30 Gildford Park, Sandymount (-200k, -16%)


PPR - 1.05m - 04/09/2020

1.25m - Indo blurb - Apr 2020

No 30 Gilford Park has been extended already in recent times, to 1,539 sq ft but if you should want to do more, there are options. One is the 70ft lawned back garden and another is the adjoining garage. The price has lately been revised downward from €1.25m.


This one was on the market for some time, seems like a nice property and I’m surprised it wasn’t snapped up earlier.


680 per sq foot was plenty for it, nice house but it’s small


It does seem like better value than some other places in Sandymount.


My thoughts exactly - you’d pay in excess of 1M for a similar house needing work on the likes of Lea rd


Well if someone wants to pay that sort of money needing work for a place on Lea Rd good luck to them :roll_eyes: