30% Cut In Capital Spending 2008 . N18 Pulled in Panic.

On **January 25th ** 2008 Noel Dempsey announced that 2 western road projects would start in 2008 , see.

nra.ie/News/PressReleases/ht … 71,en.html

  1. N18 Gort Crusheen ( the worst bit)
  2. N18 Gort Athenry

I heard in March that the second one was pulled , only 2 months after the minister announced it , I noted thathere in early April . I heard it was some BS to do with consortiums and their bank members not lack of funds.

I heard later in April that the first one was in trouble, I noted that here 2 weeks back .

I got final confirmation that both projects have been pulled in the Connaught Tribune Today .

The pulled projects are 50km in length out of 169km planned. The Roads budget has been cut by 50/170 in only 3 months , 30% ** .

I believe that this is a flat line cut and that EVERY GOVERNMENT INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN has been hastily cut by 30% since January .

****Thats 30% of c. €8bn planned Capital Spending = €2.4bn of cutbacks ****

In the space of 3 months :open_mouth: , wow.

Well with Biffo about to take up office, they were hardly going to cancel the Tullamore by-pass!

I wonder could we save a similar amount by culling 90% of all quangos?

Oh wait, I forgot – we first have to apply cuts in health, education and infrastructure before we could even think about doing such a thing to the landed gentry of the Royal FF Party.

Here is some maths for you:
Exchequer down 600million in Q1 x 4 = 2.4billion!

Just shows what a waste the €500m on the Western Rail line is.

It will be slower than the existing N17 and the money could have been better spent upgrading the N17/N18 and providing more buses to Bus Eireann.

The N18 has some unpleasant stretches on it for driving on.
Pity the upgrade has been postponed.

A lot done, more to do, and a hell of a lot to put on the long finger coz we kinda screwed up and spent all the cash on pay rises, HSE etc, etc

Of course, if they had EAs doing the numberd for capital expenditure they could probably end up getting them done for 1/2 the price

BTW Dublin calling, are all of these real places, or myths like Leitrim :question: 8)

How about stopping wasting money on decentralisation? And the aforementioned quangos.

This from wikipedia:

Maybe they could set up a non governmental comittee to look into it :question:

The New Road between Kilcullen and Carlow may be a PPP ( toll) but this will not be advertised before the Lisbon Referendum 8)

I feel the rebellion will come from the West of Ireland.

The anti-Dublin mentality is a particularly strong force that could be harnessed by an enterprising politician.

All we need is a couple more announcements like this and one or two more big job losses.

Prepare for years of bitterness, would have, could have, should have. The ‘them and us’ divide between those in Dublin and those outside the pale will cut to the marrow whilst the world is busy getting on doing other things.

Anybody on how much this ‘scaling back’ will knock off growth (assuming 30% across the board in NDP)?

About 1.25-1.5% after it goes through the multiplier (in reverse) effect.

I’m sure, as we speak, they are setting up a committee to look into it.

Agreed. I know some people who are very tired of “the two counties of Ireland”:

  1. Dub-be-lin
  2. Do-wan de country.

How’s about a trade: we give the Pale back to de Brits in return for the Six, and call it quits.

Deefer Dublin is far more British than the Unionists like to pretend they are anyways.

How about we stop trying to make Leinster into the Republic of Ireland with the rest of the country being holiday homes?
The quality of life in the Dublin commuter belt is shit yet people have no choice but to go there for work.

That era is over already and has been for a while now - although RTE only acknowledged its demise tonight - so as far as official Ireland is concerned we have now officially entered the next phase - a new paradigm so to speak

We’ve now done post-colonialism, isolationism, republicanism, rampant mé féinism and a few more beside.

Whats next?