3 Glencairn Lawn, Leopardstown (-25k, -7%)

Was 355k

Now 330k

These are now nearing their original price as new builds in 2001 (330K Euro being 259K punts… taking no account for inflation)

tribune.ie/article/2001/oct/ … glencairn/

At peak madness they were going for around €600K
tribune.ie/archive/article/2 … ight-impr/


Not sure if these are the same type of house as referred to in that tribune article - it refers to houses from 1100sq feet upwards, there are a number of houses in this area which are less than 950sq feet. This house doesn’t seem to give overall dimensions, but the rooms sound petit.

Spotted this on myhome now listed as 80sqm so only 860sq feet - a very different house to the ones described in that tribune article.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/345882