31 Whitechurch Park, Rathfarnham - 120k (-26.1%)

Was (According to IHPF) 460:


Then 450:

Now 420:


Now 395,000


Was sale agreed…

But now 340,000


Not being from round these parts I thought Rathfarnham was on the whole a good area. Making this at 340k a reasonable by in the current housing market ? …

I think Rathfarnham has had alot of boundry spread in the last few years, so areas traditionally considered Tallaght are now Rathfarnham…

As Whizz graphically put it, this is the lay out of Dublin according to EAs



Spoke to a fella I work with who lives in Rathfarnham - he said that he wouldn’t let his dog sh*t in whitechurch, says it’s a mini ghetto - explains alot :slight_smile:

I think Whitechurch is a corporation estate. The area around Rathfarnham village is lovely, especially the part over looking Bushy park. But some of Rathfarnham is pretty bleak, even areas that some people would consider “good” I think are pretty souless. Although according to the Dublin transport website those places aren’t actually Rathfarnham, those living and selling there just like to pretend it is.