31 Highridge Green, Stillorgan (-331k, -39%)

Was 850k

Now 675k
€421/sq foot

something really odd about that first photo… looks like the house just landed like Dr Who’s tardis!

Craggy Island Ted

Now €660k:daft.ie/1538143


weird looking house, funny shape, windows v. small, dark, old fogey area…

There’s just a bad case of wide angle lens going on there. Nothing weird about it at all - it’s just interesting. Obviously it was a bespoke build.

Old fogey area? It’s run of the mill residential. Every third garden has a kids trampoline.
Apart from the awful interior pine doors - the one real problem that house has is that it’s too small for the price. (Is the attic included in the 120sqm, I wonder?)

The attic is indeed included in the 120. Seems a bad use of a decent-sized plot to me, to build so small

Detached, backing on to a park, big garden… plenty to recommend it. On the downside, it’s adjacent a laneway to the park, which looks like a potential teen-magnet. I’ve been advised to steer clear of anything beside a laneway

Daft blurb states “c.142sqm/1,529sqft-including the attic level).”

My bad. That’s a lot better then

Indeed - assuming that’s the correct square footage.

I recall that house being on sale only last year so why is it being sold so quickly

This thread was started last June. :wink:

Also, do we know that it was sold or just withdrawn?

Now €519,000.


Sale Agreed