3 bed navan road look like value or still way off?

This is a theoretical question, I’m in no position to buy. Just wondering is this still way too high? Great garden and a garage, though it does need a bit of cash pumped into it.

3 Bed Semi-Ds are an average house for the average family on the average industrial wage.

Add a bit for the the city, snobby area, winning tidy towns, luas nearby etc* and I’d say max €200k.

*I don’t know if any of these apply to this area.

All no in this case. I would also be subtracting for being on the Navan road as the traffice there is horrendous. But hey, thats just me. :wink:

It’s not actually on the navan road, it’s a quiet estate and it’s five mins from the park, and three miles from the city centre. It has good schools etc. So that’s 200k max then?

The Navan rd,isnt that the back of Finglas?

BER F1 house so no insulation in walls

factor in cost of drylining interior i.e needs gutting

Semi-D in Dublin should average 120K long term despite the fact eh Semi-D is the most awful design on the planet.

I lived on the Navan Rd for 2 years. Boring. Flat. Traffic. Suburban Maze. 2 years to long.

Open window is that should a will (eventually)?

The area is not too bad but as said earlier the Navan Road is a snarl of traffic all day. There are a few half decent estates around there namely Ashington, Kinvara, and on the other side of the Navan Road (where this house is) from Skreen Road up to the Castleknock Road. All nice areas but surrounded by bogies and that includes the Phoenix Park. Personally I think the market has a long way to go yet and this isway too high an asking price given all the work it needs.

Dublin Average, should, will be, eventually. Not accounting for inflation.

Where is that graph of house prices? that was more 150K but it was for Ireland overall.

I was looking at rents the other day and to get a rental yield above 7% prices would have to come down to that.

Could be a case of the prover proves :wink:

It has that alright. However its not enough. I use to enjoy my clear sight view of the sprawl towards finglas from the 1st floor. Reminded me how flat it all was. The phoenix park is wonderful. Thats the best thing about living there but to get to it is not convenient because the phoenix park is walled in with few entrances.

Why live in prison mazes when we could live in parks!

Traffic is the big no no. Sunday is the worst. Your day off and it les but faster and thus noisy.
I couldn’t hack it! Living in the city centre is in fact the polar opposite. Sunday is very quiet. Glory be!

Truth is the Navan road is essentially the N3, the arteriole route for the Meath quadrant of communterville!

By the way the Navan Road is the posh name for Cabra

I know the area pretty well. Everywhere on the northside backs onto somewhere ropey. I think it’s a bit dull but the park and the handy commute are big pluses. That house is a ten minute walk to the park as there’s a gate just outside the estate.
As for the price, it just shows what strange land we’ve come from that what I paid for a one bed apt (zoe no less) in a rough part of the city in 2003 should buy me a decent house in a decent area years to come.