32 Fortfield Park, Terenure, Dublin 6w -140k, 14% drop

Was 990k

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Now 850k

myhome.ie/residential/search … WGUX356086

-140k or 14% drop

Another very significant property for Sth. Dublin IMO.

Prestige area
6W postcode
Big gardens
Big kitchen area by the looks of the floor plans
5 beds
Needs redecoration, but is probably built like a brick shit house otherwise. Even a new kitchen, bathrooms, lick of paint etc. could be done these days for maybe €10k.

Just as our old friend 41 Villiers Road does for D6 Redricks, I think this one re-sets the price of huge swathes of Terenure, Templeogue, Rathfarnham, Knocklyon, Ballycullen etc.

Vast numbers of €600k - €800k 3 and 4 beds in those areas are under pressure from this one. And if €850 is the asking, we must consider that someone is going to make a cheeky ~€700k offer (-20% asking), which sets the clearance price of this and the other aforementioned properties pretty damn low by recent standards.

Cheeky 700K??..i put in a cheeky 600k offer :smiling_imp: and was told I was just abit too low…650k and u woudl be missing and arm id say 8DD

Did the agent intimate that €600k was close to acceptable, or did you get them impression the sellers wouldn’t even countenance the offer?

Because if this place is now struggling to make €600k, then this really is an important property for price-watchers.

I got the impression that he actually put it them but they said no…no he relayed the message in such a fashion that it wasnt a …‘‘go away and dont back until u have 700k’’’ type of way…whici i thought spoke volumes of what migth be around the corner.

These types of houses on that street, where, I know as I looked at some, 1.5m to 2m at peak of boom in April/May06.

this house is worth approx 675…all being equal…but i think the sellers might not be in any hurry as there is still someone living there…I checked it out last night to see was it possibly a probate sale…but nope. :nin

readin my last post…it kinda make me sound like a property stalker!!!..im not…i swear…im not… :smiling_imp:

I know one of the houses on this street that went for €880,000 at the start of 2004. It hadn’t had anything done on it since the 1960s and the new owners had to gut the entire building. Probably spent the guts of 200k doing it up.


Sale Agreed:

couple of doors up on now asking 595K.


Do you think this is a good price for 36 fortfield park or will it fall further?

Personally I would think its about 450