month, so it would take approx 7/8 months to fail at failing to “fully vaccinate”, so they woudl actually over shoot their original september target but 4-36 months or something like that right.

Unless they can get 49% more people injected by the end of May 2021, they will have indeed fail at living up to their own self-admitted ability to set bona fide targets of positive failure.

If you think about factoring in the second dose crawl-rate they are going, to look even slower, so slow that many would be eligible for their 3 and maybe even 4th injection by the time they make it for their 2nd shot, ya know what I’m saying?

Yes, and then factor in that by 2022, x2 shots will not longer be classed as fully vaccinated, as is the current arbitrary standard and for that reason pfizer is rolling out 2022 and 2023 supplies to Ireland among others - if you were fully vaccinated or believe you where full vaccainted (the chances are slim for many!) you may be the victim of a false advertising scam 101.

However, did you read the “mutant” clause in the papers you signed when giving your body over to Pharma?

Please go refer to the copies of the original documentation you have to confirm.

Imagine a world. Where if you were told you had to keep buying a new TV set the same as the one you got previously, every year, to keep it working, would you? I mean would you really? I mean if it guaranteed safe viewing. Very safe viewing? If it was the safest viewing, would that make a difference? Would you keep buying a new TV set every year maybe twice year to comply with safe viewing standards?


According to this April Reuters piece, they are on track, yet they are not even half way there and it’s the 7th of May already! Hey, but what do I know. :man_shrugging:

This whole business brings up a very serious issue.

They’re playing around with the original Pfizer instructions on dosage gaps, which was originally 21days, then after a few weeks the Provids pushed to 28 days.

Based on on Pfizer own documentation. There is a limit to the gap, since this probably goes outside “trial” parameters, and there is no data at all on any effectiveness, there is actually a real concern and they even warn about it within the documentation supplied to those who administer the genetic injections.

On the face of it, the Provid Regime look to be in absolute desperation to cook the books as their on the hooks - now they’re acting like a kid who got their first Chemistry set for the 10th birthday, the instructions are already dispensed with and as usual, we all know who will be left with the task of cleaning up the mess right?

Here is some criticism of the idea of spacing out the gaps in dosage:

“The safety and efficacy of the vaccine have not been evaluated over different dosing regimens because the majority of trial participants received the second dose within the window specified in the study design.”


The Provid Regime are now full guns on going Hyper-Mengles.

They no longer trust Science now that they are on the line.

Why would anyone trust these bozos now or ever ever again?

Another 30 days and the whole farce is over, that’s all it takes if the Wait & See Cohort remain waiting and watching - #holdfirm and #holdtheline.


Free-For-All move Imminent?

Looking like they’re continually panicked and desperate to het injections in arms.

Naturally, such offers are meaningless to those who will never take this experimental genetic injection that could kill them or maim them for life with heinous medical complications and it 's not often apparent until some days or weeks after the injections.

Don’t miss this salient aspect to your own cost.


Whomever this man is, seems to have been teleported into the wrong reality timeline, so we’ve all been living by the book a bit too much is that right and just need to let the hair down, live a little, lighten up and stuff?

Leo Varadkar has said the Irish public should be “less puritanical” about people meeting and socialising outdoors as Covid-19 restrictions lift.

The Tánaiste said the objective is “to avoid there being a fourth wave this side of autumn or winter, and perhaps avoid it altogether”.

He added: “It is much, much safer outdoors than indoors. The chances of contracting the virus outdoors is much less than indoors.

“I think we’re just going to need to be a little more relaxed about people getting outdoors and enjoying themselves outdoors.”

Laughable as it all is, it’s actually incredible to behold all the same. The chasm as it is stretched and yanked wider with each gaslit surreal word that drops like a bug infested cyber turd panned off as the latest Provid Regime beta release.

Let’s chalk this one down as hammy over-zealous good-cop routine gone wrong.


Shed the love. :thinking:


See. They’ve pinched the credit card again. It’s Vegas in their world.

“18 million doses of vaccine which is enough to vaccinate the country twice over.” - Michael Martin

A 18 million dose of the truth.

This stuff has very short shelf life. So some of those stories were possibly very genuine of people on others using it, because it was going to expire. In the US they would go out onto the street and offer it to passers by if it might go unused.

30 days might be the max, but 2/3 weeks might be typical, of when the batches have to be disposed.

So if you don’t show up, if millions don’t show up this year and next year and the year after, they’ve forward purchased 18 million doses too many.

The Provid Young scientist are a site to behold, playing with the recommended Pfizer gapping of doses, not once but twice, and dickin’ around with the age limit of the J&J cause they have the wrong batch coming for a Mac to young cohort, really doesn’t at all instil any confidence. It all seems to haphazard and utterly rushed.

How you can trust anyone or anything that continues to claim that what is a genetic injection, what is actually a mass administered gene therapy is a vaccine, something that has not completed trials and will not until 2023 at the earliest, how you can trust any of this, after 500 extra deaths via this lethal injection in the care homes, and the many many anecdotes of adverse reactions here and the world over, of heart attacks, rashes, convulsions and all kinds of living horror, endured by ill informed people who really believed a gene therapy was a run of the mill vaccine, well, I guess after all is said and done, it requires a type of steadfast blind faith, possibly double blind faith if you include the media. :whistle:


Unlike Lidl

Gov may be left with excess stock that will expire fairly rapid.

Which is abysmal performance because they’re giving it away free didn’t ya know!

How long before we see rationalisations such as this, “…we have so much stock here it would be terrible to see it go to waste after paying for it, so whoever wants it come and get it 16+…Roll Up! Roll Up!” preceding the great free-for-all of 2021?


Re Lidl above - some interesting links here. (Seems the HSE have been peddling “snake oil”)

And the good Professor weighs in too…


The “testing” engine continues to increasingly run at a high and higher idling RPM, but cases are going nowhere fast and deaths, the Tsunami of dying (which was matched by a decline in testing, until, one day it wasn’t and it began to rise), well the greatest dying ever continues it’s sharp decline to very negligible figures.

Date Cases Deaths
May 1 569 3
May 2 402 1
May 3 453 0
May 4 383 2
May 5 418 7
May 6 393 8
May 7 434 4
May 8 408 1
May 9 514 2
May 10 381 0

28 deaths, Since May 1st or 2.8 deaths per day in the last 10 days.


4 days later…

Free-for-all end of June?

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said everyone who wants a Covid-19 vaccine appointment could be offered one by the end of June.


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Mixed messages from the Fun Police.

No Drinkie in, No Drinkie out. No, No, No.






Sources involved in the vaccine rollout have said failure to substantially use much of the 600,000 J&J shots would limit the ability to hit Government-mandated targets for the programme for the end of June.


All your Variant belong to Us.

Just when you thought you could relax the kacks:

Terrific Terrifier Tony pops up like a comic book villain to ruin your already rain sodden weekend, with another dire warning message.

“This is to be expected as restrictions lift. However, the data also reveal that these increases are much stronger among people who have been vaccinated.

“Most people who are not yet vaccinated are continuing to be cautious. Our data are consistent with the majority of people waiting until they are vaccinated before increasing their activity again.”

Marketing research tells us consumer confidence rises when given a pretend vaccine.

Placebo be all like “stick your mRNA up your arse!”.


Variant Menace.

Maybe someone can confirm this - In India they scare the peeps with the UK variant. In Ireland they scare the peeps with the India Variant (before the UK, then Brazil). In Brazil they scare the peeps with the UK variant, on and on.


Tony (or Dr. Turd) drops one or more in the Punch Bowl

Dr Tony Holohan said data from Public Health England, due to be published later today, is likely to show a decrease in effectiveness of the vaccine in prevention of transmission of this variant, after the 1st dose.

Dr Holohan said: "In broad terms you could characterise the virus here at the moment as, for the most part, the sky is blue but there is a black cloud on the horizon which is the Indian variant."

“We are concerned genuinely about the reports we have received and the credibility we attach to them around the increased transmissibility associated with that particular variant,” he said.

He said said some of the data collated in the UK has shown “a possibility” that the variant could be 50% more transmissible than the B117 variant.


Some people see the lack of concern Mr. T and his Merry Band of Nphets have for a self-spreading vaccine that needs variants as plausible cover story to obscure the bio-weapon capability, as a clear indicator and welcome development that Dr T & Co are no conspiracy theorists


Pakistan is currently worried about the UK variant, I think Germany might be choosing UK as their variant of concern too…


The Hall, En-suite and Pantry will be off limits for a limited period.

…Meanwhile, it has been revealed that eight people in Ireland have developed a serious allergic reaction after taking a Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccine.

Sounds like “life threatening”, i.e. perhpas they nearly died in the injection chambers.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) received a number of reports of the condition, called anaphylaxis.

It has said only eight are classified as cases and all patients have recovered.Less than five were also associated with low platelets, according to the medicines watchdog.

They were all under 40 and got the condition after their first dose and they have been discharged from hospital.

“known” by WHO?

Dr Denis McCauley, from the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), said these reactions are known side-effects of mRNA vaccines.

Down goes the IMO with the rest.


IMO :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: