31 ROS NA RÍ, SHANAWAY, Ennis, Co Clare -110k

Was 495K

Now 450K

These houses have been for sale for two years in different phases. They are still building. In my opinion they are totally overvalued detached houses. Shanaway road houses priced at least 50k over comparable houses in other parts of town. Reason? shanaway is a ‘prestige’ location but it is not Cahercalla or Ballyalla (two best areas).

In a small town 25k people there can only be so many prestige locations and I believe there is a lot of froth to be blown off this location when price crsash hits

Now 385 www.daft.ie/1397807
First house in Ros na Ri to drop below the magic 400k barrier. The rest of the 430k+ asking price brigade must be cringing!

assuming you have 30K deposit you can buy this house for 1900 euro a month for 35 years according to the GMC calculator at the end of the page. How many people can afford this in ennis???

You’re looking at the €80K plus salary range.