31 Moylaragh Mews, Balbriggan (-45k)

€280k to €269k

link from 20/05/07: irishpropertywatch.5gbfree.com/i … 00507.html

€269k to €250k

link from 13/08/07: irishpropertywatch.5gbfree.com/i … 30807.html

Now €235k


Balbriggan is one area where I expect the price moderation to start easing severely after christmas. There is alot of competition in shoeboxes out that way, with nothing particularly attractive about the town and the windswept, ill finished and poorly maintained new Balbriggan is not a big sell either.

Throw in terrible public transport notwithstanding the train and you’ve got a real powderkeg situation out there. There are literally thousands of apartments out there… Every investor in Balbriggan would be advised to get out now, it’s going to be a real bloodbath.

Excellent. You should be chasing desparate Dan’s job with commentary like that… :smiling_imp: