3 bed richmond road asking 360k what's it worth?

Really big garden and cool aspect!!

That links says 375k … I’d buy it asap before it hits 400 :slight_smile:

Not sure I’d run the risk of purchasing there what with the risk of flooding.
It’s on a very busy road also, a road that is in bits… more like a seldom used borreen… n judging from the lovely locals who were doing a spot of shop lifting in Tesco around the corner last Sat :slight_smile:, I’d be looking at something around 140k. Be weary of easily accessed back gardens as one of my neighbours found out to their cost recently :slight_smile:

It looks like an old property… would have suffered flood damage in the early noughties floods and it appears there isn’t the student demand there would have been around there in the past judging by the number of similarish places not renting at the moment.
To live in I’d be thinking the garden might be ok for a family but then the road out the front offsets this…

So yes… I’d say 140k… based on little rationale mind as I think this one is a little odd n may go for more or less. I suspect the asking is linked to the apartments after being built along that road. Presumably they went for circa the 375k asking of this.

Better luck with this one though, hope they haven’t been offered the asking alread :wink:

The Tolka burst its banks in 2002 and the houses in Richmond Road were flooded - see tribune.ie/magazine/article/ … lood-back/. This will affect the type of insurance cover you can get.

Richmond Road is a narrow, busy, poorly maintained road that is dark, dirty and noisy. Also, bear in mind the football grounds in Tolka Park and the resulting crowds of people attending matches and the affects on parking and access.

There are better houses in better areas for the same money.

I have a thing about Richmond Road. It must be one of the ugliest roads in Dublin. House is a horror too. I wouldn’t rent here never mind buy. If I inherited this house I’d want to shift it as quickly as possible. But that’s just me :slight_smile: .

I’m not a big fan of the road myself, but the 200ft garden appealed to me and the house is spacious, so I started to rationalise that it’s very near the roads I do like. Didn’t know about the flooding, that’s a bit of a no,no!
Just fantasy shopping at the moment so if they get the asking good luck to em!

Photo’s of the 2002 tolka flood

Do you get a free case of Black Lung with that house?

Holy Shit guys, how can anyone consider buying that for even half that money?

Really, reality has not set in to the Irish housing market yet by half!

Why did Strumpet City come into my mind when I viewed the photo’s? I’m sorry but those houses are worthless, its a shit house in a shit area.

A tad harsh there :slight_smile:

The area is not exactly Beirut! I can think of many areas that would be classified as much shittier!
The general area is ok… decent schools in Drumcondra etc… but you are on a very busy road and a lot of investment would need to be put in to insulate and modernise the property.

It’s a place like this that I see leading the charge to more realistic pricing.

The fucking state of that kip.

:blush: confused Richmond road with nearby Nth Richmond street, still the house is dire …when was it built? Surely houses like this do need to be knocked down and built over?

The raised driveway in the front is going to be a real problem in terms of damp, if it isn’t already. Look at the difference in height between it and the houses next door.

A lot of work on flood-prevention was put into the Tolka after the 2002 floods. A speculative call to insurance companies should find out?

The bit on the back is probably an extension to the original house? It may not have the same build or foundation quality.

A good survey would appear to be essential.

In terms of flooding… thanks to Bertie the area has a major flood revention scheme and water pump across from Fagans!
Of course these things need to be maintained and once Bertie has trotted off I’m sure this will be neglected and lead to flooding in the future.

It doesn’t seem to go right up to the house so it’s probably not an issue.

I’m surprised at the level of disgust! I didn’t think it was that awful, it’s really interesting to get your opinions.

how do you think this compares? Nice quiet road anyway.

Does it come in black?

On a better road alright :slight_smile:
No risk of flood damage etc… unless the canal freezes over :slight_smile:

Still you are looking at a circa 60% reduction on that asking price IMO.

That shit really gets my goat!
Why bother trying to suggest that it’s a 4 bed ?
Where would you eat ? Off a tray in front of the telly ?
Grrrrrrr :imp:

Great! look forward to it, when should I expect this, two-four years?

I agree but at least it is pretty big at 140m2, fairly enormous by Dublin standards as I keep reminding these 3000 sq ft self builders.

Yep, about 2-4 years is about right IMO…
We will see continued deteriation in the economy over this time… we will also likely see an increase in interest rates and repossessions… along with net emmigration. So I can’t see properties maintaining any sort of value in the medium term… and am expecting no major pick up in the long term either.

So in the short term it’s sadly a case of rent n wait for many.
I say sadly because there are of course those who want to buy but it just makes no sense to at those prices.

Well if the economy continues to deteriorate there’ll be no house purchasing anyway, things are tight enough as it is. Maybe emmigration.