3 Scenarios for Economy - D Wessel


So as usual, plans A, B, C and D are…“get the punters spending (debt) on bling and houses again!”

Is there anybody in the generation in charge anywhere in the West who has any other ideas?

They’re trying to “fix” the wrong “problem” IMO, which is why all these crazy schemes just aren’t “working”.

I know it is depressing.
They want to solve a series of debt fueled asset and bling bubbles bursting by slashing the cost of money so people will borrow again and spend it on more of the same.

Yep there is! We as a human race need to move form the “work” ethic to the “play” ethic, full employment is now utterly debunked on a grand scale as a viable solution. Full consumerism is debunked as a sustainable or valid model for anything but a sure path to oblivion. Proof is all around us.

where are schiff. keiser et al to counter this bullshit

He forgot the most obvious one

“W” (obviously in the bounce stage)

With all the stimulus and money being thrown at this there has to be a jump start of some kind, but I cant see it being much with everything thats ahead…

This seems like the way to go - would you not include Education in the “play” ?

Has anyone worked this through as an idea? Do you print money to do it by establishing some kind of superstructure of Art, Exercise, Play, Leisure pursuits, travel, education, recreational drugs etc. on top of a system where resources and basic products are churned out to maintain the lower gears of the system i.e. eating, fuel, safety, warmth, clothing, etc.

What would money be based on in this Star Trek world can you tell us.

How about a finite series?: W, L, D, WWIII

What is money based on now??? Water, bombs, bullets and oil…???
Is it not clear that it is impossible for even the most educated man to put an accurate monetary figure on anything?
Is this not why China is suggesting a global reserve currency?