301 Clontarf Road


Dropped from 950,000.
Kitchen dated ,living space small.
Does any know what this part of Clontarf is like ?( don’t know Clontarf well at all )


It’s in the posh bit - quite small compared to the houses around it. It’s on a busy main road but the saving grace of many of these houses are their large back gardens - in this case there’s a house in it so the garden is small as well. It may also be prone to flooding as sea levels rise ( plus this may be the part of clontarf that rejected a flood protection barrier because it spoilt the view).
At 875k I’d view it as expensive for what it is - I think for that money you could do better.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.Appreciated.
Much in line with my initial thoughts .


Definite potential for flood zone. Not sure you can get a mortgage for a flood zone?


The house is near the wooden bridge and considered a desirable location due to sea views
As was said its a busy road,a long trek to the train station
Traffic is bedlam at peak times and the roads have recently been re configured for bus and cycle lanes
If Dublin Bus bus connect goes ahead the 2 lanes of inbound traffic from the end of the Malahide road will will become 1 lane adding to the bedlam
The house will take a lot of money to bring it up to an acceptable BER rating and modernise it



Agree with other posts that this house needs major renovation work - plumbing, heating all need to replaced. The roof on front and back are in a really bad way too. Bathrooms are all extremely dated. Garden is small and has a two storey house at the end. You can clearly see inside the bedrooms, so one would assume they can see inside this one too. Major risk of coastal flooding too. Look up Independent & Irish Times from last two Winters and the flooding on that stretch was dire, sea was almost to the garden gate. Way better house in the area for the money with less work and less flooding risk.


Not many people would be willing to live in a period property now, due to multiple reasons (health hazard concerns, high restoration/renovation costs, low energy efficiency & high energy costs, archaic internal & external design, etc).

So, now, when all trends are highly negative, the price on this property should go down substantially, maybe below 500K.


in what time frame? because if you are suggesting any time in the next 6 months i dont think thats a reasonable expectation.


500k is a bit unrealistic I would think
If you allowed that the property is already 10% overpriced and allow another 10-15% drop due to the upcoming recession I would say somewhere in the region of 675-700k
At the end of the day its Clontarf and it has uninterrupted sea views


Surely the large development in St Anne’s Park is not going to be a positive thing for properties such as this?


The development is that far away from this property to be irrelevant
The developement is behind St Pauls school on Sybill Hill road


Regardless - this is over a year on the market - a market which is now about to enter free fall - you can lop another 10% off this…


Looks like its sale agreed now


Time to accept reality and take what you can get…


The PPR for this will be interesting
My guess is somewhere around 700 k


Considering 419 sold for 1M (20% below asking 1.25) and is turnkey, it would take some fool to pay the asking price for 301! You never know they might have found him/her


You’re totally right - 419 is a far far better house - so will be interesting to see what 301 went for - I’m going to guess €800k!

Re 419 - it looks like it sold for €1.255m back in Dec 2018 per the PPR - that right??





According to a Land Registry search, the buyer is actually the vendor along with two other individuals/associates. So it would not be worth comparing the entry of that house at €1m in the property price register to any other properties for sale it would be very difficult to consider any transaction to be an “arms length” sale if the vendor is one of the purchasers… it’s not a “comparable” sale and doesn’t tell us anything about where the market is at the moment.


Sounds a tad dodge