300k Vacant homes a case of overactive imaginations : Sindo

Wasn’t Eamon Ryan saying something about this yesterday?

It’s amazing how the Dublin empties seem to be heavily concentrated near to where I live. Carrickmines, Dundrum, Sandyford & various blocks around stillorgan on the N11 must account for at least half the Dublin empties.

The words “Marian Finnegan” tell you all you need to know …

2pack has over active imagination shocker! :laughing:

I don’t think anybody claimed that. The claim was that there were 300,000 vacant properties in the country, not necessarily just in ghost estates. It seems to me that they have just intentionally misquoted to suit their own end.
Furthermore, they seem to be ignoring the empties that are not on the market -for whatever reason.
They still represent an oversupply even if they are not for sale.
When you strip out the holiday homes, inherited properties and the like i.e. the normal vacancy rate, there is still a huge over hang which they choose to ignore simply because they are not for sale at present.

So does this mean that only 30,000 second home taxes were paid ? :angry:

I, for one, welcome this new understanding.

This means that we no longer have banks collapsing under the weight of their bad debts.

It also means that we are surely only 33,000 sales away from a government tax receipt surplus.

Somebody give the lads in the bond market a ring and tell them to fuck themselves!

Happy days are here again…

Census Statistics 2006

beyond2020.cso.ie/Census/TableVi … rtId=76536

Vacant Houses - 174,935
Vacant Flats - 41,598
Unoccupied Holiday Homes - 49,789
Total - 266,322

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.

Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and NEGATIVITY. I don’t know why the CSO doesn’t just kill itself.

Is NIRSA going to compare their data against Cuffe/Finneran? Seems to be the obvious thing to do.

I have just undertaken a similar but equally rigorous analysis as Marian Finnegan - it’s called a Daft search

Rob Kitchen posted a bit on the Irish Economy thread on the subject. He reckons the findings match the NIRSA survey pretty much totally. There’s some posts on irelandafternama too about this.

This pathetic report was in their property section not in their business section, how dare you compare me to the lowlives that write the Indo Property supplement :frowning:

If only the Sindo was a figment of our overactive imaginations…

Would being compared to Charlie Weston or Brendan Keenan make you feel so much better? :laughing:

Next Census: April 10 2011
It will be interesting to see the results when they are published…


Cuffe is re-posting this misinformation on his blog:

Comment is free!
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(in fairness, he does approve negative comments, at least polite ones)

Work away … (I’ve somewhat burned by boats there).


There are more than 2,800 ghost estates in the country, according to a report from the Department of the Environment.
The report identifies a county-by-county inventory of unfinished estates.
The survey was carried out by the department from May to September. It shows that building had started on 120,000 homes in ghost estates.
Of these, 77,000 are completed and occupied, while 33,000 are completed and vacant or nearly completed. Around 10,000 others are in early stages of construction.
An expert group is now being set up by the Government to advise on how best to deal with the problems of ghost estates.
Membership of that group will include representatives of local authorities, the banking and construction sectors, NAMA and building professionals.
The group will advise on practical solutions to ensure satisfactory completion or resolution of problems with unfinished housing developments.