31 Greygates, Mount Merrion (120k, -17.2%)

According to the property bee:


Nearing reasonable value for a house of that size & condition in Mount Merrion

depends how you feel about traffic noise - it faces straight onto the N11, and that would be enough to put me off…

True - it’s ON the N11 - with Bus Stop almost directly in front!

Had a look a while back. It needs quite a bit of work upfront so that needs to be factored in but with stamp duty having dropped so much on a property like this (6k versus 35k before the budget) maybe someone will now have the savings to do that.

Me too. Where I live now overlooks a major motor way. The noise is unreal. It may not seem like a big deal when you are a giddy viewer, and you are fixated on the indoor stuff such as hardwood floors and granite counter tops in the kitchen. Good luck to you if you are trying to enjoy an early morning cuppa out on the patio, or a nice glass of vino, after work on a fine summers evening.


Still available

Now 500K


yeah great house well priced if only not on the N11 …


I lived on a few (very) busy roads in my time.
Noise is something you don’t notice after a while.
And with good double or triple glazing, it can be something you never notice.

Now sale agreed…anyone know for how much?