30 Trees Road, Mount Merrion (-700k, -47%)

Was 1.5m

Now 1.2m

What’s the deal with Mount Merrion ? I’m not familiar with the area but from reading these forums it seems to have some of the most ridiculously overpriced houses out there.

This gaff is only 1,100 sq ft, and not only does it have only one crapper, said crapper is separate from the “shower room”.

Priced to sell at €1,200,000.


Well-built houses (often advertised as Kenny-buillt), most of them with very large gardens and so lots of potential to extend (or gut and re-build as many seem to do lately)…They make good family houses near a lot of good schools… but yes, I agree, quite over-priced for what they are.

A SMALL three Bed. The area is good and so is Rathfarnham Dundrum Balinteer Castleknock Portmarnock etc.
In the current hyper inflated property market that house is worth 450,000 - 500,000.
Priced to sell? My God it is more than double the price to sell.

They were not always so madly priced. I lived the first 10 years of my life in Cypress Road, Mount Merrion. The aul lad was the sole earner and he was a civil servant, and definitely we were not a wealthy family.

To be fair, the vast majority of Dublin semi-ds built pre-1970s will have that exact layout - one shower room, one adjacent toilet. If the same family have lived there for decades, which happens in these established areas, the layout probably hasn’t changed. But it’s a real pain in the ass to change the layout. A few years ago this kind of house would have been an attractive project to a small developer, but obviously not now. However some EAs still don’t seem to realise that the word “potential” isn’t enough to sell a house any more.

These are well-built houses, and some of the houses on that road have sea views. Of course the price is still ludicrious, but no more so than the vast majority of semi-ds in South Dublin - take a look at Terenure or Rathfarnham for plenty of vendors who are taking the piss far more than this one. At least this vendor actually made one substantial price drop, rather than a few pointless 25k increments. But it’ll probably sell for considerably below the asking.

Now 800k

myhome.ie/residential/search … PVMU347171

Using the recent pricing that Lisneys told me - over EUR 500 per square foot for only something special - this house should end out selling for EUR 550,000

Did you get an indication of the *range *of prices per sq/ft for Dublin? If 500 is at the upper end, what does the middle and bottom of that range look like? Would it be 300/400/500 approx.?

Now saying Sale Agreed


viewed this one not too long ago with DH and they had an offer of €730K on it then and were pushing for an extra €10K - so can’t see that it went for much more.
Interestingly alot of SA in Mount Merrion in the past week or so - averaging out at about €650K - quite a come down from two years ago where they averaged about €1.4K
meant to add - has great garden - but interestingly enough no bathroom!