31 & 33 Dunville Avenue, Ranelagh (-325k, -14.1%)

Both were 2.25m, then 2.3m

Each now 1.975m

#31 daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=413306 now back up to 2.3m
#33 daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=412923 now back up to 2.25m

Global depression, what global depression?

Maybe they meant to drop to 230k and 225k respectively, but made a mistake on the decimal place :confused:

And now you can rent NO. 33 …

For €3000 per month.

That’s a 1.6% gross yield on 2.25m :open_mouth:

If you assume a 6% gross yield is more sustainable, say as an investment, that rent would value the property at… 600k :angry:

Both these properties are examples of false advertsiing. They are 4 bedroom houses with a converted attic which cannot legally be described as a bedroom.

you sure about the false advertising bit, Howitzer - thought that if they were converted to a specific level of completion (e.g. all the fire proofing regulations etc.), then they could be called bedrooms?

anyhooo, fail to understand the correlation between the suggested sales price and the rental figure … multiplication and/or yields mustn’t be on the curriculum in D6!

The floor plan describes the converted attic as an attic room and the pictures show no bed. Also no fire escape is shown. Good enough for me.

fair enough… i’ll get me coat :wink:

Now ‘Price on Application’

myhome.ie/residential/search … NNIW373250