32 Charleston Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 (-250k, -29.4%)

Listed in this article from The Irish Times Sept 23rd, 2010 at €850k with Felicity Fox:irishtimes.com/newspaper/property/2010/0923/1224279493653.html
Now with Sherry FitzGerald at €695k:myhome.ie/1251289

Good to see substantial reductions rather than chipping away, but this is still way over what the market will pay. 400ish is about right.

That looks nice enough, can def see it getting half a mil, 1350 sq ft so €514 per sq ft at the moment, 500k would be €370

Jaysus, that is tarted…and as we know tarts work the streets for a price…but are not a long term option.

No decent parking. Small but fitted out like a B&Q showroom. Yes, I can see it getting 500k but that is only because there are a few eejits left.

It’s a smallish dated terraced 1990s house with a small garden in a nice neighbourhood. The real price should be 300,000, but I agree that it might sell in the 400-500k range due to location alone.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1475281

95k is a helluva big drop in one go. Most houses in this area (Beechwood in particular) seem to chip away in 25k or 50k increments over what seems like years so it’s refreshing to see a chunky drop to try to shift it. Might get bites at 10% off asking imo.
Looked at this a few months back and was underwhelmed. ‘Low maintenance’ garden is very short with north-easterly aspect and gets little light I reckon. En suite was very nice and a few faux period features thrown in also - other than that it was, well,…meh

Sale Agreed:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1475281