3 TD's sons working for Anglo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We know two of the names, McSharry and Brennan…who’s the 3rd?

I’m waiting …:angry:

Not Ireland, not New Greyland (I know …) but Gangland!

An interesting point.

When I went to secondary school there were two TD’s sons in the school, that I know of.
When I went to University there were a few TD’s sons and daughters in the faculty. The proportion was higher.

What is a reasonable number of TD’s children to work in a bank with 1800 employees? Were they all FF or not? Fascinating.

If someone doesn’t post up what the hell this thread is about (more than just the thread title), I’m dumping it into the offtopic section.

Also how many TDs sons work in the other banks?

Taleb’s phrase ‘fooled by randomness’ springs to mind. If these guys were in very senior position in the bank then conspiracy theories are valid but all available evidence suggests that actually, they weren’t.

Does the phrase: “jobs for the boys…” spring to mind, at all? :laughing:

still waiting on some info that shows this isn’t a tinfoil hat thread. has this been in the news or something?

Do you really think that any TD is going to have his son or daughter in a bank as some part of consiracy theory ?! Come on, cop on and stop looking for fairy rings… :unamused:

Goodness, no. It’s not a conspiracy. It is jut plain old graft.

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I’m locked. XD