31 Ardagh Park, Blackrock (-135k, 21.6%)

1998: “withdrawn €324k (£255), sold higher”
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 25342.html
equivalent of €460k in today’s money according to anthonykelly.com/inflation.html

Now €625k
1,560sq.ft, €400/sq foot

Now €520k.

Viewed this a month or two back. Very nice house and very well laid out (could use a bigger bathroom).
Still too rich for my blood though.

EDIT: Apparently SALE AGREED as of this morning.

Now 490k:

So the sale must have fallen through.

Yeah - rang bells with me they never took the ad down or marked it Sale Agreed.
Really nice house. One of the only houses I’ve been in my missis actually said - “I’d live here”.

Somebody will get it for a good price now.

That’s funny - I loved the extension bit when I saw it, but really thought it was a bit cheeky to call it 4 bedroom - two of the upstairs ones were cubby holes for under 10’s and the upstairs shower room made me suck in my stomach! (because of size, it smelled grand). Not for me, as I’d be looking to re-build the whole upstairs and that would cost a fair bit.

Fairly sure this has gone Sale Agreed at €420k.

Toyed very much with putting in an offer when it appeared this is what it was going to go for.
Backed out in the end for a few reasons unrelated to the house, but personally I think someone has got a great house for that price.

31 Ardagh Park, Blackrock
Sold 08 Sep 2011
yellowschedule.com/house_price_d … Dardagh%26