30 Windsor Avenue Fairview Dublin 3, Fairview, Dublin 3


asking: €280, 000


I’m not sure what to make of this claim. What do you all think?

It would suit Mick Wallace after he has settled up!

It must have some serious issues, structural most probably. It is still a fairly strange way of advertising a property. Aren’t Odessa primarily a letting agent?

This house looks nice from the outside. However, there was a serious amount of litter on the street. It really looked like a ghetto.

Does anybody know about St. Vincent’s Hospital, which is near here? Is this seen as an amenity for Fairview or a problem?

St Vincent’s is on the other side of the city. Unless there’s second St Vincent’s that I don’t know about…

This St. Vincent’s is a fairly large psychiatric hospital. I have never heard anything negative about it.

no photos of the inside is a flashing red light for me

Two hospitals with the same name, several kilometers apart.

I bet that never gets confusing.