300 Jobs, No thanks !!

What is the deal here,

It’s like kids rowing over whose toy belongs to who. Aer lingus own(lease) Hangar toy 6 but aren’t useing it fully but paying a lot of money for it.

Michael wants to play with Hangar 6, But Mary, & Brian don’t like Michael so they won’t help. Is this what the taxpayer is paying for. I’m not sure whether Michael is trying to bully everyone else, but will 300 jobs go rather than sorting this out?

Latest new is John Devan has announced a protest on Newstalk starting 11 on Wednesaday @ Garden of rememberance.

Anyone know the reason why the government would not pull the trigger on this one? Is there a penalty clause to turfing AerLingus out?

Love him or loathe him, O’Leary has been masterful making a mockery of the political system and DAA here.

300 jobs… hmmm… more like an opportunity to get Ryanair a cheap terminal.

I can’t imagine that the penalty clause would be any more than 54bn,

Has anyone asked Aer Lingus would they move ?

Whatever about legal issues here, the Govt and Ryanair own more than 50% of AL and the Govt own the DAA. Why doesn’t Mary C just instruct the DAA to handover the hanger to Ryanair and instruct AL to vacate it?

Why do they need to be asked? Dont the Govt and Ryanair own a controlling stake in AL?

Well, first of all, while the government will be keen to be seen as promoting job creation in Ireland, the last message they want to send to companies, domestic or foreign, is that they are willing to start tearing up agreements and kicking businesses about once a more attractive prospect arrives.

Aer Lingus and the DAA have an agreement in place, and while there may be a clause that allows the DAA to terminate it, that’s for the DAA not the government to enact. Secondly, Mr. O’Leary is refusing to deal with the DAA on the matter, so negotiation between the two main businesses involved seems to be an issue.

Personally, IMHO, things with Mr. O’Leary are often not what they might seem. His line has been that Ryanair want to purchase Hangar 6, not lease it, which is interesting, as that would allow them to convert it for use as a terminal (possibly subject to planning) thus breaking their ties with the DAA.

That said, the FF government, and in particular the Ministers for Transport and Employment have been found wanting on this (if only in the PR stakes) and the Taoiseach seems a little at sea too. There was a time Mr. O’Leary would have savaged those in office, seems he’s getting mellow in his old age.

Maybe Aer Lingus could sublet it.

Blue Horseshoe

Perhaps, and that might be considered good buisness if it weren’t Mr Loudmouth !!

O’Leary made it clear that he would accept government clauses written into his lease on Hangar 6 which would prevent it being used for other purposes.

Agree with danger of setting precedant,
re negotiatinon I do get the impression o’leary is just being his typical bully boy
the conversion requires planning permission so I think it can be parked. - Let’s get the jobs
Agree FF gov are useless, (when isn’t BC not at sea :laughing:

Finally - NOW there’s a creative solution, let Aer Lingus sublet (I suspect that o’Leary wants to publically be seen the more powerful and won’t agree to sublet anything from AL)

This lease is the main issue at stake. When did the DAA and AL make this arrangement? They can’t have started on the process until late march when SR Technics began winding up procedures and Ryanair had made their interest known by what? August? Are DAA saying they had already concluded a deal with AL by the time Ryanair’s interest in the site became known? Is that credible?

Details here … viewtopic.php?f=4&t=27401&p=340346&hilit=largest+airport#p340346

As much as I admire O’Leary for what he has accomplished, he is the ultimate ‘boy who cried wolf’.
He comes across as someone who never quite allows the true facts get in the way of free publicity.
Consequently, his motives are always questionable.

So even if he is 100% in the right, you never quite know wheather to believe him or not.

O’Leary “really really wants” to keep the jobs in Dublin except he might send them to Scotland and was unwilling to take over SR Technics as a going concern. He’d really love to re-employ the staff now that they’ve had time to digest that they’ll never get employment in their highly skilled fields ever again. He really wants that hangar but won’t contact either the owner or the leaseholder to open negotiations. That’s all very logical.

O’Leary’s hilarious if you’re a shareholder and his carefully calculated ‘off the cuff’ remarks always have a subtle marketing message embedded in them. If you’re anybody else, though, he’s just another grasping, self-serving executive who gives decent businessmen a bad name.

Here’s a laugh guys… Yesterday on the radio The other Mary (O’Rourke) was beind interviewed and was asked about her previous run-ins with O’Leary and she replied “Well you see, Michael O’Leary has some problem in dealing with strong powerful women and that is why he has trouble with Mary Coughlan”… :unamused: . Or words to that effect. I was driving around a roundabout at the time and nearly feckin ran off the road… Sorry dont have link. Think it was RTE at around Lunchtime…

If you take 300 jobs from O’Leary won’t he just come back in six months with new demands and threaten to kill the 300 jobs if they are not met? It’s the archetype of globalization: multi-nationals shaking down semi-peripheral countries.

Exactly, that’s why he chooses to pay taxes in this country. Unlike really decent businessmen such as Denis O’Brien, Dermot Desmond and JP McManus. :angry:

Or Bono. :laughing:

The financial problems at Aer Lingus had been well highlighted during 2009. I’d like to see their justification for leasing this hangar.

Did DAA prompt Aer Lingus to take this hangar to deny Ryanair the opportunity to sideline them? Perhaps the DAA allowed Aer Lingus out of other leases to lease hangar 6 on generous terms.

Oh please!

So cut your nose off to spite your face. and to hell with the jobs
Get real WE ARE a semi-peripheral country, there’s 300 jobs on offer, and even if your conserative, fear of the worst did happen, there would be jobs for 6 months and didn’t I hear (IDA PR) that every job creates 3 more

Might just be the medicine they need after ripping off the taxpayer with their highly skilled wages, and they might get the retraining thay need on how to actually work for 7 or 8 hours :unamused:

And who is having the last laugh :angry:

Hangar 6 is the only one capable of servicing wide-bodied jets. Although Ryanair has always denied any interest in long-haul routes, ultimately, if it wants to keep growing, it will probably have to enter this market. If it did so, Aer Lingus would be finished, and many major European carriers would be in very serious trouble.

I haven’t seen this argument mentioned anywhere, but not being privy to the behind the scenes stuff, it’s the only one that makes any sense to me.