3 bed, Clarion Quay, Custom House Quay, IFSC (-850, -18%)


€3,950 Dec 09

€4,500 Oct 29

€4,800 Sep 30



Interesting price drops - this place would be rented by ex pats from Japan or the US who would be based here looking after their companies interests in the IFSC.

Perhaps these kinds of tenants are drying up?


Well it would seem there is no shortage of these very expensive places on offer now in the general docklands area, so maybe it is more competition rather than a lack of tenants? If this is not let soon it will be coming up on 3 months vacant for the owners. Also would appear that there is going to be quite a bit of extra supply coming on in this part (upper end) of the market so unlikely to improve for them in the short to medium term.