3 Mobhi Mews, Dublin 9 105k price drop (14% Drop)

ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 94828.html


Interesting house sale. It supposedly sold ar auction last June for 755k but is now back on market at 650k. The builder was selling at auction last June and still seems to be selling it. Maybe he was bidding for his own property last June to create interest as no one has ever occupied this property and it was only recently readvertised on myhome etc. The other two properties in this development seem to have been sold and someone moved into one recently a year after their completion.

Its rare that I say this bit I like place. They seem (wide angle lense has been used to over exagerated the amount of space, you would have to chekc this in person) to have used light and space well for what might be a small building. Obviously a good architect was used here? or it was an architect driven development for a change, or the developer listened to them.

This is a good exmaple of a property that could regain and keep some of its value in the long term for a new build.