30 Braemor Rd Churchtown

On Sale for €495 k seems a bit under valued for that area, according to the PPR number 56 on that rd sold for 685K in January.
Maybe they want to get people in and start a bidding war, it will probably go for way over the asking price.
Its got a great garden
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2763573

House prices coming down in Jan and Feb in Dublin.
495 and it needs gutting. Not under valued at all.
Bidding wars are a thing of the past. London buyers moving to other places. I’ll await a glut of people putting property up and then the buyers holding back. the bounce is over. 8DD

I added up all the internal dimensions and I didn’t get 1270 sq feet not even including the garage. I considered converting the garage in this house, building over the garage and extending over the garage and out the back but that would be costly and the garden (which is great) is east so you’d only get sun at the back of the house until midday.

Then again some houses have a quality, a je-ne-sais-quoi, sometimes it’s the big garden, a sensation of airiness or something. Perhaps this house has that quality, I haven’t seen it.

56 was extended all over the place, over the garage and out the back plus garage converted, I guess they nearly doubled the living space. I’d consider this house if you got the sun in the back extension in the evening, but you won’t.

puesyo what about this one nearby?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2735409

Wonderful back garden. Love it.

Yep, going to have a look at that one, but the back garden is small and north facing. Still though, nice looking house from the outside, great kerb appeal and quiet estate. If it doesn’t go over asking it might be worth considering it. I still don’t think it’s a million-dollar house but hey, in this market you gotta be realistic.

Gardens sell houses. 5 upper churchtown road has great front and back gardens plus great internal space and it’s sold for lots of money.

They seem to have under-quoted the floor area by 20sqm. I get 183sqm using WxDx2.

Isn’t there different ways of measuring size? Like adding up the internal space of all the rooms in the house? Or is the one that you have used the most common one?

I have no idea. I just thought it was comment-worthy because (a) the house is double-fronted and looks bigger than 160sqm, and (b) normally when I apply the most basic principle of footprint x floors I get a number smaller than the EA quotes, not larger.

Hah! Me too. Sometimes by a lot. Beechwood house is Old Bridge Road for example, was quoting 3000 sq feet and I could barely get just over 2000 sq feet, unless you include the garage and attic which I understand is not supposed to be included in the sq footage.

I think the width of the house is 10.1M - as displayed in the plan of the upstairs.
The plan for downstairs suggests the width is 11.6, but I guess that someone has messed up W X D to represent D X W in the utility room.

Sale Agreed.

sold for 575k per the reg