3 Years, 2 months & 8 days later, Irish Government still not prepared for Brexit



Boris has ‘turbocharged’ the Brexit preparations… Leo is looking for jump-leads :roll_eyes:

Your Brexit Contiengcy planning, do you even have any?

Unlike the Bank guarantee, this time they cannot pretend, they didn’t see this coming.


The Dublin London air route is one of the busiest air routes in the world.

When someone carrying a UK passport lands in Dublin Airport, which aisle are they meant to go down? The EU one or the non-EU one? The green or red customs gate?

So what do ‘they’ do?

A) Ignore immigration, customs and health and safety laws. This is illegal and will cause unknown repercussions. And who is going to make the decision to ignore the law? The guy on the floor in Dublin airport earning 25k a year and who could legitimately be fired for not following the law? I doubt it.

B) Enforce the law. This will cause chaos. Dublin Airport, or any of the London ones for that matter, are not setup to handle the volume of passport and customs controls that is legally required.

Repeat the above for a thousand different aspects of day to day life.

Two questions: who are they in the government? And what are they meant to do?