'300,000 homes laying empty'




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2pack dont be so modest. dam it man take your praise like a man! :stuck_out_tongue:

340,000+ empties 400,000 unemployed .

The irony of it all, what was the net result of the Celtic Tiger , well an empty house for every person out of a job .


And didn’t a good 200,000 of those empties already exist in 2006?

Badly-built shoeboxes lying empty in Irish weather (and it’s been worse than usual for most of that time)

By the summer they’ll have been sitting empty for at least 4 years.

A well built house is usually in need of major structural repairs after being empty for about 8 years, right?

The inescapable implication is that the bulk of these empties are already in poor repair and are essentially worthless.

The bulldozers should be starting to go in within 2 years for some of the older empties.


Are they going to release the report? I’d love to see the breakdown by county


They said 30% :open_mouth: of houses in Leitrim empty and 10% :unamused: empty in Dublin.
I think 2Packs estimates for the cities was nearer to 14% excluding holiday homes.


Phew, sounds like positive spin for the 2gaffs (inhabited) amongst us!

30% of leitrim’s stock is empty, jesus, I thought they only had trees there.


There is a zone straddling the N4/N5 west of Edgeworthstown ( either side of the Shannon) where about 30% of houses are empty today owing to a tax break that should not have lasted any further than 1999 …if that. It was a misbegotten piece of fiscal lunacy called the “Rural Renewal Scheme” for the Upper Shannon basin.

It poisoned the rest of the country too, every dodgy FF councillor wanted a section 23 scheme of some sort and sadly they got them in spades :frowning:


For comparisons sake.

England has 697,055 empty homes according to The Empty Homes Agency. English population 51,468,000 (2008 est) (see link).

One empty home for every 74 people in England.

Rep of Ireland has 302,625 empty homes according to NIRSA. Irish population 4,460,000 (2009 est)

One empty home for every 15 people in Ireland.

If England had the same empty home rate as the ROI they’d have 3,431,200 vacant homes. Almost sufficient to house the population of Wales and Scotland combined.



Below is a link to a website set up by the BBC as part of an investigation into empty residential property in the UK. The programme was a bit light hearted but it had a serious message. The name of the fake estate agents ‘Norfolk and Holmes’ is supposed to be spoken quickly, (Nofuckinghomes).


According to this website the UK has ‘nearly a million’ empty properties.



The nearly a million is sort of explained earlier.

As I said above 1% of UK homes are primarily classed as ‘owner occupied’ but ALSO as second homes of which half of are holiday homes and most of the rest weekend residences…the owner may be there every single weekend like a few London chappies I know …they are more than holiday homes.

If you add this 1% ( 270k) to Duplexes 700k or so then you get 970k. Neverthless that is 970k out of 27m in total or just under 4% of UK homes including holiday homes and second homes of all sort.

I would add half the 270k the 700k which are the hard empties including holiday homes ununsed most of the year giving a total of around 830k, slightly over 3% of the stock in all of the UK.


Some hand-waving from Goodbody…


I see that Goodbody are closing around the DKM figures and are grasping at a straw with their comment that “the
estimate of holiday homes may be too low; we use a separate survey” …and not census data evidently.

What is this “separate survey” straw of yours then Goodbody ??? I have every conffidence in my ‘pure empty’ figure of 250k from 2008 . The reason is that I did break out Country Toms members with their 35k (then) and 40k ( now ) stock of unsold units but I also have an idea of the number of unsold ONE OFFS built by non CIF members …which is vast. They are included in the pure empties because the house was often allegedly ‘built for the daughter’ etc but is for sale. The countryside is rotten with these, even close to the big cities.

There are also quite habitable even if not blessed with an ESB meter for the evidently bewildered…such as Goodbody.

I challenge Goodbody to PM me this “separate survey” they rely on to reduce the pure empty figure by nearly 10% or else STFU :smiley:


Never mind that, get them to tell you how they lop the other 100k off the estimate… that’s a third of the remainder!


So we have Goodbody and Finneran grasping at the straw of a report(s) that nobody else has seen or checked and telling them to trust us. Yeah right :slight_smile:

Pull the other one you muppets !!!


Goodbody rating on Anglo Irish shares on Jan 6th 2009 was ‘Add’.

mmmmmmmmm…who to believe…


Dermot O Leary is simply talking straight out of his arse :frowning:

In 2006 The census found about 1.77m homes in Ireland and the ESB said they had about 1.77m domestic customers, the only slight difference was explained by ESB figures being end 2005 and the census being April 2006.

Simply Read The Figures Again !! Also note that a Household was 2.81 persons in 2006 but that should be 2.7 at most nowadays if you follow the trend.

All in these 2 links.

esb.ie/esbnetworks/downloads … istics.pdf
cso.ie/releasespublications/ … d_2008.htm ( Chapter 21)

**It is a VERY TIGHT CORRELATION IN 2006… as one would expect. **

The ESB had 1.87m Domestic Customers at END 2006 , (unsurprising given the then build rate) and the ESB had 1.98m Domestic Customers by end 2008.

At this stage I am so annoyed that I am revisiting my projection.

To do so I will go back to the CSO link and from that I will assume an average household size of 2.7 persons in January 2010.

I will assume 2m ESB connections today.

I will assume population growth from the April 2009 CSO estimate ( then 4.46m) of 0

I simply divide the 4.46m person into units of 2.7 called a household.

We have 1.65 m houses and 2m ESB connections.

**Fuck me is that a 350,000 difference again ??? **

and that is assuming a net gain of only 20k ESB connections in 2009.

If the ESB stayed on their own projected trend they would have added 55k new domestic customers in 2009 not the 20k I gave them.

Add the difference in ESB projections not my cautious 20k new adds and we have 385,000 Empties Including Holiday Homes but NOT including Nearly completed houses with no ESB connections. of which there are quite a few out there.

But I am sticking to 350,000 including holiday homes.

How does Dermot O Leary explain this lot then ??? Another magic piece of of your private data BS Dermot is it??


Lets just hope that AIB will be forced to sell off Goodbodys sometime soon. 8-


Further to recent media coverage of the above figure (302,625), the Department of the Environment suggested that the actual figure of empty houses is between 100,000 and 140,000. This figure was based on a DKM Report and is actually a misinterpretation.

Despite being based on a different methodology, the DKM estimate, provided last September, is actually very close to the NIRSA figure. The Construction Industry Review 2008 and Outlook 2009-2011 estimated the ‘excess’ stock over normal levels at between 122,000 and 147,000.

The report can be accessed on the DoEHLG website: environ.ie/en/Publications/S … 120,en.pdf

If you wish to see the calculation of these figures please refer to pages 29 to 33 of the report, in particular Table 2.5.