3 Bed End of Terrece Celtic Park off Collins Av, Value?

A standard 1960’ish end of Terrace 3 Bed close to Celtic Pk off Collins Ave any ideas of current selling prices?

(No I am not buying or selling query on behalf of another)

Is estimate price somewhere between 120K based on a 850pm rent approx 7% yield.
You could use 1200pm and get a higher price but not much more than 168K I think.

Anyone any thoughts?

Buddy if a guy asks you for a dollar for a sandwich -you’re gonna want to have a look at the sandwich first.

Huge difference between Celtic Park and - 'off '- Celtic Park - any link for property ?

Edit; She who must be obeyed is just taking me shopping - some of the houses in Celtic Park have very long back gardens maybe excess 120 feet -those ‘just off’ don’t and lack a few other things besides… know some people living there -if you can provide link- I will make some general enquiries.

WOW" WOW" WOW" :wink: . That’s it I am still in bed dreaming… You know This dream I’ve had since I thought I got up involved PTG wondering whether to to ban house price discussions, and now OW asking a WIW!!. I must post this when I REALLY wake up.

We like to keep your sense of reality set to “rotation”.

Extended family from time to time test my resolve unbeknowns to themselves this one went thus, “Well the valuer is an old friend of the family and he said 360K and they said that other agents will say 500K but things have gone down…there are buyers and also said works only this area so he knows”, question everything even if it means fights at the dinner table :smiling_imp:

I don’t give a feck about the price of property but the rest of the world has its knickers in a twist over it.

Divided & Conquer, a timeless strategy.

Sorry no link this time and no the garden is not that long but it would have large converted garage out the back like a lot of them do.

Ah I am awake… My sense of reality had been somewhere outside the reality of most on this land mass for quite some time and before I used to think that I was misguided… But not now…Any linky?

Edit. See post above ref. link…

Tell em it’s “worth” what they are happy to pay. :slight_smile:

rent in the area is probably touching 1200-1300 at the moment depending on the property. Asking prices a little up the road on Collinswood are around the 360K-390K for 3 bed with probably smaller garden and rooms although probably better energy rating. Collins Ave itself is around 50-100K more expensive at the moment but a lot of them have absolutely massive gardens and a load of front parking plus garage. I reckon 360K may well be an ask but as a lot of houses have languished on the books for a while around there…it probably won’t be a selling price. Never been in those houses so not qualified to comment on any other considerations.

I would be surprised if any agent said 500K to be honest. 400K at the outside but nowhere near expect to get it. I live in the area, want to stay in the area and even now think that some of the house prices are a bit delusional and they are down some 30-40% in many cases.

163k no more no less would be what I would offer here . . .

If its any help there’s a 3 bed semi detached house next to Celtic Park on Elm Mount Ave. for sale at €295,000 which is a new low for the area. The houses in Elm Mount would be larger but this particular house would have a small overlooked garden. Elm Mount was constructed between the mid 60s-early 70s. Celtic Park was built before this, myhome.ie/residential/brochure/69-elm-mount-ave-beaumont-dublin-9/200396.