3 Lower Albert Road, Sandycove (-1155k, -66%)

Featured in the Irish Times in Sept 07 at 1.75m

Now 1.625

New link


17 feb 2008 - edited by provost to update the price drop and percent

now down to 1.525m:
www1.myhome.ie/search/property.a … BAQW333652
propertynews.com/property-du … lbert_Road

Now on at 850 again!!!

Times have changed…


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/196026

Down 900k or 51.4% overall

Now at 795K


Had a pretty aggressive marketing effort the last few weeks but not biters…

Looks really hard to shift anything in the 600K+ range around here

€531 per sq foot, hardly bargain country!

gone off myhome now - sold / sale agreed ?

back on at 795K

For an interesting comp, see the Dalkey home that sold yesterday for 625K at auction,

Good spot, they are almost perfectly identical although the Dalkey house is slightly bigger. I think I’d prefer Dalkey to Sandycove.

Now at 755K


Still very expensive given comp for 625K in Dalkey 2 months ago…

Interesting to see the Sept 07 comment above!

No garden to speak of puts this in as a 500k starter home.

Funny that a 500k (half a million quid!!!) house can still be considered a ‘starter’ home…

Well it all depends on where you start. €80k in clonsilla can be considered a starter.

For a professional couple €500k in SCD is definitely a starter.

Remember it was not that long ago people we paying €600-800k for apartments.

At 500k it will find a buyer. Above that it will struggle.

The garden is big enough for a city property and that wouldn’t put me off. My main problem with this house is that €755,000 only buys you one bathroom.

No parking is one of the big draw-backs. This house on the corner and that road is a nightmare at the best of times. There’s no room for 2 cars to pass on the Albert Rd so everyone has to weave in & out between the parked cars all the time. It’s annoying and very unsafe for kids (cars mounting the pavement to pass each other). This end was made one-way for a short time, but then that got reversed again and is two-way now.

To be fair look at #2 next door. Its still listed in myhome.ie but allegedly sold and there’s for sale sign outside it.

Its priced at e1.5m. Now I know they did a remodel, etc, etc but your can build a LOT of house for 750K. Either that or some monkey has just burned a lot of their cash.

There’s a lot of houses in the mid-1M range in DL/Sandycove/Glasthule/Dalkey area. No one can afford them or willing to take that big a bet.

These’ll slowly sink in value and then drive down the price of places like this…


Now 730k, down another 25k.

Does anybody care?