3 Eaton Square, Monkstown (-1950k,-53%)

Withdrawn from auction in May 2007, was €3.7m

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y33057.asp

Now 2.975m


Now 2.95m


Tiny garden, no garage - tell me how this is worth any more than 1.1, .12m? Eaton Sq. is nice, exclusive, expensive but reality really has yet to hit Monkstown. That area is becoming a bubble of unrealisting expectations.

BUT LOOK, £25k off, where is my cheque book…a saving of two whole months mortgage payments…

Indeed, Monkstown is a nice area, but when compared to what is on offer now in Rathgar or Sandymount, the prices there are really hard to fathom. There are still houses at the Monkstown Farm end asking close to 1m. As others have said, this will be very slow and painful.

Now 2.3m (-1,400k,-38%)


A little over 500 EUR a sq ft for a large Trophy red-brick on a nice square?
Brings back a conversation I had with a friend who suggested the ‘floor’ in such places was 1,000 EUR a sq ft

The top end of the market is re-pricing so fast, its making the ‘average’ Dublin home look very very vulnerable


€437/sq ft

“under offer”

Somebody should go in and blow those “under offer” dudes out of the water , a cool 2 mill should do it.

This went sale agreed for 1.34m. Will be interesting to see if it goes Sold.
Vendor was accepting 1.275 despite the last advertised asking of 1.75…