3 Monaloe Park Road, Blackrock (NOT)


This is cornelscourt/cabinteely surely. And I mean there is a map at the bottom of the page showing it is clearly not Black feckin’ rock

An Post would beg to differ , the address checker shows it as being correct

Hmm… this is true

but actually the map on myhome shows it as being in the sea…





just don’t see how that is blackrock purely from looking at it on a map

Blackrock, is not just a place. More of a state of mind!

It’s miles away from blackrock. You’d have a good 10 minute walk to deansgrange on your way to blackrock. You wouldn’t walk from monaloe to blackrock in half an hour, put it that way.

It’s cabinteely or cornelscourt.

I would say about 45 mins and if you keep going another 20 mins walk before you leave Blackrock (postal district) somewhere near the Merrion Gates (guessing). Big place Blackrock.

Clonkeen road is a daft anomaly in the Blackrock story.


Nice house. Though I’m not sure it would be worth that even in Blackrock.

I used to join in in these ‘its not Blackrock it’s sellafield!’ fits of outrage.
I regret that.
If you buy there you know what you’re buying. Who cares what the denizens and supporters of Real Blackrock think - they get the better transport links and closeness to amenities, it should be enough for them.

In fact I’d like all of blackrock to be renamed Cabinteely so they’d shut up!

It’s only annoying if you’re looking for property in a certain area and houses not actually in that area crop up. It’s the same with houses labelled Stillorgan which are deep into Kilmacud.

Other than that who really cares?!

Personally I pay attention to the quality of the house and location, not the specific address or postcode, which is a very imperfect proxy indicator of what you’re buying into. But recently on the pin I’ve seen several catfights like the one above.

It’s funny that during the property boom, the idea of being able to own a house ANYWHERE became such an aspiration that people were an awful lot less fickle about addresses - sure, it was still an issue for some, but it wasn’t as widespread, as people just struggled to get a toehold. Now the old address & postcode snobbery that used to exist in the 70s and 80s seems to be creeping back in. Like fathers, like sons, I guess.

I agree sharper and it is the house itself that I was drawn to. But its not about snobbery of postcode. Could personally take or leave blackrock meself as its a bit close to the in laws… But i dont want to be as far out as cabinteely so I’d rather not be wasting my time looking at a place in an area I don’t want to live in. It’s false advertising in my book.

My understanding of it is has always been that areas around Kill o’ The Grange, Deansgrange, Cornelscourt etc. have a Blackrock address to facilitate the timely delivery of mail from the Blackrock sorting office - happens down the country also where not necessarily the nearest large settlement will be part of yr postal address but a more distant town with the appropriate sorting office.