31 Haddington Road, Ballsbridge (-355k, -34%)

Was 1050k, 850k

Now 695k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2032137

Looks like reasonable value at 695k, they should get that.

What is a jack and Jill formation shower.

Does this come with a free pub or something?

“A Jack and Jill bathroom is a bathroom with two doors, usually accessible from two bedrooms. In Los Angeles real estate the terminology always refers to bedrooms that connect to the bathroom.”

So says Wikipedia.

The water comes tumbling down :-GC

What do you make of this? I called the agents about this property last week and was told there was a viewing on Saturday, “would I like to add my name?”, “yes I would”, “see you there”. I don’t live in Ireland so I sent my brother whose opinion I trust. He reports back positively. He talked to the EA who said there’s an offer of 675k. I’m interested enough to make an offer of my own. I’m a cash buyer. Call the agents on Monday morning. EA’s not in but I give my details and phone number and am told “he’ll call you back”. Don’t hear anything. I call again this morning, mention that I never got a call back, and “hold on” I’m put through to the EA who I can tell doesn’t want to talk to me. Yes he has my details, he meant to call etc. He thinks they’ve gone sale agreed though for the 675. He’s waiting to hear from the seller. What does that mean I ask, is it agreed or are you still talking to buyers. “Think we’re going sale agreed, waiting to hear from the seller.” He doesn’t ask me if I’m interested, if I have an offer, nothing. “ok give me your number (the one he already has!) and if there’s any change I’ll call you”. He doesn’t repeat the number back so I know he’s just looking to get me off the phone. ??!!

Even if you went to 700k, that equates to a few extra euro into his pocket, but it is strange that he didn’t ask you about an offer just in case the vendors don’t accept 675k.

Seems crazy but thats the way auctioneers work but it might be your luck not to get a chance to place bid on this property as that area may be prone to flooding close to canal?

I don’t know whether the EA reads the pin but to be fair he did call me back - 7pm Irish time - wasn’t expecting that!

If I was an EA I’d read the Pin looking for stuff about my properties. And of course post under puppet accounts bigging them up :smiley:

Sale Agreed


Must say as an emigrant and now visitor from overseas, that the rudeness, service and phone manner of Irish service and reception staff appalls me. Just experienced it with solicitors … Does anyone else on the pin notice it?

I agree with the pinster about services here in Ireland. We came back from Europe about 4 years ago and having experienced proffessionalisum, respect and basic mannors from services outside of Ireland, it was shocking to come back and see how its like they cant be bothered. “for whats their jobs worth”. Its almost like you want to ask them if they actually want to sell the house or whatever.
Friends of ours brought builders to see a house at the end of the summer and were very keen on the property, but the EA was so rude, as through she had been disturbed from filing her nails when she had to come to the house to allow the builders in.
It is hard to make the adjustment to the slowness and complete lack of motivation here in Ireland when you come back.